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Thank you Cassie and Sophie , This was a beautiful and heartfelt tribute. He was an incredible man and a dear friend and I can see him so clearly in your words. He will be missed. BB, Aren

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

12 July (16)

Sophie and I were deeply shocked and saddened to learn this week that our friend and fellow blogger Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge left this world a week ago after a tragic fire in his country house. He was a very special person and we already miss him very much.

I can’t remember exactly how or when we got to know of each other. At first we used to leave comments and messages on each other’s blogs. Later we began to correspond by email. After a fairly short time we were speaking  and sharing secrets as if we had always known each other. We never met in person but I think we came to know each other as intimately as it is possible over the medium of the internet.

He was a rare thing; the real deal, as I have heard others describe him this week. He was a man who…

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In Memory of Lord Shawnus Merlin Belarion Elder 3rd* High Priest of The Coven Of The Catta

It is with great sadness that I write this post in memory of my dear friend and teacher Lord Shawnus Merlin Belarion Elder 3rd* High Priest of the Coven of the Catta. I received a call from Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd* High Priestess of the COC letting me know that he had passed into the Summerland on the 1st of July 2015 on the eve of the Thunder Full Moon. To those of us who knew him we were Blessed to have in him a loyal and true friend who was steadfast and always there when you needed him. His sense of humor and wit , though sometimes risqué , was always in good spirit and he truly believed in the tenets of compassion and kindness. He lived an incredible life , receiving not only his three degrees into the Coven Of the Catta and serving as it’s Elder High Priest for the past three decades but also receiving Tibetan Buddhist empowerments and initiations into Vajrakilaya , Avalokitesvara , White Tara and Phowa . He told me once he had been a Priest in three religions , Buddhism , Wicca and also having received initiation many years ago as a Priest of Anubis. Despite all of that , or perhaps because of it , he was a kind and gentle man who after working his whole life in the medical field upon retirement due to a persistent illness that he constantly battled was devoted to caring for the land and for the creatures great and small that lived upon it. He was fiercely intelligent and could talk for hours on any given subject that you could imagine and shared his knowledge freely and generously with so many of us. He worked tirelessly to preserve the Coven of the Catta and it’s teachings ensuring they were passed on to others and are alive and well and thriving. Due to him the founders of the Coven of the Catta , Dr Frederick Lamotte Santee and Lady Phoebe will never be forgotten , through his books and blog posts people all around the world have read about them and their story. Now it is up to us , we who knew him and called him friend and all those who have followed his blogs and writings to preserve and carry on the memory of a true Priest of the Goddess ,with whom he now rests. He is and will be greatly missed.

BB, Aren