The Shadow Tarot of the Daath Qliphothic Backside Darkside of the QBL Tree – Links and Pictures of Author and Tantricke Yum Linda Falorio and Beautifully Krazy Tantricke Yab Fred Fowler

I highly recommend you purchase The Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio and Fred Fowler with Intro by FF available at which is the definitive Tarot of her original paintings and their wonderfully skilful photography, all © 2015 Linda Faloirio or Fred Fowler posted with their verbal and emailed permission. Don’t try to steal any of these pictures or post them on Tumblr or FB. 93

Moi posing with her Partaxitas painting

© 2015 GLHoke or Linda Falorio or Fred Fowler

Shawnus Parfaxitas

Morning coffee at my house decades ago – © 2015 Fred Fowler

Shawnus and Soror Ayizan

Linda posing with Kapala – © 2015 Fred Fowler

Linda Falorio Kapala

Meow Kitty – © 2015 Fred Fowler

Linda Kneeling Coy

Devil Decades Ago posing with my Kris – © 2015 GLHoke or Linda Falorio

Fred Fowler Dris Antlers

Fred Capone with Rudrakasha and Bone Malas – © 2015 Fred Fowler

fred jan 2015

Just Chillin’ in the Sun – © 2015 Linda Falorio Selfie or Fred FowlerLinda Sunny Beach

Pondering Their Book ? – © 2015 Linda Faloirio

Fred Fowler Reading

Tribal Belly Dance – Keeping in Shape – © 2015 Linda Falorio

Linda Tribal Dance 2-2015

Happy Thelemic Xmas – © 2015Linda Falorio

Fred Fowler Xmas

Our Lady of Mirror Mystery BABALON – Selfie © 2015 Linda Falorio    Our Lady Babalon

Posing as Leilah Wendel aka Laylajh777 – © 2015Linda Falorio

Cosmic Akasha (2)

Leilah Wendel aka Laylah 777- Tyumblr Image


Slippery Gateway Daath Sephiroth / Darkside of the QBL Tree Black Hole Entrance / Base of the Neck Chakra – © 2015 Linda Falorio

Temple of Babalon

Steffi and Kenneth Grant – with emailed permission from Michael Staley

KG & Steffi

RIP Magister and Frater Aossic-Aiwass-718


Santa Sima La Muerte – © 2015 Linda Falorio or Public Domain

Santa Sima La Muerte

She Say – BUY THIS TAROT !!!

A Day in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 19-20 February 2015 – A Trip to Wapwallopen and some Weird Synchronocities with the Living and the Dead

Coven of the Catta

After no sleep at 4am I spontaneously drove north to the Berwick / Nescopeck / Wapwallopen area. I stopped half way up that two hour trip and took an hour long cat nap in a parking lot of an abandoned business distribution center.

Unfortunately i was not able to meet with two of the High Priestesses in the Coven d/t their schedules. I did meet with an old coven member for awhile before she had her son, whom i had never met before, take her to a doctor’s appointment to have her new pacemaker checked out, something i did of course for 11 years. Her home health aid was there and Lady Persephone and I were able to talk Witchcraft openly in from of the aid and the son for a short time, then i moved on.

So i decided to visit Council Cup mountain again after a trip to…

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Lee’s Photo Dump from the Last Week or so – All Pictures Copyright GLHoke 2015

Photos taken in the last few weeks. All photographs Copyright GLHoke 2015. If you want to know the place, date and context of the photo, please email me at though no one has ever done that. It is very late, and i am too tired to add comments, maybe tomorrow. Blessed Be and Enjoy !!!

OK, in the not so bright state of my first cup of coffee and a cigarillo i will attempt to ID some of these pics and their context. Descriptions above not below the pics.

Huge clay pickling jar with blue pentagram at local flea market co-op. Sorry the pic is slightly out of focus, but it was worth photographing it and i did not not the focus being off until too late.

13 Feb (1)

At same co-op a Civil War Calvary officer’s sword and sheath.

13 Feb (2)

Old straight razors. i am bought a cheaper one somewhere else and am going to attempt to use it to same on throw away razors for environmental and financial reasons. I already have the strap for sharpening it like at the old Barbour shops.

13 Feb (3)

Seven miles upriver there was a major AmerIndian battle over a large arrowhead shaped stone that was a talisman of victory in war. This is a smaller version made of stone not native found by the old coot who is extremely intelligent and world smart on his property. I will explore the area and walk the river when it is not like Antarctica  outside.

