“Gazing Through the Doors of Perception” – An Avatar Animated Video about the Philosophy of Alan Wilson Watts from “The Dance of Life” blog

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For some reason, even though this is a WP blog, i cannot reblog it, so am just pasting the URL to this excellent “Gazing Through the Doors of Perception” – An Avatar Animated Video about the Philosophy of Alan Wilson Watts from “The Dance of Life” blog. and by embedding the YT video.

My own comment was – “Wonderful! I grew up reading Alan Watts. This is a great rendition of his philosophy and i assume that is his voice reading his works in this video. Reblogging, so TY. Be Here Now.”

This video had a profound affect on me in the stage of life i am in right now, bringing me full circle back to my beginnings in Zen and reading the still great still in print book “Be Here Now” by the then Ram Das. Enjoy!


Lamplighter Blues Hoodoo Podcasts


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Greetings – i am trying to crawl out from over 300 blog posts i saved but now give up on ever getting to, so  my apologies my fellow blogger. What i will try to do is maybe once a day go to one of my favouie blogs and just go thru the last month’s posts.

Life has been full of the good, the bad and the ugly from the bridge collapse this winter to removal of my DBS yesterday (i am still under the anesthesia so if what i am writing here is misspelled or doe not make sense its the drugs) ]and fighting with the nurse to let me go. But despite the bad and ugly the good is prevalent with buying, cleaning an painting to set up he new COC Covenstead for group rituals. Needless to say i am now dirt poor and exhausted with the endless tasks and projects spread around 360 on every flat surface in the house, which i have down to maybe 20%. I have been spending little time on the pc except maybe late late at night.

In the meantime check out Lamplight Blues Hoodoo Podcasts and their archives. Another podcast they suggest  have been to before is New World Witcery. Enjoy.

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Old pi of me at Marie Laveax ‘s grave – Copyright GLHoke 2014




Witch Priest will no longer be a “borg” tomorrow 25 June 2014 at 0730 DST East Coast USA

Last Beltane 2013 I post this https://blausternschlonge.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/witch-priest-assimilated-as-a-borg-for-beltane/ about how i was going to have implanted a Deep Brain Stimulator for my Meige’s Syndrome. All the details and links are in that post.


Bottom line is from what i knew of a year’s worth of research there was only a 40$ efficacy rate for it doing something, even a little, to improve my condition. That did not happen after over a year with over 9 months of programming right left up down every which way but loose. Finally i turned it off. I finally went to the neurosurgeon and said i wanted the big painful bulk IPG (pacemaker for the leads) taken out and handed him a letter from Medicare/Novitas in which it said they do NOT pay for implantantation of a DBS for my Dx code, only for Parkinsons and Essential Tremor. He read it in great detail, though i had emailed it to a half dozen people to show him, but these docs at this type of state sponsored university based hospitals like in ivory towers and he never got it. My theory is that Medicare Used to pay for them under this ICD-9-10-11 code but not now and the rep failed to notify everyone, but who the hell knows what went on.

Below is how it made me feel when turned on.

Blasted Tower by Nema

May Metatron the Archangel of my Crown Chakra make it all right and put me back into neuro-tability and health.

Metatrn 6

May all my Sephiroth be in Balance.


May Om Ah Hum vibrate through my Crown chakra.


May my aura be thusly.


May my Chi flow once again like water, instead of like a short circle of electrical wire in water


May i be the Magickian of the Naga / Kundalini energies like Li Gotami painted here as the tantricke partner of German born Lama Govinda achieved.


May St Mikael guide the surgeons swords

Copy of Jaume_Huguet_-_The_Archangel_St_Michael_-_WGA11799

May Diana Astarte Hekate and Faunus Kernunnos Baphometus protect me

the haunted tv altar snapshot

May ole Doc Santee be my Spirit Doktor.

Doctor Santee

 So Mote It Be !!!

A VODOUN GRIMOIRE – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing




Top photo of painting Copyright 2014 Linda Falorio

Listing Many of the
Afrikan & South America Voudoun Lwa and Santos and their Magickal Ways


©1990 GLHoke / ZAXON  2108211 / ZAXON Publishing

I have no direct teachings or Initiations into Vodoun. All I have learned has been from books and friends who practice that system combined with Thelema, Tantra, and Wicca. I personally relate to the deities of the Afrikan and MesoAmerican pantheons in an Evocatory way as opposed to being ‘ridden’ by these Lwain a Shamanic way.

So here is a small Grimoire or directory of the Vodoun / Vodu / Voodoo *French Haitian / Afrikan / North American Voodoo + Hoodoo + Powwow) deities I have mostly compiled from books over the past few years, followed by some more of my insights from working with these Goddesses and Gods :

Damballah / Dan Petro / Damballah La Flambeau

Great Serpent God of the waters above
Cosmic Egg
Life principle, rivers and springs and wells
Thunder, wind, lightening and rainbows


Great Serpent Goddess of the rainbow and rains

Marassa / Ibegi / Ibeji / Omo-Melli
St Cosmo / Dt Damian

The Divine Twins
Honoured even before all Gods and Loa

Damballah, Ayida-Wedo, and the Marrassa

Coupled totalities

Legba, Ayizan, and Ghede

Androgynous Hermaphrodites

Elleggua / Legba / Carrefour / Kalfu / Exu / Eshu
St Peter

crossroads, phallic, fertility, childbirth, sun-fire
tree, cane, tophat
Androgyne, guardian of gates, opener of the way
child and old man
open white rites with Legba
he leans on his walking stick
day and number : Monday, 3
country and place : crossroads of the world
color : red and black
animals and objects :
rooster, possum, mouse,
three stones, crooked stick
food : corn, candy, rum
ritual greeting : Laroye ! Ago-Elleggua !
planet : Mercury
place : behind front door
Anagui – aspect of Legba guards cemetary doors
Welcoming song :
<Ibargo mojuba, Ibarjo ago mojuba,
Omo de kon iko, Ibarjo ago mojuba,
Ellegua kolona !>

