A Day in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 30 July 2014

A quote relevant quote from JJ regarding my pulling the Coven of the Catta Facebook page – “Facebook – Where friendships go to die”. Think about it. For me i have lost more friends because of misunderstandings via email or messaging than face to face in my life. That’s because electronic messaging and email are one dimensional. One has to put in little smiley faces to not be misinterpreted. At least bu phone it is two dimensional because one can hear the inflections in your friend’s voice to know the real meaning of their words. But real communication is three dimensional if cone face to face so one can observe body language and voice inflection and eye movement and pupil size etc. I got onto FB so the COC would have a bigger internet footprint, and at first it was about the coven, then it creeped into about me, then i slapped that down and deleted stuff about me personally, then i met a bunch of weird magickians who became FB “friends” and enjoyed what i had time to explore their sites and when i was ready to shut FB down and said email me and i will give you my phone number not one person of the 19 did that, only LF who i have known for decades, and MM with whom i already had a direct email contact. No one even knows we are off of FB, or at least has noticed.But when you have 222 “friends” whose every act of the day is live fed into a site and the watcher has a smart phone (duct taped to their forehead) feed with hundreds of things coming in during the day, one is but a drop of rain in a storm, or to quote an old band “dust in the wind”. And when i tried with the help of a friend on the phone to shut down the site it was like Persephone trying to escape the lair of Hades, the exit filled with huge spider webs and stumbling blocks. They do not make it easy. They want to data mine you and not let you go so the NSA etc can photo identify everyone on there. When i finally got thru the labyrinth to the page where it said “Delete your account Yes or No?” i was ready to take a 9mm and shoot the NO button on the screen, LOL. It took almost an hour to do so. So, my real face to face and phone to phone and long distance email friends, as i said on the now deleted FB page, if you are there following this blog, just frigging email me, or better yet call me, or if you are near drop by for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and Talk To Me. Please.

OK, enough about that.. I think i will just stick to blogging two blogs and tumbling one tumblr and leave it at that as blogs are SO much more intelligent and informative than FB messaging, LOL. I know, damned arrogant dilettante, but then the proof is in the numbers and comments with maybe 400 people worldwide reading a day, a hundred or so followers, and some comments from some very close bloggers. Once again my favourite floggers, i mean bloggers (Freudian slip, lol) i apologize i am soooo far behind reading and commenting on yr posts which i do have bookmarked, and TY to those who not just “like” a post but actually read it and give feedback. That is why i am so far behind as i prefer to do the latter out of respect for the time and thought and energy someone puts into a post, poem, photo dump, etc.

And now on to my photo dump from the last two days thrown together early this am with little sleep and a long drive before me….

 Since i uploaded these as a group with no spacing possible i will shortly describe them all here, and i gotta hit the road.

A small hornbeam / iron wood / muscle wood tree a friend pulled out (read to fall anyway) by the roots with a stone embedded for me to make a walking stick for him in exchange for some stuff he gave me.

First bloom of some morning glories over at the Black Cabin.

ALL the animal spirits whose bones i have, most of which were killed on the road, want to get away from the road in front of my place and the Hex Haus and have moved back away from the road to the Black Cabin aka Schwarz Haus where they can barely hear the traffic and where they can feel peace. They are in separate windows but i plan on putting up a white shelf i found with just all their bones, and i always keep a water bowl filled in front of them as until they are “reborn into the womb of a mother who can care for them, far away from a road” they are thirsty, just like human ghost spirits. There are several pics below of them, poorly taken at dusk inside with little lighting. The latest turtle head is floating in a lid in a clay bowl of water! Way cool.

The broken in half white Goddess is now off the Black Cabin outside altar concrete bird bath altar and back to the rotten stump altar where i pounded bamboo and wood down thru the holes of her missing arms into the soft wood. She was there before but got blown over in a storm. She is also not held in place by rocks as you can see.

A very strange fossil, probably of a coral type from back in the time before life emerged from the ocean.

I had a fire pit near Snakehenge, then the crew who did my cellar spilled some oil and put the bird seed they used to soak up some there and to make a long story short after the DEP told them to remove it i had a pit with water, fire to water, and at the archeology dig which i missed last sunday i took a walkabout and found deadly nightshade which i have been looking for for a couple years and it was growing in the loose dirt which had already been sifted, and it produces a templing red betry and there are kids and Boy Scouts who help there so i called the main archeologist and said i was pulling the poisonous plants. He said great so now these look wilted here but lots of roots and it rained last night.

Gotta run. Blessed Be. SMSBF

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In Honour of Witch Elder Margot Adler who “Drew Down the Moon” and who is now “Drawn up to the Moon”

Moon Fire Stonehedge

(Picture from Multiple Tumblr Sources)

Here are two links to stories and tributes to the late Margot Adler –

From Thicket of a Witch – Margot Adler: Honor, Initiation, and Ritual

And from The Wild Hunt – Margot Adler 1946-2014

Her’s was one of the first book i ever read on Witchcraft and it helped me along knowing there were others like me out there.

Kids, forget the books and blogs and FB pages and DVDs and CDs and YT videos on “How to Learn Witchcraft” and seek out the Elders before we/they are all gone….

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha!


