“This Is My Body” Video – Very Powerful

I actually found this wonderful and powerful video entitled This Is My Body on a Tumblr page then traced it back to YT and will attempt to embed it here, but if that does not work then just link through the title above or the YT link or the Vimeo link. Hey, the Vimeo imbed worked! Yea!



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It is a powerful statement by Women regarding the fact that They and We All Own Our Bodies and we can “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law” with them, to coin a Crowley Themenic mantra.

Beltane Goddess

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I liked it a lot and especially the Fk U emotional energy involved. I would like to see these women storm the Congress singing screaming this song in unison! Enjoy.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/45539176″>This Is My Body</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/jasonstefaniak”>Jason Stefaniak</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Moon Phase Back

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Meeting Shiva Mahakal in an Indian run Tobacco store in BFE

Shiva colorful


Who wound have thought it, that i have met the most devout devotee of Shiva and Ram in my life, running a tobacco store in the middle of the boonies where i live? A couple months ago i was driving over the mountain to see Dutch Jeff and on the way was low on smokes so found this little store with a drive thru window and i went inside to buy some of my favourite Black and Mild wood tipped wine flavoured cigarillos. The store had the usual tobacco products, but also a long shelf of incense both Indian and even Santeria. The prices were better by a bit from other stores scattered over three counties.

Ganesha worshipping Shiva

The owner is an Indian i shall name Rush which is a shortening and Americanization of his full Hindu name. He spoke little English but enough for us to communicate. One of the older female workers, i assume a relative, helped translate at times in between his hectic tending the drive thru window and walk in customers, let along a blanc dressed like a local hick as i dress when out in the county.  Over the next few visits over a few weeks to a month and a half i established that he primarily worships Rama and then Shiva. Now as any of you know who read this blog i may be a Witch but my main God is Shiva. We talked about his homeland, which is NW India in the province of Utar Pradash near Kashmir. I bemoaned the violence there since the Brits split that part of the country, which was mostly Hindu, into part of Pakistan, which of course is mostly Moslem.  Its a shame because the Indian Kush mountains and fine lakes of Kashmir are some of the most beautiful places on the planet, and the English lords and Hindu Raj used to vacation there away from the heat of Benares.

Shiva 21 Aug 2014 (2)

On further visits to the store, and talking with Rush, we went even further into his beliefs and devotion especially to Rama, and when he described his God he would look up arms raised eyes almost rolled back in devotion. He is truly a very spiritual devotee and inspired me. His one female co-worker and i assume a relative translated a lot for us and one day she asked “you like our religion?” to which i said about how i had various Shaktipat initiations into Shaivism and Vaishavism, how i had lived at an ashram whose lineage went back to Lord Lakulash the 28th incarnation of Shiva, how i was an ordained Buddhist monk for a bit, and about the various deities i work with, being devoted to Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Shakti and the Nagas and Naginis.

Shiva 21 Aug 2014 (3)

On a later visit i knew they had a shrine hidden somewhere and boldly but humbly asked to see it to offer puja. I bought some incense and Rush took me upstairs to a shrine directly behind and above the cash register and showed me a shrine with Ganesh, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, and behind them all Mahakal and Mahakali. I offered puja and did a blessing on myself and then on Rush with the proper mantras and mudras. I think he was impressed i knew such things.

Shiva Dancing

Finally the big visit, where he and the lady working with him (sorry i cannot remember her name given to me only once) both gave me gifts. He pulled out a small folded paper which had some of the sacred blessed ask of Shiva and she a mustard seed, both from their Mahakal temple linked below which is where they were from. I dipped my right hand three fingers into the ask and made the three horizontal lines across my forehead and changed Sivoham. They then gave me some more ash, of which he had little, and the seed, and later when i returned i showed him how i had put these into a small glass vial and was wearing it around my neck with a red cotton thread. I thought their jaws were going to drop open when i did the above.

25 August (1)


Just a little teaching here for those who do not know – the white ash of Shiva is from burning a special wood, preferably wood from a cremation group, and it represents the bija or semen of Shiva. The red ash called kum-kum is also burned from a special wood and represents the menstrual blood of Kali. This is used in the red dot tilaks one sees on Indian ladies foreheads.



