Migration to the Red Lodge – first the Indian spirits, then the Animal spirits, now the Lwa

At the Red Lodge first the spirits of the Native Americans who once lived here. Then the spirits of the animals now dead but reincarnated and preserved in their bones wanted to migrate over there, “far away from the road”, which is i say as a blessing when i see a critter killed along the road. Then the Native American spirits, as they have done for over a decade here, took up residence. Then ole Doc Santee wanted a place like his lodge he had out in the mountains, a place of peace and quiet to sip sherry and talk philosophy. Now some of the Vodoun Lwa, the ones with animal heads or tails or other parts have migrated over there too, including La Sirene and La Dominadora, Naginis of Water and Earth, I listen and comply as my UPG tells me…

25 Jan (7)

25 Jan (4)

25 Jan (9)

25 Jan (10)

25 Jan (8)

25 Jan (6)

Panoramic Video of the Red Lodge

I met a new friend today who i will teach Solomonic Magicke to. They had a should bag with this gold pin from their Gramma, a shield with the name ADONAI on it in Hebrew. I had to laugh since Adonai is the name of G-d in our Coven and the name i use for the highest accessible aspect of G-d in my own personal QBL system.

25 Jan (1)

And finally a pic of the base of the fallen Bear Oak Tree with the snow visible through the holes in it.

25 Jan (2)

NB – All Photographs Copyright 2015 GLHoke.

Knock Knock – Something Came Knocking at the door to the Red Lodge Tonight

I was chilling at the Red Lodge last night when for about 2 hours something came knocking at the door, knock knock. I thought it was the wet snow now melting falling from the trees but it was always in twos, the number of the Devil, knock knock. Even a friend on the phone could hear it though my bluetooth through my knit cap, knock knock. The first time i thought it was my neighbor so i went to the door, but maybe it wasn’t him, so my Glock 42 was cocked with a round in the chamber, but no one was there. Then i thought maybe it was a human intelligent discarnate spirit of the AmerIndian spirits that come down from the mountain, or maybe a Sasquatch, knock knock. Them i thought maybe it was Doktor Santee, who is always standing behind me of late, knock knock. Then i thought it was my dead dad come back for his things, knock knock. Then JJ called and even he could hear it and started to tell me his own phenomenon like when he received a PDF of photos of Dutch Jeff’s Necronomicon that his old York Coven has used since the 1960s for “burning”, knock knock. Something wanted in, and it did not feel bad or evil or threatening, just persistent, knock knock. So i bravely put on all my winter gear, army coat, hat, gloves, gun strapped on an out of the coat belt, long knife and went out and burned sage and spruce at the snow covered outside altar, knock knock. i meant to walk completely around the property with a flashlight looking for hooven or human or mountain lion tracks, but a strong cold wind came up out of nowhere so i was driven to walk back to my house, knock knock. Who knows what he/she/it was? One the way home i hit my hand with a scab on it and started to bleed. When i got to my house and altars i fed the blood to my wrathful deities, then took a nice long hot bath, drank some wine, and chilled for sure again. Strange Experience, as Lee Gandee would say….

2015-01-24 19.35.11 2015-01-24 19.40.54

Yea looks like Blair Witch Project, i know. After these videos Lee Shawnus was never seen again. Signed. and dated 25 January 2015 by his Biographer H.P.Loveless….

This is Not a Satanicke Altar at the Red Lodge, well maybe…….

In a previous post I have posted photographs from the Red Lodge. Here are some more. It is late at night for me so the pictures and videos will have little or no explanation. I Will say all these deities are horned animal headed, from Baphomet to Anubis to Pan in his many Goat and Ram headed forms. The videos explain it all. You fill in the blanks and comment if you have any questions or feedback. Note – one picture contains PG-13 nudity of a Mannikin. Blessed Be. M.I.B.

14 Jan (2)

14 Jan (3) - Copy

14 Jan (3)

14 Jan (4) - Copy

14 Jan (1) - Copy

14 Jan (1)

14 Jan (2) - Copy

Note the reflection of the Mannikin’s hand in the mirror in two photos above.Also a friend noted in the first picture the object laying in front of Anubis, which is a three headed iron Pan head, appears to be one of my black cats laying down with head to the left, like Bastet, who is the mate to Anubis in our Coven.