Hierarchy of EXUs

Exu Rei / King Exu / Lucifer – too busy to be bothered
Exu Marabo / Put Satanakia – immediate secretary
Exu Mangueria / Agalieraps – both secretaries like
cigars, absinthe, french, fine wines, pale beers
Exu Mor / Beelzebub
Exu of the Crossroads / Ashteroth
Exu of the Closed Paths / Tarchimache
blocks all successed of an enemy
Exu Tiriri / Fleruty
Exu Velvet Night / Sagathana
Exu of the Rivers / Nesbiros
Exu of the Seven Crosses / Merifild
Exu of the Forests / Hicpacth
Exu of the Shadows / Morail
Exu Skull
Exu of midnight
Exu of Hot Ashes
Exu of the Skulls
Exu of the Pitchforks
Exu Pagan
Exu Lazaro / Omulu – chief of the graveyard spirits

DEVILGIRL – Exu-Pomba-Gira

friday night, at crossroads with one lane
closed forming a T, yellow clay pot,
bottle of rum, cigar and matches,
<<Que bela noite (what a beautiful night)
<<Que lindo luar; (what gorgeous moonlight)
<<Exu Pomba -Gira
<<Vem trabalhar.>>(come here and work) (X2)
place items at crossroads
<<This I offer to uncross and open my paths :
<<Salve ta ta Pomba-Gira (Hail . . .)
<<Salve Exu mulher (hail Exu woman)
<<Ela e na encruzilhada
(she is on the crossroads)
<<A que taz tudo o que quer.>>
(she who does what she wants)
Babaluaiye / San Lazaro / Omulu / Sakpata

the old man
cane and phallus
covered with sores
dog companion
loa of venereal diseases
infirmed but lusty
offerings : five kinds of beans, 17 blue candles

Ghede / Ghede-Nimbo / Baron Samendhi
Le Baron / Baron La Croix / Man in Black
Baron Cimetiere / Azagon La Croix

death, phallic, fertility, childbirth, night, moon
crossroads, cemetaries, magicke,
trickery and jokes
island below the sea
Planet : Saturn/Earth
Death, the Devil
color : black
close dark rites with Ghede
he carries his stick and twirls it
balancing good and bad
spinning good and evil
phallic trickster


opener of the way into the earth
primordial priestess

Shango / Chango / Xango
St Jerome / Santa Barbara
St John the Conqueror

planet : Sun/Mars
element : fire
colors : red and white
day and number : Friday, 6
country and places : Trinidad, sky, trees
animals and objects :
horse, ram, turtle, pheasant, wood, double axe
places : fireplace, business desk
food : apples, yams, corn peppers
ritual greeting : Kaguo-Kabiosile !

Ogun / Ogoun / Ogum
Ogoun La Flambeau / Ogoun Ge-Rouge / St Michael
St George / St Jacques / St Anthony / Jean D’Arc

wild man of the woods, blacksmith
planet : Pluto and Saturn
red, fire, iron, blacksmiths, weapons
day and number : Tuesday, 3 or 4
country and place : USA, deep woods
colors : green and black
animals and objects :
rooster, goat, dog, machete, all iron
food : roots, nuts, meat, berries
ritual greeting : Onile-Ogun !
place : behind the front door
Obatala / Oxala / Christos

day and number : Sunday, 8
country and place : clouds, Ile-Ifa, Nigeria
color : white with silver or purple
animals and objects :
owls, doves, snails, elephant, coconut
food : pears, coconut, black eyed peas
ritual greeting : Maferefun-Baba !
planet : Jupiter
place : living room

Agwe / Immamou

male ocean god
blue Simbi

Erzulie / La Sirene / Brigitte / Erzulie Bon Rouge
Erzulie Freda Dahomey / Gran Erzulie

seduction, femaninity, fertility, protection

Oshun / Oxum / Ochun / Erzulie-Freda-Dahomey

day and number : Thursday and 5
country and place : Cuba, Oshun river, Nigeria
colors : yellow, green, coral
animals and objects : quail, vulture, parrot, peacock,
gold, bells, fans, mirrors, scallop shell
foods : honeu, cinnamon, oranges, pumpkins, pastry
ritual greeting : Ori-Ye-Ye-O !
planet : new crescent moon, Venus
place : kitchen, bedroom
Saint: Our Lady of Charity (La Caridad del Cobre), Cuba’s patron Saint.
Day of the Week: Saturday. It is the day that lovers must act if
they want their love returned.
Colors and Collars (Ilekes):
Coral and amber. The collar is strung with yellow and red beads.
Amber and coral are to be used if the Santero has the money. The
collar is made up of five amber beads followed by five coral
beads. Then, one amber bead alternates with one coral bead five
times. The pattern is repeated to obtain the desired length.
Sacrificial Animals:
Neutered or female goat, white chickens, sheep, female calf,
female pig, female rabbit. Oshun does not like any other type of
bird. Her sacrifices should be made next to rivers or other
sources of flowing sweet water.
Sacrificial Foods:
Ochin-Ochin (spinach with shrimp) and pumpkins. Her fruit is the
lucuma. All of her food should be liberally garnished with honey.
Oshun drinks chamomille tea. The water for the tea, and all water
used in a ceremony for Oshun, should be river water.

All offerings to Oshun must be extremely clean and well prepared.
She will not enter a dirty house.
Rose, sunflowers, Indian lotus, morasun, alambrilla, frescura,
cucaracha, hierba nina, arabito, mazorquilla, paraguita morada,
hierba fina, ale and female ferns, creeping crowfoot, purslane,
oranges and orange leaves, papaya, amber, anise seed and flower,
peppergrass, marigold, sow thistle, river weeds, seaweed, white
hamelias, plantain, vervain, lantana, purple grapes, maidenhair
fern, rosemary, wild lettuce.
Copper is Oshun’s metal and she is sometimes represented by a
gourd crowned by festive feathers and filled with copper pennies.
She also loves gold and her chief ornaments consist of a golden
crown with five points. From the points, hang five rays, five
spears or five arrows. Oshun also owns two oars, a bell, and five
bracelets. She loves fans made of peacock feathers.
Yemanja / Yemaya / Imanje / Olocum / Ocute / Mary / Star of the Sea

day and number : Saturday, 7
country and place : Brazil, Ogun river, Nigeria
color : blue and white, crystal, silver
animal and object :
shorebirds, cockroaches, conch shell, gourd rattle