On investigation of the Mahakal temple i realized it specialized in Tantric Shaivism and Shaktism, and hinted to Rush about some tantric terms, and they knew what i was talking about.

Shiva and lingum yoni

I think in the future Rush will invite me to his and his wife’s home (they both have their green cards and were married privately  (it not being an arranged marriage), then in front of their families, then in front of the priest of the temple) and i look forward to that and the Indian meal cooked by someone from that part of India!

Shivaa by Raphael Labro © 1956 ~ 2121

So, how strange, to meet such devotees in a tobacco store in the middle of BFE so nearby. So very strange indeed. But then we are devotees of the same Gods and Goddess, and i am a Witch so such “weaving of the threads” happens as you all know….


Embedded above and throughout this post are some pictures of Shiva which are public access from various sites and Tumblr pages, and below are links i found to their temple and some videos of puja there. Those particular images of the Mahakal Temple i will leave for you to see at these sites.

Shiva 4 water pots

Here is a good touristy site of various temples especially of the Mahakaleshwar jyotirling (there are 12 jyoti lingums in India, meaning lingum of light, the essence of Shiva, self generated, and the Mahakal temple is one of the main ones).

Mahakal Shiva in his Nepalese Buddhist form as Mahakala

kal bhairav


Here is the Wikipedia link to the Mahakal Temple.


Here is the long puja with arati done at the temple.

Complete Mangla Aarti Of Mahakaal Ujjain, महाकाल की सम्पूर्ण मंगला आरती

Naga worship or Naga Puja is also done at the Mahakal temple, a practice dear to my heart and practice, and here is the Wiki on that.


Here is a complete video of some of the parts of Naga Puja.

Nagchandreshwar darshan

And finally for those who wish to know when the various and multiple deities of India are honoured i refer you to the Hindu Festival Calendar.


Here are some pics of Shiva/Shakti in Hermaphroditic form as half female and half male, called Hari-Hara is parts of India.

Hindu Deities (4)




shiva 11

And some pictures of Lord Ganesha

Ganesha Blue

Ganesha Green


Rahu / Rahula a manifestation of Mahakala Shiva eating the Sun and Moon, and a Shiva lingum and Shakti yoni with Naga.


Shiva 21 Aug 2014 (4)

Some pictures of Mahakali

Kali - When The Gods Came Down To Earth


Here are two pictures of Lord Lakulash the 28th physical incarnation of Shiva, who when he was about to die had his disciple sit around him and close their eyes and meditate and when they opened their eyes he had merged into the lingum in stone as part of it.

Lord Lakulish jyortilinga

Lord Lakulish lingum yoni

 Om Namo Vasodevaya!

Om Jai Ganesha!

Om Hare Krsna Hare Rama Hare Shivaya!

Om Namah Shivaya!


And to soften this out almost at the end of this post, the grouping of Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Ganesha

Hindu Deities (1)

Oh and here is the completion of the benign Nagini on my right thigh and the Vetala (vampire succubus) Nagini on my left thigh. These are poor pics and i hope once they are fully healed to have better ones to share in the future. Enjoy!

25 August (12)

25 August (10)

These last two images are Copyright 2014 GLHoke

A Great Blog Post at TWH by Sam Webster – “Suffering & Satisfaction in Patterns of Consumption (and Zombies)”


Trees and Sun in Oregon – Photo Copyright Jason Thomas Pitzi

I found this great post at TWH today entitled Suffering & Satisfaction in Patterns of Consumption (and Zombies) written by Sam Webster. He touches upon a lot of relevant topics about living in this consumer driven civilization. Enjoy and Think about it…

(I would comment there or tell them i am reblogging but TWH is more a website than a blog and you have to join Discus, which i hate, to make any comments since it won’t let one comment under WP or Google for some reason.)

In Contrast to my previous post, check out This Humble Gentle Intelligent Talentented Poet and Musician at Vong Productions

Vonj Productions 1

Images from Google Image Search Used Hopefully with Permission from Writer, Speaker and Musician Vonj Productions

I woke up this glorious Sunday morning with an email that Vonj Productions was following my blog so checked them out thinking “oh another business following to get traffic” but boy was a wrong. I am slowly reading through his webpage and blog and going through his videos of talking and of singing and playing guitar and i am Amazed what a wise young man he is, full of wonderful philosophy, and yet humble and gentle. Listening to him is like listening to a wise Guru. And his Music is very much to me like a chilled out Hendrix if he would have lived to be older. Vonj and his gentle words and great music definitely got me into a great mood to face and work through all that G__d will give me today. Anyway, enjoy the links below to various parts of his page and his videos on his blog and on YT.

