Come Red Robin

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

My comment – I don’t even know what to say. what a roller coaster of images and emotions for the waning just beginning, waning moon, waning summer, rain rain rain here. Either way, reblogging so TY and BB.

Originally posted on From Peneverdant:

Herb Robert, Red Robin,
Pink Geranium,
come as Stinking Bob

with Foxes reek,
Death Come Quickly now,
tendril in on Dove’s Feet

with Red Shanks
bold as Dragonsblood,
Bloodwort come

snapping Crane’s Bills
in an orbit of Cuckoo’s Eyes,
Hooded Felon of the woods.

Come Great Spirit,
Adored Mischief-Maker,
Sacred Flower of Puck.

Herb Robert

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Scandinavian Midsummer Festival – from the Sarah Anne Lawless website

vegvisir black

I cannot reblog this directly since it is a website, and her pics are her copyright, so am just putting in a relevant Tumblr pic and here is the link.

I encourage you all to “follow” her site as it is most interesting and go to her home page to see what it is all about.


Here’s another good link Slowly catching up on old blog posts waaaaaay behind. Blessings.

Personal UPG of the Star Goddess of Sirius-B from 12 June 1986 from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing


On 12 June 1986 I have a three part UPS, each part lasting about 3 hours, from morning to noon to midnight, of the revealing to me of my own UPG of a Star Goddess connected with Sirius-B. For 9 months i had worked to open my Crown chakra to the Stellar forces, and on this day it all blew open like a crater sucking in programming from the Star Magicke Tigle Terma from Her.

I laid on my bed face down and wrote in a notebook blindly. I visited with Lady Phoebe and other friends and was manic and most of them snapped their heads back and had little to do with me afterwards, thinking i had gone over the edge. Only two friends days later approached me to learn more. The rest were freaked out. I was freaked out. It was truly an UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) shamanic experience within the context of the Typhonian Currents channeled by Frater Belarion and Frater Kenneth Grant. Later I laid out under the stars and traveled there again.

seven star

The writings are in three parts, the first part being the raw date written in the notebook, the second part being an analysis within the context of the Aeon of Hrumachis, the third part being a practical method of meditating and projecting there again using various pop sci fi culture and ancient AEgyptian God/esses.

I will not publish it here. When i try to do so my pc crashes or large storms come and for the last two months i have contemplated this post i have broken glass and mirrors almost daily.

If you have an interest, and are a friend of mine online at BSSS or COC or COCFB feel free to email me and i will share them with you by email in PDF form. Be warned, they are raw Tantra. and not to be emulated as i said they are MY UPG and mean nothing to anyone but to MYSELF. But on this 27 anniversary i feel like sharing them with those who “have eyes to see and ears to hear”. Only Soror Ayizan, FF, Soror Nema, KG, and a handful of adept friends have read this, and most forgive me do not have the wide deep training and experience to understand them.

Copyright 1986 Frater ZAXON

Copyright 2014 GLHoke

Copyright 2014 HPT SMSBF

Copy of EnochianAngel

Pictures from Tumblr sites

Photos from the Local Wanderings of an Amateur Photographer Witch

I take my smart LG phone with a nice up to 5mb camera everywhere and snap pictures constantly. Maybe half are worthy of manipulating using Paint.Net freeware. Enjoy the pics, and please remember all are Copyright GLHoke 2014 except the one tat i took on a guys arm whose source i found but not the particular artist, so my apologies to him. A perusal of that site listed below may reveal that. And some photos of me are taken by friends. Blessed Sunday post Full Super Moon!

8 July (2)

I saw this gorgeous Mermaid tattoo on a heavily tattooed guy who is from North or South Carolina but he got it at Independent Tattoo in Oregon and he graciously let me photograph it. Funny thing there were two heavily tattooed guys, him and me, standing in the high end jewelry store in our little downtown and i bet the skilled workers there had their mouths dropping open. Its no wonder we almost just stripped off our shirts revealing all, which may have made the normal staid customers gape or run, LOL.

