No one who does not live in the USA in the 1960s-1970s will Really get this so watch it three times please

Yes i know the pic showing on this video looks sexual, but the video is not like that. It is a music video which i think you enjoy.

This New Moon just before All Hallows – You are All on Your Own

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Cosmic Lee

What can i say? Where do i start after 33 years of being the grand Poo-baa of the CoC? Who will understand? Who will laugh in glee i am gone for awhile, just on Sabbatical? Whomever laughs fuck you.

I need to take care of myself, my health, my sanity, and my spiritual health, and do my own earth walk.

All who are Apprentices are fine. i am here is u have the time to text, email, call or gods forbid actually drive here. All who are third degree HPSs and HPTs need to cut their apron strings. I left before in the mid 90s because of the political drama. Now i leave for awhile at the new moon before All Hallows 2014 d/t other personal drama and d/t the paths i will take which most will not understand.

TJs Halloween party Saturday – i will be there. Google it.

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Jessica Lange – Gods and Monsters (Lana Del Rey Cover) + Lyrics

My friend JJ sent me a link to a video with this song, but then i found this video with the lyrics. This is my present theme song. I know 250 will look at this around the world, but only 4-5 mostly in England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales (it is in my opinion not the UK like the Soviet Union is Not a union nor is in the US the north and south we have NEVER irreconcilable). But i write and blog because i write or blog. i could give a flying F if people like it or not, but i Do appreciate the comments. Anyway enough of my rambling enjoy a classic actress singing a Bowie song like Morrison like Marlena Deitrick.

Hendrix is God

This morning on perusing the CNN news website i found this story on him called How Jimi Hendrix’s race became his ‘invisible legacy’ which led to a link below to one of my favourite songs of his, Voodoo Child. Truly, in  my mind, or ear, regarding guitarists and musicians, Hendrix is God…. Enjoy

What Is Satan?

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

I don’t know how to describe who/what Satan is to me? Yes Cassie, a force of nature, maybe the Chaos before the Cosmos, but also a force which my mind has projected imagery on like in all religions this time of Lucifer above and the god of this world Baphomet below with myself as some non-worshipful but respectful agnostic Gnostic Magickian in the center. Yes Sophie, i think of Satan as a beautiful Maya perhaps without as a reflection of the Buddha mind, but within as the Maya of my desires and even illusions and fetishes. Yes Tina, your UPG shows how Satan is grey no matter how you try to explain red and green to him/her, yes an electrical field that shocks and warms us, yet also for me Satan is Fire and Ice as the Nordics say….. TY for yr definititions and reblogging. AS. L/S

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I think that we have several times tried to speak about “who” Satan is but perhaps a better question may be “what” is Satan?

We are Theistic Satanists which means we believe in and relate to an actual entity we call Satan. But what exactly is this Satan we relate to? Is it a God? If so, what is a God? Is it a person? Is it a thing? Is it all powerful? Questions like this make atheists suspicious and often dismissive. They tend to view all talk of Gods and Deities as superstitious irrelevancy or rubbish which misses the point that we are our own masters. Atheistic Satanists can be particularly strident on this theme. And that disturbs us to some degree because we respect atheistic arguments and even consider ourselves to be both humanist and atheists to a large extent. But we cannot deny we are also theists…

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