Hendrix is God

This morning on perusing the CNN news website i found this story on him called How Jimi Hendrix’s race became his ‘invisible legacy’ which led to a link below to one of my favourite songs of his, Voodoo Child. Truly, in  my mind, or ear, regarding guitarists and musicians, Hendrix is God…. Enjoy

What Is Satan?

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

I don’t know how to describe who/what Satan is to me? Yes Cassie, a force of nature, maybe the Chaos before the Cosmos, but also a force which my mind has projected imagery on like in all religions this time of Lucifer above and the god of this world Baphomet below with myself as some non-worshipful but respectful agnostic Gnostic Magickian in the center. Yes Sophie, i think of Satan as a beautiful Maya perhaps without as a reflection of the Buddha mind, but within as the Maya of my desires and even illusions and fetishes. Yes Tina, your UPG shows how Satan is grey no matter how you try to explain red and green to him/her, yes an electrical field that shocks and warms us, yet also for me Satan is Fire and Ice as the Nordics say….. TY for yr definititions and reblogging. AS. L/S

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I think that we have several times tried to speak about “who” Satan is but perhaps a better question may be “what” is Satan?

We are Theistic Satanists which means we believe in and relate to an actual entity we call Satan. But what exactly is this Satan we relate to? Is it a God? If so, what is a God? Is it a person? Is it a thing? Is it all powerful? Questions like this make atheists suspicious and often dismissive. They tend to view all talk of Gods and Deities as superstitious irrelevancy or rubbish which misses the point that we are our own masters. Atheistic Satanists can be particularly strident on this theme. And that disturbs us to some degree because we respect atheistic arguments and even consider ourselves to be both humanist and atheists to a large extent. But we cannot deny we are also theists…

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Weaving the Wyrd – movement sorcery technique

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This is a technique that I occasionally like to deploy. Rarely is it a planned ritual but more often than not it emerges as something I do after sitting mediation or bodywork. It’s also a method that blends quite nicely with some entheogenic allies (where it’s safe and legal to do so of course). For me this approach works because as someone with a back ground in Wicca, and the mash-up with chaos magick that I call Chaos Craft, the eight-fold wheel of the year and eight directions models are structures that I have deeply internalised. (However I’m sure this tech could be easily adapted to use other models.)

Formally mark the beginning of the ritual by ringing a bell or some other technique.

Stand in the centre of the space, in mountain asana, and become aware of the paradox that you are both the narrative reality of the body and Self/Selves…

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Blacksmithing, Photographing and Dancing at the Little Buffalo Festival

On Saturday 4 October 2014 I had the fun time of attending the event listed above, the Little Buffalo Festival very nearby to where i live. It is held in Little Buffalo State Park which is a nice large artificial lake good for canoeing, biking and hiking. It was a rather blustery day, warm when the sun was out but rather chilly when it was cloudy. I went home and came back thrice for various reasons, starting out in jeans and a sweatshirt then returning in the end with a heavy leather coat on and heavy hat.

I go most years though have missed a few d/t illness or inclimate weather, but i was intrigued in the menu that all day two ladies would be showcasing their blacksmith skills. Joy and Adia were taught by their grandfather who recently passed away and his pic is below. Now, i have ALWAYS wanted to try my hand at blacksmithing. It seems in my blood and i love working with iron and fire. I did not think i would have the physical strength but they taught me it is all about the tools and how you handle them and i noticed even tough their arms were not rippling with muscles that they were strong and did amazing things. Their one apprentice made a fire poker as i watched then i bought it barely cooled. LOVE it !

Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (1) - Copy Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (1) Below is their anvil and some of their tools. Funny thing is with my collecting all kinds of old tools of my late Dad and Grandpa i can repurpose most of them into blacksmithing tools, and some are used that way already, so no worries there.

Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (2)

Here is a hand powered forge you just crank to get air into and i was talking with a guy names Bill there who told me very simple ways to make a forge myself using an automobile blower used for heating and AC attached to a 12v battery, not old school like the hand crank but a lot easier to find. So i started thinking about what hardware i have and will use an old iron kettle which has a flange at the top and side vents which can be opened and closed to channel the air from the blower. And i got a Lamborghini W blower from TBST for $25 !

Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (3) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (4) A really good walking stick carver was there too with whom i relate and he lives just in town. Here are some of his works, and i love the barrel he made for holding and displaying them in with a laticework of natural wood dowel rods. Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (6)Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (7) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (11) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (12) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (14) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (15) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (16) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (17) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (19) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (20) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (21) Little Buffalo Festival 4 Oct 2014 (22)

Since i can’t seem to get text in between these pics – above are some scenes from the stage, the children’s drumming circle, various happy crowds milling about,the taking down of the flag at dusk, and i walked in the end to the top of the dam and snapped the sunset.  Enjoy and blessed be the organizers of this event including my good friend Tony O.

“She Built an Altar” by Simpu

KimberLee Anto Simpu (4) KimberLee Anto Simpu (6)

My gypsy friends KLee, Anto and Sinpu were here for a wonderful late afternoon into nightfall the other night. Here are some pics that will not profile them and a video that is actually my cell phone turned on to video but laid down not to film but to record this live guitar playing and spontaneous song for a short clip Copyright Simpu 2014. Enjoy.

Now KLee is headed to Florida and A&S headed to NC after stopping here to drop off a book she had borrowed and the gods bless them to help me with some projects i cannot do alone nor get any friend or relative to help with, only people i have to pay who have stopped coming. Goddess bless these talented “Travelers”…

May Legba open yr gates and pathways…

Ellegua with Keys

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