Vonj Productions Website and Blog

Dawn Inspiration – Mind Your Mind Video


Vonj – Transcent


Vonj Productions 2

Enjoy and have a Great Sunday! Blessings!


Anyone who wishes to be entertained – check out my latest “fans” comments at the Coven of the Catta link below

22 April 2014 (21)

Well at least it is not the typical comment saying “i like cats too” or “there is a demonic cat spirit in my computer can you help me”….. I allow such comments below through because it is a free country of free speech, but the cyber threat to take down my blog may have stepped a little over the line here, so i will leave them up a few days to share and then perhaps report to WP. I am not sure what his issue is with our Coven or with me but he/she is definitely foaming at the mouth upon his/her keyboard these last two day. As my tattoo says – Honi Soit Qui May y Pense. Enjoy!


“An Outsider at the Crossroads” by Alley Valkyrie from The Wild Hunt


TWH Artwork Copyright Valerie Herron and used by previous permission

I always love the posts on TWH and of late he has been having many guest posts, this one by an Alley Valkyrie entitled An Outside at the Crossroads which I found to be most insightful and rather eerie at times. I can’t reblog directly from TWH since it is a website type of blog and cannot even comment there unless i join Discus which i consider an invasive PIA so just follow the link above. I have embedded TWH’s logo as before with permission from the artist Valerie Herron. I think the European followers of my blog will especially find this writing a big cut into the cross section of what America is nowadays at least on the urban level. Enjoy.

Europe’s Last Pagan’s – The Mari El

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

Excellent video and story for sure. thank you. i went to the YT source and saw a few other videos that may be of worth, but this one is wonderful. I hate to appear to “use” MG for some posts but they are just Too Good to not reblog. Enjoy!

Originally posted on Metal Gaia:

An intriguing look into an ancient culture that is still around today.  The Mari El people have protected their Pagan religion against both Christians and Soviets, and still carry out rituals today in sacred groves that are tied to the land.

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Some Recent Tumblr Images of a Magickal and/or Erotic Nature I have stumbled upon, a few of which are NSFW18+

Here are some recent Tumblr images i have stumbled upon which i saved since the sources are multiple though some of which are from specific Tumblr pages i will list the source of but not the URL of, suffer out of lack of information given, ha. Nota Bene – Some of these contain nudity of a tasteful, at least my tastes, nature so if you are not 18+ please leave this page and for the rest of you this post is NSFW.

This is an old cover of a paperback book on Witchcraft from the 1972s which i have manipulated into blue tones and am trying to use as my Gravitar over and over again rather unsuccessfully. BTW at WP for awhile i changed this page to R from PG but then my Gravitar reverted to an anonymous geometric form, so i changed it back to PG which i think it is, and will just list any future posts that are in that grey area between PG and R rated. I will leave it to you to put the words surrounding this image into Google Translate, unless you know French already.

Obeissez a vos superieurs - Copy

Below is one of my favourite photographs from Cassie and Sophie’s blog (which was in one of their posts which i reblogged earlier, and NB this is their Copyrighted Image 2014!) and from their Tumblr page. I Love this photo and the accompanying blog post.

cassies hands nails rings

Here is one of Rosaleen Norton’s paintings.


And the rest are pictures like i said from various Tumblr pages, some of which are NSFW18+!!! Enjoy or Ignore and as always Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense!

