Metal Mother – Mind_Off (Official Video)

Not sure where i found this, maybe on the Metal Gaia blog, maybe from a YT lead on from a video i love already. Enjoy.

BTW this and my other blog will be deleted within the next month. Yes 350 people view my posts a day from around the world but maybe 3 people in England and NC give me any feedback so who the fuck knows whether i am helping or entertaining or educating anyone. I have 25 cents in my pocket and need to scan the road side for scrap metal to sell to buy cat and bird food as someone stole my cc number and sucked my account dry.  Last night in the dark i came face to face with my bear. He sat down and purred. I sat down and petted his nose. Then we both wandered on. I am in harmony with nature but not with myself at this point. I am thinking of liquidating my $200+K properties and $50K Tibetan and other artifacts, getting a one way ticket to Nepal, giving away all i have to the poor there, and walking to Rishikesh with just a loin cloth and one of my kapalas begging for rice. I am Not Kidding. I am Not Krazy. I am very ill and i want to go back to where i came from. But no one will read this or comment on it and you know, i could give a flying fuck, just typing what is on my mind. Enjoy the video.

New Moon Lunatic

Thank you for this very honest full of the F word post. I needed to read this this morning. I am not in your situation but going through similar circumstances. It is So hard to keep one’s head above the waters of despair and unpaid bills and being disabled and living on half i used to make and trying to get a part time job as a care giver in a field of medicine far below what i used to do. I have no children but my patients were my children and grandparents and i so miss helping people. I pray to the Goddess and even to Jesus and Mary and at least have beautiful nature around me to keep me relatively sane. Blessings to you, and BTW what Beautiful children you have and what a nice smile you have. Lee/Shawnus

The Hidden Beauty of Buddhist Cave Temples

Beautiful, and thank Buddha and the gods they have not been destroyed by fundamentalist religious radicals. Reblogging so TY. Blessings MG.

Metal Gaia

The isolation of these temples creates an intensified spiritual connection for the visitors. The practice started in central Aisa and migrated East over time. While some places of worship use architectural height to draw attention up to the heavens, these cave temples highlight the value of spiritual treasures that lie within (Source: The Open Mind).


Phraya Nakhon Cave: Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Thailand

Myanmar - on the Buddha's path

Sadan Cave: Kayin State, Myanmar

Cave No, 16, Kailash Temple, Ellora, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

Ellora Caves: Maharashtra, India


Datdawtaung Cave: Mandalay region, Myanmar

A man walks past Buddha images inside Ya The Byan cave

Yathae Pyan Cave: Kayin state, Myanmar


Pindaya Caves: Pindaya, Myanmar


Wat Tham Erawan: Nong Bua Lamphu province, Thailand


Yungang Grottoes: Shanxi, China


Khao Luang Cave Temple: Phetburi, Thailand

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Northern Ireland Certifies Its First Pagan Priest Since Time of St. Patrick

MG – great news and about time. Sounds like my fight in this county in PA to have the right to marry and thus to be recognized as legal clergy, which there are long posts of the timeline fight on my blog. Great pics and links also. Going to reblog so TY and Blessed Be ! BTW TWH posted on this also and you may find this Finland pagan news story of interest too

Metal Gaia


(Patrick Carberry: Source: Belfast Media Group)

I truly believe the Gods have a since of humor. For the first time in centuries, Northern Ireland has allowed Patrick Carberry, a shamanic healer and a pagan priest to be certified by authorities. It was a man by the name of “Patrick” who was famous for bringing Ireland under the Christian fold (even though there were Christian missionaries in Ireland before St. Patrick) and now it is another “Patrick” who is paving the way for the ancient religion to reclaim official recognition. Ironic? Is it not?

Patrick Carberry, who is based in Glengormley, applied to Stormont five months ago to be certified as a holy man. Officials have finally got back to him with the news that he can now carry out religious ceremonies for people who follow Irish pre-Christian religions.

Patrick has been attacked in the past for his beliefs. It is his hope that…

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