The Dance

This is so well written i had to reblog it. My comment – Its all a big life long spiral. sometimes we spiral down like into drunkenness or depression. sometimes we spiral up like the hawk in the wind current over the mountain. sometimes that upward spiral burns us like Daedalus too close to the sun. sometimes we spiral down too far like being drowned by the Mermaid Naginis. if we but keep hold of our center, that moving dot slippery to keep one’s finger upon, then there is a bit of “control” like holding the string of a kite on a windy day. may the gods strengthen out string our whole lives that we stay tru to our Earth Walk. Reblogging, so well written. Blessings PB.


“What do you think you are doing standing there with all that control, all that tameness? Do you call that dancing? Have you forgotten how to surrender, to collapse at my feet? Have you forgotten how beautiful it is to just let go?”

My answer is a plaintive yes. I don’t want to lose control. My grip on reality is already so fragile. If I collapse I might not get up again.

“If you continue to hold on to that thread you call ‘control’, you will fall harder, not deeper. You are yearning for deepness, for richness of spirit and life, longing for the drumbeat to take you to your deepest self, but instead of dancing your longing into the stars, into my eyes, you drown it out. You are drowning your sorrow instead of painting it; filling the holes, the deep caverns in your heart and soul with alcohol…

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is Satan God?

Cassie’s mate Sophie’s first blog post. An excellent writing about her personal path and about the specific religious philosophy of Satanism. You go girl !

Devil's Advocates

(Sophie’s First Post on Devil’s Advocate)

I have always been an atheist. I’ve lived most of my life in Switzerland which has a Christian tradition but is mostly secular. My family and I were completely atheist though. I always thought the idea that there was some God somewhere sitting on a cloud in judgement over all of us was ridiculous… A bad fairy tale. Anyway I always believed in Science and still do. The Big Bang, evolution, natural selection; these are the truths that make sense to my mind.
But I think I always had a spiritual side too. I never thought religion and spirituality were the same thing. I do believe we have a soul and that our souls can grow and learn from one life to the next. The scientific part of my brain thinks this takes the form of some sort of genetic memory, like instincts…Therefore I…

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ISIS Sirius – On the Universal Mother by Vivianne Crowley


I finally got to go through the List of Writings by Vivianne Crowley on Patheos and found this wonder article by her entitled ISIS – A Mufti-Cultural Goddess which i liked a lot. Like i have said before i consider ISIS to be the primal Goddess of all western hermeticism, magicke and witchcraft, but that is just me. And i feel a great connection with the star Sirius.

The images above and below i have had for years and do not know their origin. Enjoy!


THE CRAWLS, the story of the Tichborne Dole and its curse

I remember reading this historical story before but Paul has turned it in to a love creepy crawly ghost story as is his nature! Enjoy!

freaky folk tales

tichborne dole

March 25th is ‘Lady Day’, the traditional name of the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin.

It is also a day of festivities in Tichborne, Hampshire, when donations of flour, which have been blessed by the local parish priest, are handed out from the front of Tichborne House — and, a time when, once more, the villagers serve to abate the terror of an age-old curse!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Listen …can you hear her?

Strain your ears, press them close to the soil and you surely will!

That wretched wheeze: a drawn-out throttling of the throat that sounds like murder.

Then comes the coughing: a diseased hack-hack-hack, as if a seal gasping for air.

I am dying.

She is dying, but slowly.

What an odd place to die?

The plough-ravaged soil caresses her, taking her…

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The Cult of the Banshee, a supernatural tale for St Patrick’s Day

I’m a little behind on reading the longer excellent stories here, but this one gave me chills, so Enjoy!

freaky folk tales


Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you accept that there is something unseen in ourselves, in our thoughts, in our inner consciousness, which Nature will not allow us to entirely ignore?

With some the supernatural takes the form of luck, of a blind belief in Fate, while the particular brand of others is ghosts pure and simple. Between those two, luck and ghosts, there is a wide range of speculation and assertion.