food : cornmeal, molasses, watermellon
ritual greeting : Omio-Yemaya !
planet : full moon, Neptune
place : bedroom, children’s room, bathroom
festival 31 December in Rio and 2 February in Salvador
Our Lady of Regla. (La Virgen de Regla) The patron Saint of
Havana’s port.
Day of the Week: Friday. Saturday is also popular.
Colors and Collars (Ilekes):
White or crystal and blue. The collar is made up of seven crystal
beads followed by seven blue beads. Then, a crystal bead
alternates with a blue bead seven times. The sequence is repeated
until the desired length is obtained.
Sacrificial Animals: Lamb, ducks, roosters, turtles goats. Fish
and pigeons.
Sacrificial Foods:
Banana chips and pork cracklings washed down with chequete.
Black-eyed peas. All her food should be liberally spread with
sugar cane molasses. Yemaya’s favorite fruit is the watermelon.
Her water is seawater.
cucaracha, chinzosa, Yellow mombin, indigo, anamu (garlic herb
native to Cuba), water hyacinth, seaweed, purple basil, green
pepper, chayote fruit, Bermuda grass, Florida grass, sponges,
coralline, majagua linden, salt water rushes.
Yemaya is summoned at the seashore with a gourd rattle. She always
has a fan made of duck feathers.

She owns an anchor, a key, a sun, a half moon, a siren which she
holds in her open arms. It holds in its hands a ray, the head of a
shovel, a conch shell and a sea shell. All her ornaments are made
of lead.

Yemaya is the Orisha that controls all the seas and the oceans and
all the creatures that live in them.

She is considered the mother of all human beings.

When Yemaya comes down and possess someone, she endows him or her
with all her grace and very spicy personality. She will
immediately call for a long gown tightly belted at the waist and
for her fan. She dances with movements that are like the movement
of the waves. When the drums heat up, she dances like waves in a

She is full of love and tenderness, as befits the mother of all

Oya / Yansa / Brigette / Lady of Candelaria
St Theresa / St Catherine

hurricanes, windstorms, change
day and number : Wednesday, 9
country and place : River Niger, the Amazon, Wind
color : red, purple, brown, burnt orange
animal and object : sheep, locust,
black horsehair switch, copper
food : red wine, eggplant, plums, grapes
ritual greeting : Hekua-Oya !
planet : dark moon, Uranus, Pluto
place : library, study
cut off her ear in a contest with Erzulie for Ogun

Petro Simbi

snake loa sigil, the magickian’s Damballah
job change
embroider in light green silk on silver satin
offerings : home baked bread, white wine


fish loa sigil, changes minds to agree with you
embroider in pink silk on bright red satin
offerings : flesh, eggs, corn meal


eye and X veve
embroider in light green silk on dark green satin
offering : quart of whiskey


concentric circles veve
embroider in light brown silk on yellow satin
offerings : cooked red beans in a coloured dish
near a door or window

Zaka / Cousin Zaka / Azaka / CongoZandor
Azacca / San Isidro / St. Isidor

god of the earth and fields
St. Isidor just kneeled and prayed while angels tilled
earth, telluric, farming, crops, fertility
lightening bolt
peasant god
to break a hex, curse, or wanga
embroider in white silk on black satin
offerings : oil soaked bread, avocado, rum, herbs,

Loco / Gran Simba / Linglessou / Agassou

Loco and Ayizan are the first priest and priestess
Bakas – malevolent spirit animals
ancestral spirits

Ochossi / Oxossi / Ochossi / Agao-Wedo
St Sebastian

herbalist and hunter
vegetation/rainforest loa

Rada and Petro

Rada is the right and Petro the left
Rada is African and
Petro African and native AmerIndian
shake hands with an initiate with
the right and then the left hands
Rada veves drawn with the right hand
and Petro veves with the left
Rada drums on the beat
and Petro drums on the in-between beat
Man is a stick,
good on one end and bad on the other end
and you have to balance this stick
Legba and Ghede carry these sticks
Rada is the four compass points
and Petro the in-between directions
both forming an eight-sided veve9+-

8-fold Veve of the Loa used by author

E Air
SE Oya spiral
S Fire
SW Ghede thunderbolt
W Water
NW Ayizan unicruxal hexagram
N Earth
NE Legba cross
Zenith Twins-Marrassa
Nadir Damballah-AyidaWedo
Centre your Magickal name

7 African Powers

1. Elegua
Orisha of crossroads, Lord of beginnings, message-carrier,Trickster

2. Ogun
Warlike Orisha of metals, remover of evil and destroyer of enemies, Lord of the Cauldron and patron of metal-workers. If one desires to swear the truth, one kisses iron, and if one is lying, Ogun’s magick will punish. Ogun is powerful and feared.

3. Yemaya
The blue Virgin, Orisha of rivers, seas, oceans, and the Goddess of sailors.

4. Oshun
In Niger was a river Goddess, but in the New World became known as Goddess of fertility, women’s illnesses, miracles, and gold.

5. Chango
The Thunder God, excitable and carries a mortar and double-headed axe, skin is red, warrier-king, a dancer, and a gambler.

6. Obatala
Related to Jupiter, responsible for making babies faces, blamed for deformities also, so the deformed are his Priests, God of hospitals, all things white belong to him.

7. Orunda
Related to Saturn and rules over divination, including Ifa, worshipped by the Babalau priests who throw IFA/oracle.

Other Orishas :

Goddess of wind, cemetaries, and dead spirits.

Original Orisha, retired, lived in the sky and his son Odulewa came down and established man on land.

Androgynous hermaphrodite who rules the sea floor, his statue made of silver with both genitals.

Orisha of volcanos.

Guards the secrets of Time, of the Seasons and harvest.

Knows the secrets of plants and biology.

cures epidemics.

<Love and respect to you!>
Said as a greeting to the Loa.

Altar Equipment

for the 3 house Loa/Orishas/Warriers :

A hollow stone containing cowie shells and herbs placed by the door

Three-legged iron pot with little iron hammer, spears, and bow and arrows representing Ochossi placed in a curio cabinet, safe and seen.

Deity of the initiate’s head represented by a little rooster’s head with bells on it set in a steel cup containing herbs.
Set in a safe place it will not be disturbed like on the top shelf of a cabinet seldom used in the dark.
If the bells ring, consult Ifa/oracle immediatedly.
Gestures of the Gods :

Reaches to the sky and throws thunderbolts into his sex.

Babaluyae and Obatala
Hobbles like an old man with a walking stick.

Dances brashly in tophat twirling his cane, smoking a cigar, and drinking rum.

Fans herself with her fan and flirts.

