Ancient Norse Women – Warriors, Housewives, Poets and Priestesses

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I read this excellent post months ago and linked to it was today saw some stupid comment she let through then parried gracefully, so i re-read the article and decided to just reblog the whole post. I could literally reblog almost Anything MG writes with her graphics, writing, research and informative links. Enjoy, Blessings, and always keep a sharp sword at hand…..

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peter-nicolai-arbo-ingeborg (2)

There is still much about the Ancient Norse People that we do not know, so much of our current information is an attempt to fill in the gaps (since the Vikings did not write down their history and the Christians destroyed much of their existing culture). History becomes a guessing game where modern day people impose their fantasies and longings upon the past. Some of these fantasies imagine a place where every woman is a blonde haired vixen with a pointy helmet and a chain-mail bra, smashing through the faces of her enemies with sword in hand. Fantasies on the other end of the spectrum paint a picture of a male dominated society where all men fought glorious battles and women existed as mere prizes to be won.


(Very practical battle armor)

The truth is much more nuanced. Not all men fought battles and not all women had a specific…

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The Art Of Wonderment

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passing the baton

Many humans ago,

a solid-state baton passed on

to the second generation of children.

Now, our children pass on a rolled up scroll

that houses nothing less than the emptiness of Soul.

It is chock-full of science, knowledge, reason, and logic,

but totally void of meaning and a common sense of direction.

~ Conceptualize the inconceivable thought ~

Marginalize our intangible blue dot?


Self-actualize, and teach what can’t be taught.

Don’t penalize us for thinking what is is naught.

globular cluster

If what is is equal to what was,

then nothing was ever lost.

Once you’re in you’re


Heaven is ever

within you




When one is overcome with a feeling of awe or stupefaction,

we know it is not a manufactured experience of the senses.

Grace comes upon one unawares, like a happy accident.

Divinity never comes with any master/slave division,

although one may feel very small in…

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The Black Dog of Preston

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Here is a fascinating piece of historical, shamanic and spiritual sleuthing by Lorna at the From Peneverdant blog. The church with its gothic revivalism style, and the story in general is like i said, fascinating. I went to Wikipedia and found this link and link and link explaining the complex nature of this English/German saint connected with Walpurgis Nact aka Beltane. Also read the comments by various bloggers and her responses which go even deeper. Enjoy!

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The Black Dog of PrestonI have recently been researching the legend of the black dog of Preston. The process has led me on a journey through the places it is associated with and their history. It has also brought me to consider the meaning and origin of its roles as a harbinger of death and guardian of the town’s gates.

I first came across this tale earlier in the year on a walk with local folklorist Aidan Turner-Bishop, which was organised by UCLan Pagan Society. Aidan told us that a headless black dog haunts the area between Maudlands and Marsh Lane.

St Walburge's

St Walburge’s

These locations seem significant due to their history. Maudlands receives its name from a 12th century leper hospital dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, which was dissolved in 1548 and later replaced by St Walburge’s.

Preston International Hotel

Preston International Hotel

Marsh Lane was the location of a Friary belonging to the Franciscan Order, which…

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The Nights the Big Black Panther and her Cub Came a Calling

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tumblr_n7h0dbplXc1qfbon7o1_500 - Copy

Tumblr image with multiple sorces

Here in the central Appalachians the PA Game Commission will deny over and over again that there are cougarsaka mountain lions aka black panthersroaming over large areas of deep forest and even down where humans habitate. But i have heard stories that are first hand of their sightings, and seen game cam photos, seen their skull skeletons, heard them with my own ears and seen them with my own eyes. We also have bobcatsand even my mum, who lives in the suburbs but very near a wooded area and creek, saw one enter her yard and get into a fight with one of her cats. It had all the classic signs of dark tufts on its ears, the size of a dog, and the snub tail, and a wild howl. She chased it away with a broom! You Go Mom! LOL And…

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Germany’s Fascination With Native American Culture

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

Very interesting how they and other Europeans are fascinated by native cultures all over the world. Here in the US people in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) dress up as anything from ancient Celts to Renaissance French and English, and i doubt the European historians are offended though like you said it is romanticized. I think in this post-modern work where we as the human race have explored and exploited every corner of the globe and the natives who lived and live there we feel some guilt so do honour their memory in these simple and harmless ways. Of course the next step, as many of these actors and re-enactors have done already, is to read the Real anthropological and archeological books about the Real natives, and more especially to read the writings of the remaining natives about their culture. Now regarding the scalps (which the native americans learned to do from the French traders) they should Definitely be returned to the people, though i am sure with the provenance confusing it is hard to determine just where and to whom to return them. Maybe some place in the middle of the country that represents all The People (as the native americans call themselves) that represents all natives of this exploited land. I am going to reblog this MG because i think many important points are made here in your writings and in the video and articles, so thank you from me and my blog followers. Blessings.

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Above is a picture of the Karl May Museum in Radebeul Germany. Karl May (1842-1912) is a famous German author who wrote several stories about the American Old West.  These books became insanely famous in Germany. In Germany, Mr. May was the J.K. Rowling of his time. Everyone in Germany was familiar with the characters of his novels, especially the Native American heroes Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. The actual historical accuracy of these books is very debatable, especially considering the fact that Karl May never even ventured to the American West until after his books were already sold.