Without doubt, the supernatural exists to a large extent in the imagination. I do not say that it exists only or entirely in the imagination, but I do consider that the imagination has a great influence upon the existence of the supernatural. A highly strung, nervous, imaginative temperament is more susceptible to, and receptive of the supernatural; it is what I may term a good medium; it catches and retains a sensation without attempting or wishing to…

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10th Anniversary of The Wild Hunt Blog


TWH Logo with previous permission of artist Valerie Herron

The Wild Hunt blog celebrates its 10th Anniversary of being online in this post entitled Ten Years of The Wild Hunt. I don’t know about the rest of you but i rely that that blog almost solely for my Wiccan, Pagan, Vodoun and other alternative religious News. Congratulation to Jason Pitzi-Waters and his excellent blogging staff!

A Tetrad of Full Lunar “Red Moon” Eclipses Over North America in the Next Two Years

I found this interesting  story this morning on entitled Get Ready!  A Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses Starting in April in which a both common in long time but rare in short time history there will be four total lunar eclipses all visible in North America.

For Witches Lunar Eclipses or “Red Moons” are a time of the Manifestation of the Menstrual Mother and Crone Hekate and these times can be used to dump off lots of negativity, so go with the flow.

I have embedded the NASA video below. Enjoy!

Goddess HEKATE Links


A new Probationer turned me on to this wonder Blog about the worship of HEKATE called Toad, Black Cat & Pointy Hat. The About page explains, and I quote –

“On this blog i will write about witchcraft, the Goddess Hekate and my spiritual life in general.I am from Germany and  i have German blog about witchcraft too and a German blog about the Goddess Hekate, since some years. And many visitors of these blogs are coming from English speaking lands. So i decided to make an English blog, too. Here on my blog Toad, Black Cat & Pointy Hat- you will find some articles from my German blogs in English translation. This blog will grow and change over time.”

This is an Excellent Blog and I Highly Recommend it for anyone interested in the Goddess Hekate who even though the name is Greek she goes Way back in the history as one of the forms of the Triple Goddess.

I also found these websites before and want to share them. The first is by Sorita D’Estre and is called The Covenant of Hekate wand it is also Excellent.and here is her Website and Biography.

Wow look what i just  found – At the COH on this page is a link to their E-Zines which are Free PDF Downloads at All you have to do is register at Lulu and not even give a cc and i just got 6 for Free !!!

The pictures above and below are all from an unknown source as i have had them for years now in my files. Enjoy!

triple hekate

If this is Your photo please tell me ASAP and i will properly credit it or pull it. TY

Corpse Road

That;s a true and chilling poem of how hard it is for nature to return with the fickleness of the weather of late, even here where it was in the low F teens this am. Yes who will let Persephone, her bones stiff from a long winter in the cave, take your arm until her muscles grow stronger to help take the corpse road back to Spring? I will reblog this one ‘m lady.

Signposts in the Mist

Birch and Blackthorn, Hurst Grange Park, PenworthamWho will walk the corpse road back to me?
– ‘Revenants’ Andrew O’Riordan

Where spring brings hope to downy birch
And blossoms of stars to blackthorn trees
When the hunt is still as the final frosts
Who will walk the corpse road back to me?

Where spring brings hope to drunks of the woods
With the pale potential of anemone
When my court dance in dew where a man lay cold
Who will walk the corpse road back to me?

Where spring brings hope to primrose hills
But none to vagrants on city streets
When wills clash like I and my deadly rival
Who will walk the corpse road back to me?

Where spring brings hope to prison gardens
For a watchful moment the condemned walk free
When to solitary confinement comes Annwn’s darkness
Who will walk the corpse road back to me?

Where spring brings hope to…

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Nevill Drury and The United States of Hoodoo from TWH

I found these links on The Wild Hunt’s blog yesterday.

A short video about the recently late Nevill Drury.

And HERE are some more YT videos about him i have yet to explore, although i can tell you i have read most of his excellent books over the decades.

And another short video about The United States of Hoodoo which is also available thru Amazon as a cheap price for the whole documentary.