15 Feb (1)

Yea a warm morning here….

15 Feb (2)

Looking down through the old coot’s junk laden yard towards the battle site. Note the beam of light in the pic. It feels weird there and i am getting a chill now just thinking about it.

15 Feb (3)

His old 140 year old falling apart barn he is going to tear down and sell the weathered oak, which is one inch thick, and the old signage for the old hotel in town.

15 Feb (4)

Closeup of the smaller arrow head shaped marker stone. Looks like a dark oil shale stone to me, not too common here, but sometimes seen in this coal region.

15 Feb (6)

Cauldrons of iron and copper at the local co-op. I already have more cauldrons than a Coven of Macbeth’s Witches LOL.

15 Feb (7)

15 Feb (8) 15 Feb (9) 15 Feb (10) 15 Feb (11)

In a town nearby, on a road i have never driven, i found a place where they carve headstones for graves. It was closed d/t his/her father dying. How ironic. Nearby i found these standing stones and will wait a few days to call and find out what the hell they are and who erected them.

16 Feb (1)

16 Feb (9) 16 Feb (10) 16 Feb (12) 16 Feb (13) 16 Feb (14)

Footprints in the snow of the frozen stream of rabbits, birds and a cat walking out to my neighbor’s bridge. BTW i saw prints of a maybe 2 year old bear, not sure what he/she is doing out of hibernation this time of year, but with nothing to eat in nature i am sure it will be hitting the garbage cans, my bird feeders, and any fawns it can run down.

20 Feb (1) 20 Feb (2) 20 Feb (3)

For the first time in 12 years here the stream with all its rapids is Totally frozen.

20 Feb (4) 20 Feb (5)

Goddess altar on the old stump at Snakehenge at sunset.

20 Feb (6)

In the big old outhouse near the Red Lodge aka Black Cabin i am going to raise chickens this spring and here are some of the hens for sale locally, some of which lay coloured eggs. But i can get mine free from several friends, and laying cages for them too, just have to put up a fence to keep out the foxes and other predators.


The deep artificial lake nearby has over a foot of frozen ice, so ice fishermen were out, crazy people i guess lol, and i walked around the middle of the lake, first time since 2005.

20150221_175014 20150221_175021 20150221_175412

Finis. Enjoy…..

Migration to the Red Lodge – first the Indian spirits, then the Animal spirits, now the Lwa

At the Red Lodge first the spirits of the Native Americans who once lived here. Then the spirits of the animals now dead but reincarnated and preserved in their bones wanted to migrate over there, “far away from the road”, which is i say as a blessing when i see a critter killed along the road. Then the Native American spirits, as they have done for over a decade here, took up residence. Then ole Doc Santee wanted a place like his lodge he had out in the mountains, a place of peace and quiet to sip sherry and talk philosophy. Now some of the Vodoun Lwa, the ones with animal heads or tails or other parts have migrated over there too, including La Sirene and La Dominadora, Naginis of Water and Earth, I listen and comply as my UPG tells me…

25 Jan (7)

25 Jan (4)

25 Jan (9)

25 Jan (10)

25 Jan (8)

25 Jan (6)

Panoramic Video of the Red Lodge

I met a new friend today who i will teach Solomonic Magicke to. They had a should bag with this gold pin from their Gramma, a shield with the name ADONAI on it in Hebrew. I had to laugh since Adonai is the name of G-d in our Coven and the name i use for the highest accessible aspect of G-d in my own personal QBL system.

25 Jan (1)

And finally a pic of the base of the fallen Bear Oak Tree with the snow visible through the holes in it.

25 Jan (2)

NB – All Photographs Copyright 2015 GLHoke.

Old Videos taken by cell phone but now able to upload

I;m not sure why i blog post because i can see 250 a day look at posts here and maybe 50 at the COC blog. But only maybe 2 people in the US and 4 people in England Germany Switzerland seem to be reading and commenting. It is what it is. I write to write. I photograph and videograph. BTW sometimes i still hold the camera the wrong way and know there is probably some way to change the orientation but have yet to figure that out with any programs i have now. So here are some videos i have made with my cell phone in 3GP which i can now upload to WP because i paid $99dollarsUS to upgrade the blog. Enjoy.