Well the videos once again, even though filmed upright and appear on  draft to be upright when published are sideways,  so i deleted them again. Arrrgghhh.

Photographs and a Video from the Life of an Appalachian Witch early January 2015

Here are some photographs and a video i took in the last few days around the property. All are Copyright GLHoke 2015. Enjoy !

Some pics of the stream in this cold snap with ice forming.

2 Jan (1)

2 Jan (2)

The Green Fairy in a Crystal Skull decanter in the freezer. Decadence….

2 Jan (4)

I think the owner of the mountain property behind me will get the message LOL. Orange blaze paint on an old RR tie covered with steer bones recovered when i picked the goat bones at my Powwow friends. No subtlety here, just some good ole Vodoun.

2 Jan (3)

And a short video of a fire as the almost Full Moon rises through the trees over the mountain to the southeast. I decreased the resolution on these videos to make them easier to send from my phone to the pc to the blog.

A final word –  Lately some friends, witches, magickians, powwows, and even mundane friends and relatives, have expressed concern over my physical, mental and spiritual health. There are many problems i am dealing with right now, some rationally, some in the mind set of my OCD and ADD. This Meige’s syndrome is difficult to deal with at times, but my mantra for the last year is “NIKE – Just Do It”. But i try to do too much since i can’t seem to get people to help me, even if i pay them. Two people now owe me work for money already paid them. My finances are a mess, and that stresses me. I have made some good long term decisions on spending money, like getting a new vehicle when the other was failing me, and paying to have the cellar waterproofed which increases the value of the house and adds another 1000 square feet of liveable space, buying the cabin/lodge and property behind me, another good long term decision as land is wealth and as a witch caretaker i am doing my best to take care of it in an environmentally healthy way, so the spirits of the Natives Americans and spirits and bodies of the animals are very happy. Like i said i have deer, birds of many species, frogs and toads, bear occasionally and even mountain lions of tan and black colour. This is my job now in this world, to take care of all this, and to serve my witches, and i have to remember to take care of myself. That is what everyone is telling me, slow down and take care of yourself. I have rushed or tried to carry too many things in the dark and fallen several times, luckily not drowning in the stream and not breaking anything so that i would have died of exposure outside overnight. I also have at times problems with alcohol, especially the Green Fey who is quite the shape shifting trickster who whispers shit into my ears that i foolishly do at time. She is the most addictive succubus for sure. So, my other mantra now, when i take many breaks, carry less at a time, and slow down is – “Take it easy on yourself Lee”. Sit down and enjoy the beauty of nature, and everything will get done in its own good time, and i will be safer and better and less stressed with myself and thus less stressful to others. Please pray to our God/esses for me my friends. Thank You. Amen.

A Few Weeks in the Life of an Appalachian Witch leading up to 21 December 2014

Blessed Be. I haven’t been inspired to write much of late, and once again have fallen maybe 50 behind in reading your posts. Maybe the cold rainy weather coming will paste me to this sofa and pc more to do so. So here is my first rambling post in a while, and thank you all for the reblogs that have kept this site alive the last few weeks. Physically I am still working hard on the cabin which i now call “The Lodge” since that’s what it was originally, a hunting lodge, and i am using it as my “man cave” having moved all the politically and spiritually incorrect stuff over there so it won’t offend any visitors, not that i have many. About my only visitors of late are the occasional unpredictable repair men who i cannot afford right now anyway, so i am trying to do stuff like electrical and gas stove work by teaching myself and watching YT videos.

I did have one helping angel in the form of a young man (William) to whom i sold a Fender guitar and amp to in exchange for some money and the rest in manual labor and he came over Saturday and hauled all the stones over from this side of the run to the other to Snakehenge to fill in the gaps, something i wished to have done by All Hallows, then Yule, but now maybe spring, we shall see.He is also going to help me set up the gazebo i mention below and the old oak shelving unit in the cellar, jobs that just take four sets of hand instead of two. Having buggered up my knee of late he also did some other work i could normally do but not with this knee and not on a ladder LOL. He’s a nice young man who plans on going to ministerial school so i knew i could trust him, and towards the end we actually talked some religion.

