A Week in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 13-20 September 2014 – Diggin’ Dem Rocks and Bones and Back Alley Treasures

Originally posted on Coven of the Catta:

14 September (2)

Last weekend was the always much anticipated Central PA Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show http://www.rockandmineral.org/index.htm held at the beautiful Zembo Shrine Temple which is an old Masonic Hall whose architecture is of an Islamic Mosque. It is in the northern part of the Burg next to a tall Egyptian obelisk and artificial lake which is beautifully maintained. As you may well know the Masons trace back their lineage to the Temple of Solomon, to Egypt, and to the Templars.

13 September (18)

I have been gong to this show, which is next to a hospital i worked at for 20 years, for about 30+ years, missing only last year due to this illness. So it was a delight to go back again. About a half dozen people i know said they wanted to go but no one showed up so i went alone. Funny thing  was i met a lot of people from…

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Månegarm – Hemfärd

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

Makes me want to strap a long sword upon my back, grow my beard until ice clings from it, and go a wandering in the old native lands. Thanks for the lyrics. Reblogging. Schwarz Sonne.

Originally posted on Metal Gaia:

Månegarm is the wolf that lives on the blood of dying humans and at Ragnarök hunts down and swallows the moon.

Band’s Country of Origin: Sweden

Genre: Viking/Black/Folk Metal

Enchanting and driving are two words I would use to describe this song. It’s definitely the kind of song I would like to listen to as I’m going on an epic road trip over the fjords of Norway or climbing a mountain. It’s a song that is delicate but tough at the same time. Both the female and male vocals work very well together whether they be chanting, singing or growling. The song also alternates nicely between fast and harsh folk metal parts, and then softer melodic parts.

Most of all, this is a song that calls you home. Not to the brick or wood box that you currently live in, but your spiritual home. Your home in the Earth, with your ancestors…

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Chinese Christians scramble to save cross

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

Just like the Han Chinese did in Tibet, wiping out Religion as “the opiate of the people” to quote Marx. I am not a Christian, but i feel for these believers in a faith that is Not just materialism which is what in my opinion the Chinese Communist Party promotes as they continue to pollute the planet even to the west coast of the US with their coal burning power plants churning out the plastic products sold in Walmart etc.

Originally posted on CNN Belief Blog:

Wenzhou, China (CNN) — At a gray church on the outskirts of Wenzhou in eastern China, Christians from across the county keep a nervous watch.

Some stand behind the iron gate; others sit just inside the church door. For more than two months they’ve waited, preparing themselves to protect the cross on top of their church.

“If I have to, I am going to hold it in my arms and protect it,” one elderly man says. “They have no right to tear it down, that is why we have to defend our church.”

Wenzhou is known as the “Jerusalem of China” and throughout this year the local Communist Party authorities have demolished scores of churches and forcibly removed more than 300 church crosses.

Chinese church leaders say it’s the worst anti-Christian crackdown in decades.

“What the government here is doing is so barbaric, they’re like bandits and we are furious…

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A Day in a Life of an Appalachian Witch in Pics and Rambling Thoughts Early September 2014

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     I’m not going to ramble much right now as the main Pastor of the German Lutheran Church in the Burg is coming for a visit, yes a visit to moi, a confessed Witch. He is very tolerant, has no hidden agenda, and is a great person to have deep intellectual theological metaphysical philosophical discussions with.

So, just a few pics from this week that has almost nothing to do with the COC and i really should have put this on the BSSS blog which i will reblog it to. But sometimes i slip over to something more personal here where “da priest” steps outside his formal role and is just “me”.

BTW Jason, Ryan and Amanda who i did the conference call with yesterday regarding your proposal to use me and some other active coven members for a TV series on a year in the life of a witch…

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Lana Del Rey – “Ultraviolence”

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A Day in a Life of a PA Witch17 September 2014 – A Visit to Lady Phoebe’s Grave and Big Surprise (LOL) She’s Not Here!