TO noticed my three rocks piles together in the sun shadow look like a skull man or hooded emaciated monk and another horned elemental on the left of the skull.

10 July (2) 10 July (3) Politically incorrect warning – free hat from a yard sale and no i am not into that cult but where i got it is the center of it in PA. Got the license place from the thrift shop, so, if u put it on yr truck upside down does it mean Devil? LOL. LEGNA like Legba? 10 July (5) I slept over at the Hex Haus the other night and woke to this sight outside.11 July (3)   Beebalm blooming in two colours on the same plant. Soon it will be covered with bees and butterflies.

10 July (7)

I stopped by and introduced myself to a nice lady who i would swear by her magickal garden is a natural witch and she let me take these pics of her Goddess statue out front.

10 July (10) 10 July (11) 10 July (12) Just some rearrangements of stones around the property, and i planted a nice white pine between the Goddess and God statues int he center of Snakehenge.

11 July (1)

11 July (2)  A nice big fossil of something on the way to some friends. 12 July (1)

12 July (22)

Out in the friend’s creek a flat muddy stone with a dead crayfish claw, probably left by a heron. Now who drew that pentagram and circle??? Hmmm

12 July (13)

Snaky tree root and stones.

12 July (14) Some old fart smoking a stogie out in the woods…..

12 July (16)

The Goddess of the circle forming around her at The  Black Bear Cabin and New Covenstead of the Coven of the Catta. one pic with flash the other without showing the solar glow lights in her broken arms.    IMAG3193 IMAG3194

I saved the best for last. Now this is in my mind a MIRACLE, not of magicke, but of Nature. I found this turtle half dead on the road a few weeks ago, came back to rescue it and it was dead, drug it home in a bucket and put it in the swamp behind the Black Cabin covered by a metal old mild crate to keep the bear etc from eating it. Within two days the flies and maggots had stripped her to the bones, but the eggs were miraculously soft, not rotten, and felt viable. So, i brought some up about where she would lay them and placed them shallow in loose soil. The other day i walked past the original place where she was laid (since then recovered broken shell and most of her bones including the head, vertebrae, clavicles, hip bones, leg bones, etc) and there were two hatched eggs there. I swear to the Goddess they were split open like a snake or turtle emerges from the leathery shell. They were not eaten and were not rotten. Of course i gather the eggs, put them into momma’s shell, dug up the ones i had buried finding nothing (I think they hatched and took off, not even leather shell case left), then placed her skeleton and the egg casings in the Black Cabin with the other turtle shells and a skeleton of a possum who had died over there. I feel like i did something of worth, saving her young, and it feels very good. But fact is snakes and turtles have been around for so many millions of years that this is their survival technique, that even though the momma is dead, the eggs survive in the abdomen to hatch if a scavenger does not get them.


Reassembled skeleton minus shell

10 July (6)

Hatched egg shells

10 July (8)

Placed in her broken shell


Placed in the shell in the Black Cabin with the other skeletons and shells, which i keep a bowl of water there for their thirsty spirits until they are reincarnated.


Featuring the Updated Shadow Tarot Deck and Dancing With Demons Book by Linda Falorio

Linda Falorio has remastered her classic book of paintings and writings called The Shadow Tarot. They have graciously gifted me with a copy, which comes in a box wrapped in black spider web material. It is frigging awesome, and deliciously dangerous. Here i have the Tarot on the lower left in front of a pic she took of me decades ago in front of the real size paintings, this one of the Zonule of Parfaxitas. To the right is gZa-Rahula. I manipulated the pic into various forms.

She also has out Brand New a book entitled Dancing With Demons i have yet to read, but i am sure it is something the late Kenneth Grant would be proud of. Check out her other writings and artwork from the links at the top of her website.

7 July (1)7 July (14)7 July (12)7 July (13)

The Shadow Tarot Copyright Linda Falorio 2014

Photos Copyright GLHoke 2014


Photo Dump Blog Post from the Life of a Witch 5-6 July 2014

 It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, took a run out to my friend T’s Buy Sell Trade where we wheel and deal. He had is awesome cycle out which is rare because “it gets dirty in places hard to clean” LOL. Well, so do I as it is hard to get a scrub brush into my ear to clean up my mind, LOL.