Slashes with his machete.

Shoots his bow and arrows.

Dances and swirls like a hurricane.

Voodoo = Obeah = Lucumi = Mayombe = Macumba =
Santoria = Candomble = Espiritismo = Umbanda =
Quimbanda = Yoruba = Batuque = Voudoun

Orisha = Orixa = Loa :

Pretos-velhos – old black slaves
Caboclos – uncultured Brazilian Indian spirits
Criancas – sprits of children
Babalorixa / Babalao / Pai de Santo – male Priest
Ialorixa / Mae de Santo – female Priestess

Abakuan tradition of Voudoun :

Abakua – means <initiation in leather>
Came from Calabar to Cuba
Abasi – creator God
Tanze – his Son
Sikan – Mother goddess whose skin makes the drum
Ekue – archetypal Man
Erukuruben-Nangobio – secret serpent of Sikan

Types and Colours of Ase (Power) :

Animal Ase
Red – blood and menstral fluid
White – saliva, semen, secretions,
snail juice, breath
Black – ashes of animals

Vegetable Ase
Red – palm oil, honey, flowers
White – sap, plant juices, cocoa butter,
liquour, powders
Black – indigo powder
Mineral Ase
Red – copper, bronze
White – chalk, lead, silver, salt
Black – iron, coal

The Moon and Two Mountains :

White God =
Olorun, Eleda, Alaye, Olo-Dumare, Elemi, Ogo-Ogo
Black Goddess = Odudua – Earth
Son = Aganju – desert, waste land
Daughter = Yemanja – ocean, water
Children = Yoruba Orisha –
Shango – thunder
three wives – Oya, Oshun, Oba
Ogun – war, iron, dog
Eshu / Exu / Ellegba – devil
Exu-Rei – king, Lucifer
Exu-Lalu – head of all
Exu-Barabo – St. Peter
Exu-Tiriri – Ogun
Exu-Tranca-Rua – road blocker
Exu-Mirim – small
Exu-Dake – servant to Omulu
Exu-Caveira – skull
Exu-Marabo – hard to get rid of
Exu-Curado – the healer, herbs
Exu-Arranca-Toco – finds treasures
Exu-Pagao – the pagan, fights, breaks up
Exu-Pemba – illicet love
Exu-Brasa – burning coal of lust

Exu-Pomba-Gira – female devil
friday night, at crossroads with one lane
closed forming a T, yellow clay pot,
bottle of rum, cigar and matches,
<<Que bela noite (what a beautiful night)
<<Que lindo luar; (what gorgeous moonlight)
<<Exu Pomba -Gira
<<Vem trabalhar.>>(come here and work) (X2)
place items at crossroads
<<This I offer to uncross and open my paths :
<<Salve ta ta Pomba-Gira (Hail . . .)
<<Salve Exu mulher (hail Exu woman)
<<Ela e na encruzilhada
(she is on the crossroads)
<<A que taz tudo o que quer.>>
(she who does what she wants)
Shapono / Shapana / Xapanan / Omulu / San Lazaro
smallpox, cripple, leprosy, saturday,
yellow and black, popcorn
Ibeji – twins
Ifa – divination
Olokun – ocean
Oya – Niger river
Oshun and Oba – river goddesses
Orishaka / Orixaca- agriculture
Dada – vegetables
Oshossi – hunters
Oke – mountain
Aje Shaluga – wealth
Orun – sun
Oshu – moon

Voudoun QBL Tree :
According to Roger Pratt, a <La Colouvre Noire> Initiate

Kether Legba Pluto
Chokmah Maitre Grand Bois des Ilet Neptune
Binah Nibbho Saturn
Geburah Papa Loco Jupiter
Gedulah Chango Ogou Fer Mars
Tiphareth Damballah Sun
Netsach Erzulie Brigette Venus
Hod Limba Simbe Mercury
Yesod Agwe Moon
Malkuth Guede Earth
Daath the secret name of Voodoo Uranus

Voudoun QBL Tree :

According to Frater ZAXON

Kether DA Pluto
Chokmah Oya/Yansa Neptune
Binah BaronSamendhi/Ghede Saturn
Daath Twins Marassa Uranus
Geburah Oxala/Lazaro Jupiter
Gedulah Ogun/Shango Mars
Tiphareth Damballah/OuedeWedo Sun
Netsach Erzulie/Oshon Venus
Hod Exu/Legba Mercury
Yesod Agwe/Yemanja Moon
Malkuth Azacca/Ayizan Earth

11 Month Voudoun Calendar :


6 – Trinity of Magickians
Carrefour, Maitre Grand Bois des Ilet,
Baron La Croix


2 – Erzulie day, St. Brigette feast
Oya Yansa rite

18-28 – Sea Gods La Sirene and Agwe
boat on altar, offerings deposited in lake


17 – Minor Damballah feast

21 – Shango family festival


30 – Azacca feast


6-16 – Simbi festival

21 – Agwe festival, Summer Solstice


27-28 – Damballah Feast,
Damballah Leo and Damballah Ouedo

FullMoon in Leo – Legba feast


1 – Thanksgiving to Azacca and Erzulie Taureau

15 – Erzulie in her cosmic aspect
and as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Procession and blessing of water to her


15 – Simbi festival honouring children and insects
blessing of children and nature

21 – Fall Equinox, Erzulie Freda festival in her
most archetypal aspect as Black Isis or Binah


10 – Festival of the Twin Marassas, blessing of children

28 – Nov 4 – Eight Day Festival of the Dead
first part honours children, then memorial services,
procession by the Dead, and spirit communication


16 – Legba Scorpion Festival
devoted to magickal work

28 – Dec 2 –
Festival of Papa Loco and Ayizan


17 – Feast day of Babalu-Aye, the Old man, San Lazaro

21 – Guede Nibbho and Saturn
autoerotic and homosexual acts
offering orgasmic energy

Dec 21 – Jan 1
Festival of the Search for Holy Water
bless holy water and give it out to people
do exorcisms and healings with the water

25 – Legba Capricorn, Legba as Christ

26-27 – Lesser Legba festival to Carrefour
Hindu / Voodoo

Adi Sheesha Ananta = Damballah

Kundalini = Ayido Wedo

Yama = Ghede / Saturn

Za-Rahula = Oya-Yansa / Pluto

Shiva / Ravana = Exu / Legba / Mercury

Shiva / Kapala = Lazaro / Babaluaye

Lakshmi / Sarasvati / Ganga =
Oshun / Yemanja / Erzulie

Rudra / Vajrakila = Shango / Ogun / Mars

Parvati / Manasa = Ayizan

Asvins Twins = Twins Marassa / Gemini

Vishnu / Krsna = Oshala / Jesus / Sun / Horus

Vasuka = Agwe

Ganesha = Azaca

Kali / Shakti = Exu-Pomba-Gira

Nagas = Serpents

Rakshashas = Demons

Modern <Thelemic/Z-Aeonic/Voudoun> Applied :

As you can see by the wealth of literature accessible and Tradition still incarnate, the pagan and kingly Voudoun/Voodoo Religions of Afrika are still very much alive and growing in the 1990’s.