Originally posted on Coven of the Catta:

Last weekend i drove up to the Covenstead area about 80 miles away at 2am with no sleep to try to help my Friend and HPS Lady EWH with her mum now mostly bedridden 24 hour care from the company she also works for. I offered various services like painting skills etc but all too soon circumstances flicked in a bipolar way and soon our ways were parted. Blessings to her and her mum in these times of trial.

Anyway, here are some pics from my last few days here and there. Enjoy…..

1 September (11)

200+ Native American artifacts found by my grandpa found decades after they were hidden in my late dad’s garage including many shaman’s clear quartz and even rose quartz arrowheads, red jasper, yellow chalcedony, grey flint, lots of old limestone and even a couple pieces my books (to be confirmed by my local archeologist in two weeks) say…

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5 ways America changed God

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

An interesting post i saw yesterday on the evolution and devolution of Xianity in America.

Originally posted on CNN Belief Blog:

Opinion by Matthew Paul Turner, special to CNN

(CNN) – The majority of America’s churches teach that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

But considering our country’s near-400-year history, can we honestly say that our concepts and perceptions about God haven’t evolved?

Is our contemporary American God the same as in 1629, when the Puritans began organizing a mass exodus toward their “Promised Land”?

Is our modern God the same as in 1801, when Christians at a revival in Kentucky became so filled up with God’s spirit that they got down on all-fours and barked and howled like wild dogs?

More recently, is our God the same as in 2000, when born again Republican George W. Bush won (sort of) the presidential election by rallying America’s then thriving evangelical electorate with a Jesus-tinged GOP rhetoric he called “compassionate conservatism.”

The truth is, no. God is likely not…

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Being A Young Satanist

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

An excellent article by a young lady who is the daughter of Sophie and Cassie and her father, well written and worthy of a reblog. My long comments are below her article. Enjoy!

Originally posted on Devil's Advocate:


As as suggested by Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge,  I asked my daughter to write something about what being a Satanist means to her. I haven’t corrected anything she wrote. Of course she expresses and prioritises something’s differently to me but I think she did a very good job of writing in English and she makes me very proud! She’ll be getting a special treat when we go out for brunch today at our favourite restaurant!  ~Sophie~

Hello, my name is Tina and my mother has asked me to write something about being a young Satanist. Really I think she mostly wants me to practice writing in English but I don’t mind because I like English.

So first I will say something about me. Actually I am Swiss. My first language is German but at home we also speak English. I can also speak French and Italian but not so good…

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A Place to Get Started: Gods, Spirits, and the Like

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

I just found this blog post on this blog which is a combination blog of three separate bloggers, each of which have their own blog (how many times can i used the word blog in a sentence? LOL) and tumblr and other media pages. Anyway they all seem to be into Loki on a cursory breeze through of their writings so far this morning. Enjoy and Blessings.

Originally posted on Loki's House of Cards:

Cernunnos by Laiyla

So. You’ve just started upon your exploration of Paganism. You’ve got some general ideas of what you’re interested in, but there’s a whole world of gods, spirits, etc. to work with. How does one choose what to work with and what do relations with these entities look like? What if something is calling to you? How can you identify it? What if something never calls you? What do you do then? This post hopes to answer as many of those questions as possible.

In the event you’ve not read the Authors’ Page on our blog here, the person writing this post is Brenna Adaira. I am a Druidess and I work primarily with British / Welsh gods and spirits. Being the only non-Lokean on this blog gives me a bit of a different outlook from those of my friends and co-authors. How these posts will work is…

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Chakra Meanings, Blocks and Questions – a simple link to a post on a Tumblr page since I cannot save/paste the Image plus some Chakra Pics

Apokaliptikon Art - TattvasChakra colorschakra stoneschakrastumblr_mtzk6hWPnC1r94gnxo1_500

I found this great series of pictures linked below explaining the Chakras in our etheric body according to the Hindu Tantras. Please note that some other images on that page are NSFW 18+


All pictures above from multiple Tumblr pages also. Enjoy!