I was driving through a small alley in town perusing for objects people may be throwing out and spotted a large canvas covered wooden umbrella that will fit over the umbrella top missing its canvas to an 8×8 free metal gazebo someone gave me i plan on putting up, with Williams help, over my outside swing. Well the guy who owned it Tony, another nice “yes sir no sir” maybe mid twenties guy, whose sister BTW is a Witch, had a garage full of stuff to pick and i finally found a pair of good work boots that fit and he sold me at rock bottom prices things like an old iron kettle with lid, old iron table, etc, all rusted up buy i restored them already. He is presently unemployed and was in the fix-it business, though his wife is employed so the kids fed (yes i asked if they had enough food). So, after Christmas he will hopefully come over to hang my ceiling light and fan to push down the heated air in the cathedral ceiling at the Lodge and to help hook up the gas stove and fix the water heater. I figured out it will be cheaper to live back there than here, less square footage to heat etc. We shall see….

Speaking of old shoes, now replaced, due to those and my dystonia and sheer exhaustion of making scores of trips carrying stuff back and forth from this house to the Lodge i have fallen twice in the last two weeks. One time 2am coming back carrying too much stuff i put too much weight on the bridge railing and took a fall four feet from the bridge into the stream, luckily weather heavy padded clothing and landing flat on my back. Luckily the water was low as i was stunned for a minute or so and dragged my heavy wet clothes and myself out of the stream, all limbs seeming to be working. But the next day and even now i feel like i rolled out of a moving train. I also tipped one night and went down on my hands and knees and was so exhausted i had to crawl back to the bridge that way. And then the twisted knee from trying to carry a heavy propane tank to the Lodge. So now i am forced to slow down, carry less since i am using a cane, and take the longer flatter route back over my kind neighbor’s bridge. There are spiritual lessons in this i will delve into a little below. Now at least i have decent work boots, and found out my android’s water proof care really Is waterproof LOL.

In the middle of the month was mu mum’s 86th birthday and her life long girlfriend came up my Maryland and my sis from Indiana and we all went out for dinner. Then i dragged out some boxes of old photos from my late Dad’s bedroom and we laughed over those. I did find one good pic, probably the last group shot, of my mum and her three sisters, one of which has passed, the other is 91 and doing ok in a long term care place, and the other has bad Alzheimer’s. We surprised my 91 years old Aunt with a visit, my mum not being down for a year and me for 3 years, and had a great time. Blood is thicker than water, one finds out as one ages. Friends come and friends go but one is stuck with one’s relatives and eventually the relationships soften and previous disagreements forgotten…

I have been delving into Christo-Paganism as they call it nowadays. Don’t worry, not converting, just relating to Jesus and Mary as deities within my huge Pantheon in a Gnostic manner. I’ve written previously about going to the old German Lutheran church in the burg and my great relationship with the pastor there who has been here a couple times, talking theologies and just walking in the woods. He even sent me this great Blog post by Frater Peregrine that makes sense to me. I plan on attending their Christmas eve candlelight service where there is a great old foot bellow organ, so great singers and cantors, then lots of candles. Sounds pagan enough to me.

Yule was just me and the spirits here. I built a large balefire and since it was not only the darkest night of the year but also new moon worked to burn out the negativity of the previous year working with Hekate, Rahula and Mahakala Shiva. I will attempt to embed a cell phone video here.

Sorry about the sideways video, once again, gotta work on that on the phone and video processing, will try to do so later today.

Well its cold and i need to check the pipes at the Lodge and do some outside work before the rains come then settle into this house tackling scores of projects laying everywhere including getting my cellar workshop back in organization since it is too cold to work outside much anymore on the tables and sawhorses.

May we all, of whatever Faith

Be Blessed with Health, Wealth, Happiness

and a Deep Spirituality

to carry us though the coming cold hard Winter !