In contrast, the Celtic/Germanic/European lineages of Wicca/Witchcraft are relatively sparse in living Teachers of the genuinely old WiccanWays that have survived the flames of the Churche’s Medieval Inquisitions. Most Wicca practiced today can only be genuinely traced back to the generation before Gerald Gardner preserved and re-written in his books. And the AmerIndian traditions have suffered greatly from genocide of their race to an even greater fragmentation of old knowledge.

What I suggest is that Anglo-Saxon Witches look to the well-tried methods of the Afrikan/Carribean Voudouns if they wish to rediscover their Primal Roots. These skillful Priestesses and Priests kept alive their Religion even thru slavery and racism. That should attest to the archetypal primacy of their Voodoo Currents. From these roots I think we can resurrect/regrow the ancient Wicca in it’s true European/American form into the 1990’s.

Notice that the Afrikans channel their Deities/Loa. Though I am very turned off by the multitudes of California channelers of dolphins, elders, or aliens, I do see the psychological value of periodically manifesting or channeling aspects of one’s inner deities. But don’t think that what your own particular God says to you is necessarily relevant to the rest of the world, or even to your occult friends, unless you have genuinely channeled the old Atlantian/Afrikan or future Stellar Currents.

I do believe that all the Gods and Goddesses of all the Religions/Races of the World lie within the Brains/Realities of All Peoples past, present, and future, and that in this sense trully All Beings Are Created Equal ! So it is our Supreme Responsiblity as the Pagan Guardians of the Earth to Open and Channel the Universe’s transforming Currents of Evolution, to Listen to the Earth’s desperate cries for Help ,and to Re-Learn Her Secret of Rejuvination.

As Magickians of the 90’s we must also be Open to, Channel, Interpret, and Manifest the Stellar Currents of Alienness and Star-Child-ness, of Siriusness and Thelema-True-Willness, and of Pagan Wiccaness into the present “Reality”.

{One of the most practical Magickal practices applicable and relevant to today is : Recycling ! This is one of the most Malkuth/Hertha magickes that can and need be worked. This action is a Worship unto our mother Earth.}

The World’s politics and politicians with their love of money and war can be voted out of power. And Power is the name of the game, whether material, occult, magickal, political, or spiritual. The Future is completely in our/your hands, hearts, and dreams. May our good dreams come to fruition, and our “bad” dreams strengthen us, in the Names of HruMaKhis/LamZaon/BaphometZ.

(Reblog Post scrip – worry this is so weirdly formatted but this doc went from Apple Mac through various versions then thru various versions of Word etc etc etc and it is 02:32 am and i don’t jhave the eyes, energy or patience to iron it all out. But enjoy anyway.

art_legbatumblr_mlqpnnxBYz1rzeqjio1_500constant_29points Maman-Brigitte veve purpletumblr_mwloftPUwN1rt4vido1_500Exu Rai 2

All other photos and graphics available on the WWW and Tumblr

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The Un-Dead Catholic Vampire Nuns and Bishops of West PA – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

SimonMarguerite1BW (1)BW (2)BW (3)BW (4)Old Rosaries3612569347_450e877176_ztumblr_m876adRCe81qgq397o1_500DevilGirlstumblr_mklosmjjVI1qh4pfro1_500gothfirl crucifiedLV29please dont slip away dear

The Un-Dead Catholic Vampire Nuns and Bishops of West PA

From the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

©1994 ©2014 GLHoke / ZAXON 2108211

A Short Tale About
the Decadent Ghosts of the
Vampire Nuns and Satanic Bishops
Buried in a Western PA Catholic Cemetery

Back in 1993 I visited my Typhonian OTO friends in a revived but once rusting city in Western PA, Soror Ayizan and her mate Frater Ghede (my name for him). They generously took me on a drive that weekend to some of the really old graveyards in that old steel town.

Some background on Soror Ayizan is that she is the accomplished painter of the Shadow Tarot of the 22 Qliphoth of the Nightside of the Kabbalistic Tree accessible through the Daath Sephirah, as written about by the late Kenneth Grant. Over an unknown period of time she and her mate used various techniques to induce trance, some of which I assume were tantricke in nature, and these original paintings were made on canvas of about 4 x 2 foot size. My first visit there I slept in the room where they were stored, but had no problems or disturbing dreams. Since then they have publicized these as a Tarot deck for sale at ungodly prices at Amazon due to its rarity and limited printing at the time, and have painted the minor arcana of this full Shadow Tarot.

One fun story about visiting them was that one time one of their friends came over and it turned out he had been one of the zombie extras in George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” low budget B movie which was filmed in Pittsburgh in 1968. If anyone has seen this movie he is the one who gets his arm ripped off during this zombie resurrection.

Perhaps because of their dark magickal workings a Typhonial vortex was generated that opened these dark doorways at the nearby graveyard which has come alive with the vampire inccubi and succubi dead souls that I now relate of here. Or perhaps my own twisted fertile imagination got away from me to come up with these visions.

They drove me to an old Catholic cemetery in a bad part of the city. Near the entrance and the cathedral was what I called Bishop’s Hill. It was on a little knoll surrounded by a black rod iron fence. Crowded within it were the soaring fancy marble grave markers of Archbishops and Bishops and other clergy of that Diocese. The enclosure and grave markers had a gothic and phallic look to it. Yet I knew beneath those proud monuments lay the decayed bodies of those fathers of the church, some of which I am sure had dark secrets to rot within them. What guilt may still dwell within them in their purgatory of the grave that may turn them into hungry ghosts, or sex starved Incubii?