Guest Post by Apprentice Frater Aren – Why the Coven of the Catta Makes our Evoking and Invoking Pentagrams Starting at the Spirit Point

Coven of the Catta

Horned Crown Pic

Apprentice Acolyte Frater Aren 0* COC

I have been making my pentagrams for the four directions, evoking the Archangels therein, in a certain way for 33+ years. I know that in the G.’.D.’. and before that Freemasonry and after that Crowley they attributed certain elements to the points of the pentagram. It looked like, in their method, we in the Coven of the Catta were Evoking the element Fire, which made sense and which is appropriate for Witchcraft and working to connect with the Spirit through Fire then Air then Water then Earth energies to raise them up through the elements as a Cone of Power to Heal people (the prime working of our Coven then, now and in the future).

My friend JJ and Apprentice Aren came up with this brilliant insight based on his having read 99% of every book on Witchcraft since he was a teenager, which…

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Going Spare with John Constable

This is an older post by Sarah-Jayne at her blog In The Chimehours which i commented on but never reblogged, so here goes. AOSpare’s works are quite unique and he formulated a system of magick based partly on Crowley but quite unique in its own right. As i commented the only other occult artists who come near him are Steffi Grant (wife of the late Kenneth Grant) and Linda Falorio of the Shadow Tarot illustrating the Qliphoth of the back side of the QBL Tree. Enjoy!

Personal UPG of the Star Goddess of Sirius-B from 12 June 1986 from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing


On 12 June 1986 I have a three part UPS, each part lasting about 3 hours, from morning to noon to midnight, of the revealing to me of my own UPG of a Star Goddess connected with Sirius-B. For 9 months i had worked to open my Crown chakra to the Stellar forces, and on this day it all blew open like a crater sucking in programming from the Star Magicke Tigle Terma from Her.

I laid on my bed face down and wrote in a notebook blindly. I visited with Lady Phoebe and other friends and was manic and most of them snapped their heads back and had little to do with me afterwards, thinking i had gone over the edge. Only two friends days later approached me to learn more. The rest were freaked out. I was freaked out. It was truly an UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) shamanic experience within the context of the Typhonian Currents channeled by Frater Belarion and Frater Kenneth Grant. Later I laid out under the stars and traveled there again.

seven star

The writings are in three parts, the first part being the raw date written in the notebook, the second part being an analysis within the context of the Aeon of Hrumachis, the third part being a practical method of meditating and projecting there again using various pop sci fi culture and ancient AEgyptian God/esses.

I will not publish it here. When i try to do so my pc crashes or large storms come and for the last two months i have contemplated this post i have broken glass and mirrors almost daily.

If you have an interest, and are a friend of mine online at BSSS or COC or COCFB feel free to email me and i will share them with you by email in PDF form. Be warned, they are raw Tantra. and not to be emulated as i said they are MY UPG and mean nothing to anyone but to MYSELF. But on this 27 anniversary i feel like sharing them with those who “have eyes to see and ears to hear”. Only Soror Ayizan, FF, Soror Nema, KG, and a handful of adept friends have read this, and most forgive me do not have the wide deep training and experience to understand them.

Copyright 1986 Frater ZAXON

Copyright 2014 GLHoke

Copyright 2014 HPT SMSBF

Copy of EnochianAngel

Pictures from Tumblr sites

Featuring the Updated Shadow Tarot Deck and Dancing With Demons Book by Linda Falorio

Linda Falorio has remastered her classic book of paintings and writings called The Shadow Tarot. They have graciously gifted me with a copy, which comes in a box wrapped in black spider web material. It is frigging awesome, and deliciously dangerous. Here i have the Tarot on the lower left in front of a pic she took of me decades ago in front of the real size paintings, this one of the Zonule of Parfaxitas. To the right is gZa-Rahula. I manipulated the pic into various forms.

She also has out Brand New a book entitled Dancing With Demons i have yet to read, but i am sure it is something the late Kenneth Grant would be proud of. Check out her other writings and artwork from the links at the top of her website.

7 July (1)7 July (14)7 July (12)7 July (13)

The Shadow Tarot Copyright Linda Falorio 2014

Photos Copyright GLHoke 2014


Witchy Saturnsday, a little new moon, a little waxing moon, all mixed up bending time space which is how i practice my Witchcraft, Magicke, Thelema and Tantra

I started this on Saturday / Saturnsday and hope to get it posted today Monday / Moonday.