All photographs Copyright GLHoke 2014

5 July (1)

Went down to the relatives wooded area where we had the 4th to retrieve some of those old foam airplanes you put together, must have been on the local store shelf for decades by the style of the jets. I love this one deep pool and here are some shots.

5 July (4)

5 July (3)

I took this one years ago, one of my favourites of the ripple and the carp and the blue sky reflected in the water. Photography is all about timing and light.


  An old big moss covered tree stump. You see after events i also go up and clean up any plastic toys that may get blown by a storm or swept away in a flood, putting them in a safer place for the environment.

5 July (5)

The ultimate “Man Belt” – my grandpa’s old tool belt willed with Captain Black little sweet or vanilla cigars, Combination fire or cig lighter and bottle opener, an old knife of my dad’s, a flashlight in case i am over at the Black Cabin after dark because of the bears, and something small and thin yet powerful that goes bang.

5 July (6)

An old shelf i put outside the house with iron cat and bug made at the foundry Dutch Jeff used to work at, and a wren house my dad made. a cat wind chime and of course an upright horseshoe.

6 July (4)

The new altar all set up and lit up. Yea.

5 July (8)

A Winter’s Deipnon

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

My comment – “Powerful. The emotions will always be there, never to be killed, dangerous to suppress because they ooze out in bad ways. They are to be witched (“bent”) towards the Light and good thoughts. You are breaking out of an old leathery snake egg buried too long. You will rise like a Phoenix or like the flying serpent Quetzalcoatl …… “

Originally posted on thepurplebroom:

The Earth is quivering beneath my feet, vibrating with the thumping of footsteps or drum beats, heartbeats- h-eart(h)beats. With every pulsing vibration I find myself closer to collapsing. The wind is not howling, it is screeching. I cannot bring myself to carry on moving, so I drop to my knees.

As my knees hit the ground the tears start to rise from the heat in my cheeks, these are not tears of pain, they are tears of ecstasy, of  rapture, of Her closeness. I offer wine and burn flowers. I cannot let the winter ice over my heart; there is a beauty in being able to acknowledge that sometimes there might not be anything to say, but there are still emotions to feel.

I feel my shell start to crack, as I kneel at Her feet, kissing the ground. I cannot see Her face, but I can feel Her, Serpentine…

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Penwortham Holme

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

From the pen of Lorna the Bard. Read the comments both mine and adruidsway also.

Originally posted on From Peneverdant:

Fisherman, fisherman, do you recall the garths
where you caught the little silver salmon?

Fisherman, fisherman, do you recall the holme,
its treacherous fords and unpredictable tides,

how I held you in my arms midst the throes of a midnight sea,
how your flesh was warm and mine cold and strange?

Fisherman, fisherman, do you recall the tail of the woman
who slipped away and swam up river to lay our eggs?

Fisherman, fisherman, do you want to know my death
and the fate of our little silver children?

Fisherman, fisherman, where are you now,
now that the river is drained away?


Penwortham Holme was originally made up of three raised pieces of land in the middle of the river Ribble; Little Holme, Little Holme and Great Holme. In Penwortham in the Past, Alan Crosby shows a map where there are fish garths across the river to the south…

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Some Good Links from TWH’s Unleash the Hounds Link Roundup

Wicker Man Circle

Tumblr image multiple sources

I am slogging through scores of bookmarked older blog posts, this one from The Wild Hunt’s Unleash the Hounds Link Roundup.

Of interest to me are 7 Things Paganism can Teach the Modern Man.

Also the Movie Witching & Bitching available on Amazon Prime and probably some other platforms.

And the trailer at TWH for the recently released (unfortunately for me on Blue Ray which i don’t think but may have a player for somewhere on this pc) The Wicker Man Final Cut which is totally remastered and beautiful in clarity which is not available in streaming but can be purchased in CD or to view at various platforms.

Enjoy you Sunday! BB. Lee / Shawnus