In another part of the cemetery they also took me to one of the strangest cremation repositories I have ever seen. It was shaped like a huge beehive and inside were the niches from floor to ceiling that once held the cremation urns of the ashes of the dead, now stolen and desecrated. Like I said earlier, it was not the best part of the city.

We walked down Bishop’s Hill and there was this huge black iron cross standing with the crossed spear and vinegar sop from the crucifixion, a cross and an X in dark contrast of form.

Just down below there, on the lowest part of the cemetery were the plainly carved small gravestones of the sisters of the nunnery which had been attached to the cathedral. The contrast between their humble graves and those of the male ecclesiastical authorities up on the hill was mind blowing. In Catholic Christianity all that matters is male authority, and the female and all things feminine are “fallen”. At the poor dead nun’s graveyard I could imagine the writhing souls of these virgin nuns turning into blood and sex sucking succubi.

I could further imaging that at midnight under a Dark Moon that large white serpentine ectoplasm ghosts crawl out from beneath the Bishop’s tombs and slide downhill to coil around the Black Cross at the base of the hill where they await the dead souls of the nuns who arise to meet them in the form of red snakes lustfully entwined in religious ecstasy and prepared by flagellating each other, because as Jesus suffered, so must they. Others, the ghosts of pedophile priests who were once schoolmasters, stay on Bishop’s Hill cavorting with each other and the ghosts of choir boys and communing on the semen-coated hosts of the Body-of-Christ. At the nun’s lower graveyards some nuns also stay behind, engaged in their lesbian lusts, using their crucifixes and the mummified phalluses of Jesus and Peter to pleasure each other, drinking from the bloody Cup of Mary Babalon.

The lustful souls of former priests and nuns now meet at the Black Cross where skeletal nuns sit and feel the ghostly serpents crawl out from under the cross, into their yonis and arses, up their spines, licking and sucking at the necks, penetrating their virgin mouths in unholy necrophilic tantra, sucking their remaining astral fluids. This ghastly orgy happens every new moon they say, especially on Good Friday when Jesus is in Hell and Satan rules on earth again.

On my return home my disturbed soul and twisted mind thought up and wrote this as a short story, which has remained all these years in my archives. Now decades later I tried to re-write it here, but I am not a writer as you can see by my all too purple pen. Maybe good writers like those at Freaky Folk Tale and In the Chimehours can turn this into a real Gothic Lovecraftian story, if they dare touch the subject matter.

Pictures from many old websites, Tumblr sites, Bog sites. TNTC



©1994 ©2013 GLHoke

Star Jewel Rituals – Permutations of Crowley’s Star Ruby – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

Sgn of the Enterer in Star Riby





panch agni

Star Jewel Rituals – Permutations of Crowley’s Star Ruby

_Star Ruby Copyright Aleister Crowley and i assume the Caliphate Ordo Templi Orientis – Star Ruby used without their consent due to it being published by numerous sources for almost a hundred years.)

All the other Jewels of the Star Invocation are Copyright GLHoke / ZAXON 2108211 / Frater SimON 2* OTO / Baptized Acolyte ECG (Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica) / ZAXON Publishing


Facing East, draw in a deep breath
closing your lips with your right forefinger,
then forcibly dash your hand downwards
and exhale, screaming:


With the same forefinger,
touch your forehead, saying:

< Soi >

Touch your lingum or yoni, saying:

< O Phalle >

Touch your right shoulder, saying:

< Ischuros >

Touch your left shoulder, saying:

< Eucharistos >

Clasp your hands before you,
locking your fingers, saying:

< IAO >

Advance to the East, Imagine strongly
a Pentagram on your forehead,
Draw your hands to your eyes
and fling it forth,
making the Sign of Horus, and roaring the name:

< Therion >

Retire your hands, fingers pressed to lips,
into the Sign of Silence of Harpocrates.

Go North, and repeat, saying:

< Nuit >

Go West, and repeat, whispering:

< Babalon >

Go South, and repeat, bellowing:

< Hadit >

Completing the Circle widdershins,
retire to the Centre
and Raise your voice with the chant:

< IO Pan – IO Pan – IO Pan – IO Pan >

While posturing the Four Signs of NOX:
Puella, Puer, Vir, and Mulier
together three times

Extend your arms
in the form of a Tau cross
and say in a low but clear voice:

Pro Mou Iungges,
Opiso mou Teletarchai,
epi dexia Sunoches,
ep’aristera Daimonos.
Phlegei gar peri
mou ho aster ton pente,
Kai en tei stelei
ho aster ton hex esteke.>

Repeat the Quabalistic cross, saying:

O Phalle

Original ritual by

Aleister Crowley.


Inhale fire,
Exhale sweeping arms backwards, screaming:
Sign of Silence.

On the Inner :

Crown > Aumng
Ajna > Aton
Throat > Amen
Clavicles/Arms > Hrumakhu
Hridayam > HeruRaHa
Solar Plexis > RaHoorKhuit
Hara > HoorPaarKraat
Linga > On
Circumference > Solomon
Center > Splendour

On the Outer :

E > Hrumakhon
S > Haditon
W > Babalon
N > Therion
Z > Metatron
N > Seton
C > Solomon
X > Belarion


<Before me rises Ra,
On my right hand flies Ahathoor,
Behind me sets Tum,
And on my left hand rolls Kephra.
Above me shines Solomon,
And beneath me sleeps Baphometon.
About me in Splendour radiates
the Hexagram of the Sun,
While in the flaming point of it’s center
I am : (Magickal Name)>


Inhale space
Exhale shooting arms upwards saying:
Sign of Silence touching fingers to Crown.

Crown > NuIsis
Ajna > HadSothis
Qoph > AiwassAnubis
Throat > AzaThothMaat
Clavicles/Arms > Hrumakhu
Hridayam > HeruRaHa
SolarPlexis > Belarion
Hara > Babalon
Linga > SetShaitanus
Circumference > Chaosz
Center > (Magickal Name)

S > Sirius
W > Pleides
N > UrsaMajor
Z > Draco
N > Southern
C > MilkyWay
X > AnubisWeb

Riding the Crystal Starship of Anubis Web,
Before me steers AzaThothMaat,
Behind me navigates A-nu-bis,
At my right hand speaks Aiwass,
On my left hand whispers Set.
Above me shines Sirius the Silver Star,
And beneath me whirls
the Black Abyss of Chaosz Space,
While around me is the field of the Anubis Egg.
Upon me rides Maya-(partner’s name)-Babalon,
And in the ship’s ElectroMagnetic center
I am (Magickal Name).