Some pics in the day of a life of an Appalachian Witch and country boy. I dress this way locally. If going to a club in the city or locally i wear all black leather, size 8 in female leather skin tight pants. But here i am wearing my late Dad’s ole duck hunting hat, sleeveless shirt because it is HHH as hell, lots of tats showing, cargo pants holding cell phone, military style wallet around my neck. Moroccan coin of a pentagram and hexagram on silver chain, carrying a new slim Glock 42 which is a .038 with 147 grain hollow points, some horehound candy i am addicted to, a gold plated business card holder with the COC card with blog and my email (yes i even hand them out to fundamentalist xians, keys to Jeep and three houses and a practical old sharp knife of my dads (he trapped and skinned muskrats, he being a true “river rat” a they are called in these parts) on a chain on a leather loop that was my dad’s, Captain Black cigar-ettes in an old metal case from my dad’s garage, etc.. Like i said, lots of pockets. Do these stuffed pockets make my hips look fat? LOL

26 June (6)

Standing before the gun sales rack. Yes, a pacifist Democratic (moderate) Buddhist Witch who likes to “pling” with hand guns, target bow and arrows (with my dad’s quiver must be 50+ years old), and short long guns like .22s. No hunting as i have been a vegetarian who eats eggs and dairy for 40 years. I was at the local new sporting goods store where a Glock man helped me put a little finger extension on the pistol. Actually i did it under his supervision as doing stuff is the only way i learn anything, not just being shown as someone else does it.

Based on the above, can you put me in a witch box? I think not…

26 June (7)

A business associates kiss ass cycle with a chrome skull headlamp that cost $800 and an entire skeleton skilfully airbrushed on the frame. Hmm, kept n the back room of his business, a side of him i guessed at but did not know. Can i saw here awesome frigging ride?!!!

26 June (8) 26 June (11)

I have NO idea what this is a pic i took of, but it sure is cool. I was setting off some fountain sparklers at the BH for SS and i think that is the manipulated pic? I take a dozen or more pics a day…

26 June (12)

I found this rare moth, who knows Latin name, white w black spots, one leg stuck in he BH (Black House aka Black Cabin aka Der Schwarz Haus) and rescued it and spent about an hour as it crawled all over me and the Goddess state, down into the water, up in the plants, finally fully recovered and flew off. My “good deed” for my Witch merit badge of the day.

26 June (13) 26 June (14) There she is, rescued from my late uncles property, thrown away. paper mach to something stronger, held together now by bambooo, in an old 50 year old concrete pieces found hundreds of feet apart from the original original Doctor owner of the BH, morning glories growing around and onto her, stones and crystals for the four directions, tomorrow to get a willow tree planted west and a locust tree (branch cutting w rotting enzyme). BTW i tried this with about a dozen trees and shrubs n left them in water too long to collected new ones, including from a lady an eighth mile away who is a natural witch w faerie statues and a faerie house and the most exquisite garden i have seen since Lady Alsaces though in  smaller area.

26 June (16) How to protect a growing catnip plant from my cats that want to roll in it and crush it to death for a decade i have tried to plant it.

26 June (17)

Long story, found wounded turtle on road, went back to rescue, dead, recovered body, laid on land in swampy area w metal milk cage to protect from bears etc, two days the flies n maggots did their job, BUT, the eggs were intact, soft, not insect bitten, fresh, warm. Can i do the great alchemy of shallowly burying the eggs where a momma turtle would, above the flood plant like in my garden, under once again a metal milk crate, in the sun, keeping them moist. If these turtles from a dead run over momma hatch i am going to start a Christian Turtle Avatar Savior Cult, LOL. Non LOL i really do have some faith. hell turtles have survived all kinda of calamities for  hundreds of millions of years.

26 June (18)

26 June (20)

Stones recovered from the creek bank from diggings into the deepest layer under my cellar floor in preparation for waterproofing. Mother Earth, and some skeletons from the Prohibition, Civil War, etc (just kidding as all the skeletons are in my closet (double ententre))

Turtle shell n bones in bleach, stinky.

26 June (21)

A little magicke to ground some energies with a sinker, hard to see, late at night.

26 June (4)

last late late night flames in the burner. i actually slept on the swing outside until sunrise when the birds awoke me an hour or so later.

A day in the life, my life…..

26 June (22)