1002578_536734846381222_1071067323_n 1184876_547249828663057_1806140398_n DevilGirls tumblr_lww1q8gwgW1qzeggzo1_500 tumblr_m06qhlB3rp1qkl94co1_1280 tumblr_ma050qvkCR1r8jo7mo1_500 tumblr_mklosmjjVI1qh4pfro1_500 tumblr_n7sfs0vVFd1qm6cq1o1_r3_500 tumblr_na00fwS2aG1txde3xo1_500

Dark and Bitter

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

Very very well written ladies. I prefer my coffee and tea white and sweet, so does that make me a Celestine Prophesy white lighter? lol. I prefer my wines dark red and dry, so does that make me a blood drinking Kali vampire? lol. I prefer my cigarillos black and sweet, so does that make me a Satanist? well maybe…. There are so many good points in this post i cannot comment, except that Yes one must have No Fear in exploring Life, which ends in Death, or maybe Reincarnation, who knows says the agnostic in me. And one must have No Fear in exploring one’s deep dark psychology, emotions and physical fetishisms. No Fear, but no stupidity either. May Anubis guide us all in our Earth Walk Journeys. Reblogging. XO

Originally posted on Devil's Advocate:

One of my favourite sayings, which is true for me, is, “I like my coffee black like my soul!” Sophie and I also prefer the dark and bitter types of beer and of course dark chocolate. Is this because we are Satanists? Of course not! I am sure more than half the population enjoy black coffee and a large number of people enjoy dark chocolate and bitter beer, most of whom are not Satanists…

There is a point to this though. Some things which are described as dark and bitter are more socially acceptable than others. In truth most people enjoy things which could be described as dark and bitter but they wouldn’t want to be described as dark and bitter people. Neither would we because such a description usually has very negative connotations. However in the vast spectrum of how things are, and how thing could be, we do…

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Showcasing – “Bird Spirit Land” – the Works of Sarah Kate Istra Winter aka Dver – Several Blogs of Interest

Sorry i have not been writing much of late, still caught up in several projects around the property inside and out. I Have gotten caught up on reading the looonnggg list of bookmarked blog posts of you all and reblogged some of them so thank you for the educational and entertaining writings.

I do have a lot of pictures to post and have had some incredible experiences of late at the weirdest of places. In one upcoming post i will tell a story of buying my dark and mild wood tipped wine flavoured cigarillos at a store run by Indians from Utar Pradesh / Kashmir region and how i revealed to them that i am a Shaivite and how we have over the last month had fairly long discussions through a female relative who works there who knows better English than he does. But bottom line i saw his shrine upstairs and was blown away by his deities, and i did arati and puja which impressed the hell out of them that a man who appears to be a country hick (i dress the mask of where i live) knows all this stuff. To be continued…..

Anyway, I am posting today about Bird Spirit Land website which link to the blogs of a Sarah Kate Istra Winter aka Dver, or which there are several listed at the link above so i will not link them separately. Her projects are blogs about polytheism, mask making, story telling, mushrooms, shamanism and even carnival life. To quote from her about page, copying and pasting that page, and i will confirm with her by email it is OK to quote her -


“A fire is burning in Bird Spirit Land. My bones smoulder. I must journey there.”
(Lavondyss, Robert Holdstock)

“Sarah Kate Istra Winter, aka Dver, was raised in New England but has found a home in the Pacific Northwest, amongst lichen-draped trees and mist-heavy hills. She has felt the warm moss under her bare feet at a geyser in Iceland, spent the night in a holy cave above the temple of Delphi in Greece, and sung to the spectral hounds of Dartmoor, England. She holds a degree in Comparative Myth and Ritual from Goddard College, which culminated in a ritual theatre performance where she reveled in the blood of a dismembered child-god.

Dver has dedicated her life to the spirits, who she serves primarily by creating tangible artefacts which function as doors between the worlds: the mask which can invite the Other inside the wearer, the puppet whose movements bring the uncanny to life, the skull painted with a map of another world, the message woven into a tangle of sticks and leaves left to be found by the right person at the right time.

She is most likely to be found walking through an alley looking for hidden passages, exploring the small patches of magical woodlands scattered throughout the city, photographing mushrooms, or carrying too many books out of the library. You can recognize her by the spells and vows she has permanently inked into her skin. She knows a little bit of a lot of languages, and has played six musical instruments without getting good at any of them. Patience is not one of her virtues, although she has happily spent a year cleaning the entire skeleton of a stag. She can make candles and felt, read Tarot and runes, and knows just how many poisonous mushrooms are enough to see the gods.

You can reach Dver at doorunderground at gmail dot com.”

So enjoy the links (i Love her tattoos) and i will be blogging something of my own when i have the time between projects. Blessed Be.