Crown > Nu
Ajna > Az
Qoph > Za
Throat > Ah
Hridayam > Oz
Hara > No
Linga > On

East > Abraxas
South > Set
West > Anubis / Babalon
North > Zurvan
Zenith > AzaThoth
Nadir > Shaiton
Circumference > Chaosz
Centre Within > Za

Inverse Pentagrams in the Four Directions
Air > Lucifer
Fire > Satan
Water > Leviathan
Earth > Belial

Babalon 777 Star Crop

Babalon Moon Fire

Babalon Actress




Frater Belarion, who died in a chemical explosion 8 months before i was born, and whom a krater on the Dark Side of the Moon is named. And his Scarlet Woman  =  Marjorie Cameron , or rather the Scarlet Woman of him as Belarion / Hrumakhu / HeruRaHa / The Lord of the Two Horizons, The Eternal Burning Flame, literally in his death, and spiritually in his channeling of the Book of Babalon. JEGS from various multiple sources.

A Nest of SERPENTS – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing

AUR Caduceus


2 naga statuesNagini lotus pondmami_wata_lg



Being a
of the Names of
the Dragon, Worm,
Serpent and Snake Gods
of Europe, Middle East,
Egypt, Afrika, and Australia

©1991 GLHoke / ZAXON 2108211 / ZAXON Publishing

Snake Gods of the
British, Scandinavians, French, and Germans :

Serpent / Snake – the animal itself

Dragon – mythological elemental composite

Druid – ‘Snake’ Priests of the British Isles

Saman / Samhain – Celticke god of death

Damhan Nathrach – Irish dragonfly
‘serpent who dances in air’

Fafnir – Norse dragon

Jormungand / Midgard Serpent –
Scandanivian serpent encircling the world

Nidhhoggr / Nidhog – Dragon who lies gnawing
at the roots of Yggdrassil

Wouivre – serpent worm in Medieval Germany

Zariatnutonik – forked thunderbolt serpent wand
from the Grimoire of Albertus Magus / Grand Albert

Nagari – Medieval Alchemist’s dragon

Dracul / Dracula – Romanian dragon vampire

Fat-Frumos – Romanian faery dragon

Melusine – (from Mere-Lucine)
French flying serpent-woman
daughter of the male river spirit Fleuve
and the female fairy Pressine

Mermaids related to the Serpents:

Mermaid – English fish-woman

Melusine – French temptress

Volva – German river sybil serpent goddess

Nix / Nixie – German water nymph

Lorelei – German river faery

Drac – Rhone river nixie

Brunnenfauen – German woman of the well

Rusalka – Russian water faery

Vodvanoy – Russian

Siren – Italian

Lasa – Etruscan

Nivashi – Gypsy

Nereids – Greek

Siren – Greek

Nemesis – Greek

Nymph – Greek

Snake Gods of the
Greeks, Romans, and Ophite Gnostics :

Dionnan – Pagan Roman Snake god

Pythia – Greek/Roman serpent prophetess
sits on tripods over wells

Pythoness – Sibyl serpent of Greeks

Echidna – Greek snake woman

Ophioryma – Greek serpent’s stronghold

Ouroboros – Greek world encircling snake biting it’s tail

Titans – Greek serpent-legged opponants to the gods

Lamia – serpent-tailed succubi

Ladon – serpent guardian of the
Garden/Isle of Hesperides
lives in an apple tree
guarding the golden fleece in Greek myth
Zeus-Meilichios –
Greek God in cthonic serpentine form

Sabazius – Greek snake of Jupiter

Hydra – many-headed Greek dragon

Gorgon – Greek serpent-haired monstrous women

Medusa – Queen of Gorgons

Scylla – dangerous Greek serpentine melusine
daughter of Zeus and the Libyan Lamia

Aesculapius and Hygieia – Greek god and goddess
of healing represented by serpents

Orphic Egg – surrounded by a serpent 3 1/2 times

Arrhetophoria – Greek festival
with phalli and snakes of pastry thrown into the fire

Anachitis – stone used to conjure water spirits

Anancithidus – stone used to conjure water demons

Typhon – Greek destroying dragon of the raging ocean

Ophion – Greek cosmic snake

Hydra – Greek many-headed serpent

Ouboros / Uroboros – Greek world-encircling serpent

Ophiolatria / Ophiolatry – Serpent worship in Greek

Ophioneus – Greek son of Chaos, multi-headed dragon

Eurynome – his consort

Ophionids – their spawn

Ladon – Greek dragon

Echidne – Greek snake-woman

3 Gorgons in Greece :

Eileithyia – fire serpent goddess, daughter of Hera,
holds torches up and down

Erecthonus – Athena’s snake childe

Erectheon – snake temple

Angitia – Italian goddess of serpents

Seven Stars – serpent headed virgins of the
Great Bear constellation in Mithraism

Ophiomorphus – Gnostic god in serpent form

Archarion – Gnostic serpent guardian
of the Aeon gateway

Ialdabaoth – Gnostic Saturnine creator

Zarazaz – demon of the Gnostics

Ophites – Gnostic Serpent worshippers

Bythos – ‘the Deep’ in Gnosticism

Zurvan – Gnostic serpent-entwined lion

Ophites – Gnosticke snake-worshipping christians

Naasenes / Nicolaitans / Sethians – Gnostic
worshippers of the Serpent

Snake Gods of the
Hebrews, Caananites, Hittites,
Sumerians, and Babylonians of the Middle East :

Heva – Serpent of Eva

Nachash – Hebrew Serpent

Nehushtan – Moses’ Serpent of brass

Seraphim – Hebrew flaming Serpents

Naas / Naz – Hebrew for Serpent

Leviathan – biblican Dragon of the deep

Sammael – Hebrew Satan

The Ancient Serpent – the Devil / Satan

Lilith – serpent-tailed succubi

Nechastheron – ‘the brazen serpents’ order
of the Qliphoth of the 24th tunnel of Niantiel/Scorpio

Nashimiron – ‘the snakey’ order of the Qliphoth
of the 25th tunnel of Saksaksalim/Saggitarius
in western Magickal systems

