“Gazing Through the Doors of Perception – Reactor No4” – VR Video from The Dance of Life Blog

Here is an Incredible film you have made on a maddening subject. I cannot reblog it but the link is http://celestialelfdanceoflife.blogspot.com/2015/03/reactor-no4.html and i am embedding the YT video below.

I live within 30 miles of Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania USA and when that almost melted down many people including my family fled north upwind. I worked in the hospital so felt the responsibility to remain in the area. Luckily it did not explode and melt down but we dodged a bullet for sure.

I still ring a Shinto bell once a week to the victims of Fukashima., a disaster much worse than the government will admit.

There is this Big fusion reactor that heats the whole earth called the Sun and it is only because you can’t put a meter on it that the powers that be do not pursue solar technology more aggressively. Hopefully in my lifetime i will see major changes, but that depends on we the voters who supposedly set policy in this country.

Blessings to you all.

Nature is Speaking – Humans Need Nature, But Nature Doesn’t Need Us

There are several videos at this link. Mommy and Daddy are not happy and very detached regarding we humans that crawl, swim and fly around like vermin…. Thank you MG for these videos.

Metal Gaia

Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI)

Nature has been here for billions of years. She has made and broken species greater than us. Our actions will determine our fate. Nature is prepared to evolve, are we?

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No one who does not live in the USA in the 1960s-1970s will Really get this so watch it three times please

Yes i know the pic showing on this video looks sexual, but the video is not like that. It is a music video which i think you enjoy.

Hendrix is God

This morning on perusing the CNN news website i found this story on him called How Jimi Hendrix’s race became his ‘invisible legacy’ which led to a link below to one of my favourite songs of his, Voodoo Child. Truly, in  my mind, or ear, regarding guitarists and musicians, Hendrix is God…. Enjoy

Chinese Christians scramble to save cross

Just like the Han Chinese did in Tibet, wiping out Religion as “the opiate of the people” to quote Marx. I am not a Christian, but i feel for these believers in a faith that is Not just materialism which is what in my opinion the Chinese Communist Party promotes as they continue to pollute the planet even to the west coast of the US with their coal burning power plants churning out the plastic products sold in Walmart etc.

CNN Belief Blog

Wenzhou, China (CNN) — At a gray church on the outskirts of Wenzhou in eastern China, Christians from across the county keep a nervous watch.

Some stand behind the iron gate; others sit just inside the church door. For more than two months they’ve waited, preparing themselves to protect the cross on top of their church.

“If I have to, I am going to hold it in my arms and protect it,” one elderly man says. “They have no right to tear it down, that is why we have to defend our church.”

Wenzhou is known as the “Jerusalem of China” and throughout this year the local Communist Party authorities have demolished scores of churches and forcibly removed more than 300 church crosses.

Chinese church leaders say it’s the worst anti-Christian crackdown in decades.

“What the government here is doing is so barbaric, they’re like bandits and we are furious…

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The Nights the Big Black Panther and her Cub Came a Calling

Coven of the Catta

tumblr_n7h0dbplXc1qfbon7o1_500 - Copy

Tumblr image with multiple sorces

Here in the central Appalachians the PA Game Commission will deny over and over again that there are cougarsaka mountain lions aka black panthersroaming over large areas of deep forest and even down where humans habitate. But i have heard stories that are first hand of their sightings, and seen game cam photos, seen their skull skeletons, heard them with my own ears and seen them with my own eyes. We also have bobcatsand even my mum, who lives in the suburbs but very near a wooded area and creek, saw one enter her yard and get into a fight with one of her cats. It had all the classic signs of dark tufts on its ears, the size of a dog, and the snub tail, and a wild howl. She chased it away with a broom! You Go Mom! LOL And…

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