Like Americans in the early 20th century, Germans too loved tales about the Old West. Yet the key difference, is instead of rooting for the Cowboys, many Germans supposedly  (according to the video above at least) admired the Native American characters in the stories.

The New York Times…

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Tuatha Dea Band from their Website

From The Wild Hunt’s Pagan Community Notes post – I really enjoyed this band of indie gypsies called Tuatha Dea. You can link to their latest video at the above link, and i will try to embed the YT version below. If unsuccessful at doing so as of late probably d/t some new programming at YT or WP then just follow the links. To quote from TWH -

“The Pagan band Tuatha Dea, who recently crowdfunded a new album, has released the first video from that album, “Long Black Curl.” The new album, “Tufa Tales: Appalachian Fae,” can be purchased at their official website. – See more at:”

Tuatha Dea “Long Black Curl”

 (unable to embed from YT so follow link on name above)

For more songs from this band go to

And here is their website where i got the picture above –

Enjoy, and get up and dance!

The Wylde Hunt and Goblins: They’re Really Not So Bad

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

Thank you Raven and Oak for this fine writing on the Fae. I think, much like humans, the Fae have their seasonal moods, much like humans get SADD in the winter time. The Fae are watching their habitations being mowed and harvested now, even seeing we witches gently and respectfully picking mature herbs for drying and turning into incenses and healing concoctions. The Fae have played in the sunshine and lush green all summer, and now they can feel Autumn’s chill a coming, thus they turn a little dark, like fae with scythes, then turn way dark as we approach All Hallows. It is all good. There is nothing to fear to “those who know” and work with them. And Lorna TY for that great link to the old book on the Fae and to that free Project Gutenberg download site! Worthy of a reblog so TY RO and Blessings.

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photo (1)

As if my path was not… quirky (dare I even call it that?) enough, it seems some new little friends have come to join me on my wanderings through Paganism: goblins. Yes, Goblins. Pictured above are Flora (crafted by my friend, Philip Reed) and Squip (made by me). Somehow, in the last few weeks of sorting out past events and determining what exactly my path is becoming, goblins and the Autumn / Unseelie Court of faeries has cropped up and into my life along with the Wylde Hunt’s pretty standard re-appearance as fall creeps in.

Studying these new-found friends and ideas has been a bit of a challenge. Information that is not somehow linked to fantasy novels and role-playing games such as Changeling- The Lost has been extremely difficult. And what DID appear as actual faery traditions were either not quite the same cultural area I tend to focus on…

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Mile Train

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

Awesome creepy poetic story – the return revenge of the rusty metal goblins, mining then putting together their own dark ghostly elven train. Here in the Appalachians we have lots of abandoned mines and RR lines, but the ones in the city are probably more dangerous from the criminal types who inhabit them. I fear men more than goblins, LOL. Worthy of a reblog so TY for your bardic modern interpretations of this post-modern age.

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Steaming from the tunnel comes a grim dark engine
With a dim flat face cast in iron and unstoppable.
In its clanging pistons reeds and river-weed are caught.
Vivid green algae coats its dreadnought visage.

Cut off from the mainline it is an engine of darkness
Reconstructed piece by piece in the dank and rusty tunnel
From smashed metal parts by subterranean little people
Emerging into daylight in a cloud of black smoke.

At the red and scolding flames stoking up its engine
Is a goblin driver with a maniacal grin
In a tweed flat cap and filthy navy overalls
Reciting unknown stations in a feral tongue.

Its carriages are luminous with elfish women
Who turn in wedding gowns beneath chandeliers
With manicured hands chinking glasses of champagne.
Their smiles are eternal so long as their drinks are full.

This grim dark engine brings a message from the gods,

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This Earth That We Have Is Precious Beyond Measure

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge:

Very good video. I grew up listening to and watching Alan on the tele. “Drugs” are a relative term to me. Some entheogens are more plant allies who teach us where the human and the plant world come together in trance. I think some plants simply stimulate the glands aka chakras to open up and pump various natural substances to our brains. But i experimented “back in the day” when things were pure, not mega-manipulated and polluted with other meds and the blood of the horses who carried them here to the US. P Psilocybin and MDMA were originally used by psychologists to break patients thru certain barriers. And shamans throughout the millennia have worked with both plants and fasting and ecstasy to reach trance states. I know MG yr final statement was mostly for legal reasons, because no one wants to promote the use of bad drugs,and unfortunately nowadays so many are bad, but then so many are good. Rebloggins so TY. BB

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It is good to be optimistic about the future, but we can’t ignore the current destruction of the planet. 

Any society that allows the destruction of life’s foundations is insane. 

What if we thought we only had a year left on this planet, would our actions be different? 

Nature is not an infinite resource that we can just use and abuse like toilet paper, nature has her limits. 

The only thing that I disagree with about this video though is that I do not promote the use of drugs for any reason. 


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