Seraphim – Hebrew flying serpents of fire

Nahas – Hebrew serpent

Rahab – Hebrew ‘crooked serpent’

From the Necronomicon – grimoire of the Mad Arab Al-Azif :

Mass Ssarati

Mass Ssaratu

Kia Mass Ssaratu

Yam – evil Caanonite dragon

Dagon – Caanonite serpent or fish-tailed god/demon

Lotan – Caananite seven-headed serpent

Illuyankas – Hittite serpent

Illuyanka – Hittite dragon

Illuyankas – Hittite dragon

Abyrga – central asian snake wound thrice
around Mt.Sumer, head on mt and tail in ocean

Kur / Ashag – Sumerian dragon of Chaos

Abzu – Sumerian watery abyss dragon
Sataraa – Sumerian serpent goddess

Sataran – Sumerian name
of Tammuz the Serpent Goddess

Tiamat – Babylonian Dragon of Chaos and the Deep

Ashmog – Zoroastrian dragon

Ahriman – Mazdaian/Zoroasterian evil serpent

Zahhak/Azhi-Dahaka – Zoroasterian evil spirit
from whose shoulders sprang two demonic serpents, also portrayed as a dragon with three heads
and a body full of lizards and scorpians

Ahriman / Angra-Mainyu – evil serpent
Satan in Mazdaism/Zoroastarism
antithesis of Ormuzd / AhuraMazda

Zohak – Persian destroying serpent

Azidahaka – Persian serpent-demon
who cut the first couple apart

Azi Dahaka – Persian fiendish three headed dragon
originally a wicked Persian king who was kissed on
each shoulder by the demon Ahriman, thus he
sprouted two dragon heads each side of his head

Ahi – Persian demon serpent
who holds the water in the clouds
locked up from falling to benefit the Earth

Ahi / Vritra / Apaosha – names of Persian
demon serpents of drought

Srava – twin serpent brother of Azi

Azhi Dahaka – Iranian dragon of evil

Atargatis / Dea Syria – Goddess with Snake
coiled 7 times around her and eggs

Afrasiab – serpent of the Scythians

Snake Gods of the
Egyptians and Afrikans :

Nau-Shesma – seven headed serpent in Egyptian myth

Khut – Serpent of Splendour
the Uraeus around the disk of the Sun

Uraeus / Uatchet – Serpent crown

Buto – place of the serpent in Egypt

Aspic – poisoness asp

Apap / Apepi / Apep / Apropis – Egyptian Serpent
king guardians of all Hells

Hadit – Egyptian star-serpent point

Typhon – dragon of Amenti

Mertseger – snake goddess of Egypt, female head
on serpentine body, ‘she who loves silence’

Renenet – serpent goddess of Egypt

Aseb – Egyptian fire god-serpent

Set – Egyptian destroying dragon of the desert sun

Mehen – Egyptian serpent coiled around Sun symbol

Nekhebkan / Nehebu-kau –
underworld Egyptian serpent

Hutchaici – Egyptian serpent-headed west wind god

Inyoka – south african pet snake women put into their yoni and keep inside because the coiling gives them pleasure

Serpent Guardians of the Gates of Amenta
From the Egyptian Book of the Dead :

First Evocations –

Ufa, Nai, Heka, Hekret, Setchen, Akeneh, Amen, Hau, Antaf, Tcheser-tep, Thethu, Hemth, Seneahemthet, “a most terrible serpent”.

Keepers of the Gates :

1 – Set, Tat
2 – Saa-Set, Mehen
3 – Aqebi, Apep
4 – Tchetbi, Flame, Herert
5 – Teka-hra
6 – Set-em-Maat-f
7 – Akha-en-maat
8 – Set-Hra, Kheti
9 – Ab-Ta, Shemti, Bath, Tepi, Kepri,
Shesshes (crocodile with serpent’s tail), Sesi
10 – Sethu, Hentiu (snake-headed man),
Serquet, Serquet (scorpion), Uamemti,
Semi (winged uraeus), Ankhi (Horus/Set man)
11 – Am-netu-f, Sebek-Ra (crocodile), “the Worm”
12 – Sebi, Reri

Orunmila – the Serpentine creator in Africa

Dan / Dangbe / Indagba / Damballah –
Afrikan serpent god

Zombi – serpentine snake-god soul of man

Petro Simbi – African magickian’s serpent

Ti-Jean Petro – one-footed Voodoo snake

Erukuruben-Nangobio – secret serpent
in Afrikan Abakua tradition
consort of the Goddess Sikan

Niniganni – west Afrikan python god

Yukanye – Afrikan snake goddess

Afrikan Python Gods :

Tinnin – sea serpent slain by Alexander the Great

Copper Dragon Indombe – sunset dragon

Bida – dragon

Isa Bere – drought dragon

Dakaki / Mai-je-Chikki – serpent demon who
causes the evil eye and stomach ulcers

Ilomba – familiar spirit snake with a human head that
a magickian makes by filling a snakeskin with one’s
blood, nails, etc., then feed it eggs and blood,
it lives in the river and commutes to one’s house
by a tunnel underground between them,
if it dies then you die.

Koleo – ‘pair of tongs’ squeezing python god

Mamlambo – river goddess of beer

Toro – supreme snake god, gives birth to twins

Bisimbi – water nymphs

Njuzu – snake spirit/demons
male in form of makara/crocodile
female in form of snake-woman

Sajara – Mali rainbow serpent

Mombo wa Ndhlopfu – viper, master of the forest

Kabwe – snake god

Ndzundzu – snake god

Inkanyamba – snake as a tornado

Snake Gods of the Australians :

Bodung / Rainbow Serpent – Australian serpent
of water and the sky

Ngalijad – Australian rainbow serpent
within whose body the ancesters dwell
as in an underworld, and whose temple
is at the base of a waterfall where sky and water
meet as a colourful rainbow

Ungud – Australian bisexual earth serpent

Wonambi – SW Australian water serpent

Muruntu – SW Australian water serpent

Julunggul – Australian female rock python
who makes lightening and rain

Hatuibwari – winged serpent of Melanesia

©1991 GLHoke / ZAXON°2108211 / ZAXON Publishing

 woman water

Cobra ManInverse Pentagram Snake Headstone

Images from Various Websites and Tumblr sites. If these are your copyrights please email me leeshawnus@gmail.com and i will remove them or attribute them to you as their source. TY