Of Sorrow and Witch Bones…

My comments – I was recently gifted with a box of feathers that a very nice spiritual man and handyman gave me from when he was a cross country trucker and would find birds killed along the road. He stopped his big rig and picked them up and blessed them in their death and salted them down and now they are mine to share with some friends who have Native blood in them. I had to look up the word Deipnon and did not realize such a Hekate practice existed so when i reblog this i will put in a link to the Wiki of that word and practice. So many critters killed by cars and such i have not been able to rescue, but have their bones. One cat has been buried since spring in the old fallen “Bear Oak Tree” red mulch and will be exhumed and honoured soon. We are the acolytes and priest/esses of Anubis so this is what we do….. Thank you for doing what you do.


In the hushed silence of the room, with only enough light to see my hands, I dance.  The candle light is glinting off of my arms and touching the tips of the feathers in my fingers. The warmth in the circle is comforting; the night is ice and frost, but in this circle I am blanketed with the softness and warmth of the spirits.

The avian spirits perch just out of my eyesight’s reach. The hint of  winged forms is outlined in the curve of my cornea. The shadowy presence buzzes with energy as old as the stars. It is tonight I make my wish…

I bind spells and charms into the barbs and rachis. I kiss the soft arc of the vane with whispers and I tie the ribbon to seal my spell. At Deipnon they will be released, along with the small box of damaged feathers that want…

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Horns Stones and Knives

27-28 July (4)27-28 July (3)27-28 July (1) 27-28 July (2)27-28 July (5)

A collection of deer horned a new friend gave me, and in exchange i will make him a walking stick with one of the racks on it.

The local tavern archeological dig, which i missed. But i Did find on the sifted dirt piles some deadly nightshade which i removed for the kids there and because i have been looking for a good copse of it fo r two years.

A collection of old deer handles knives etc in a Pepsi women bottle holder. All the above very practical and yet at the same time Magickal. BB

COC Facebook page Delete

Coven of the Catta

RFZ-Type German Dis

My New Cloud Server

I worked on my pc and my Apprentice in FLA worked on his pc to try to tweak he COC page but all i ended up doing was creating a sub page like the ones that used to be up for Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee, Lady Phoebe Athena Nimue and Dame Sybil Leek. I was ready to take my pc and roll over it with the frigging Jeep.

They make it Soooo hard at FB to leave (maybe the NSA has a strangle on them) and you can’t do what you want to do just what They want you to do so the only option in the end was to delete the old COC page completely including the sub pages listed above, And my new ZAZON2108211 page which was more personal which i intended to feed into the BSSS wordpress blog posts like i fed the…

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Doc Santee’s Gallatea then, and My Manniken of Many Names Now

Coven of the Catta

If you want the “then” story, read my book. If you want the “now” story, call or email me.

Doc Santee’s Gallatea at the entrance to the original Coven of the Catta Covenstead Temple. Robe was originally red but faded to this colour. Wiki the name for the myth.


Close up. Poor pics taken with old camera 33 years ago in hard copy then scanned and manipulated but the best i can make them.


My Gallatea (with more names added) without wig in outfit she came in standing in front of part of Vodoun altar one morning.

`Madelyn Galatea Kelly Pomba Gira (2)

Heavily edited by twisting the image to be SFW on this public blog page

1919 June (3) - Copy

Goodbye COC on FB….

Galatea 2 (2)

All Photos Copyright GLHoke 2014 and i would warn you magickally not even to download them as you do Not want her in your pc or house but she is “friends” with Doc and me…

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A Few Days in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 19-25 July 2014 when my pc was down but now up and here are the Photos and some Experiences

I’m going to make this short and sweet with some vinegar. Below are some pics i took the last few days when my pc was down, which is now fixed, and my tv is now my monitor so i can see better to write and i now have two monitors i can run at the same time or watch tv or a video while i surf on the other monitor, so my desk looks like the launch station at NASA, LOL. The tech said i did not need two of the three pieces of hardware i bought because it is already in my pc so i can get back that money, yea.

I am taking down the COC FB page because it is a PIA and just a place i reblog what i write on COC and BSSS and reblog from yr sites. Have i told u all for 15 years how much i fking HATE FB? f anyone wants to really be my real friend my email is leeshawnus@gmail.com so stop messaging me thru FB which will be asleep by this Friday New Moon days end.

I am going to just upload a sht load of photos then try to squeeze more comment in at the end. You can try to figure out what the photos mean and email me if you want more info.

Anyone who wants for cheap or nothing the remaining faceted or cab stones needs to contact me ASAP as they are going going almost gone. All u FB fanatics who can send off 10 private messages or texts but “don’t have the time to call” will lose out on hundreds of dollars of high quality stones worth hundreds. You can do so thru comments but an email would be better for privacy’s sake.

OK, the photo dump,which will be my next to last reblog to COC FB then one final video which i cannot upload onto WP only FB and then Adieu FB. Enjoy!

Pics of an Old jeep only for off road i may buy for cheap which i can use to access my property across the stream since i do not have the money to sue the king of the mountain. And pics of a super cool street rod he owns too, his toy, his baby.

21-24 July (3) 21-24 July (4) 21-24 July (6) 21-24 July (7) 21-24 July (10) 21-24 July (39) 21-24 July (43) 21-24 July (44) 21-24 July (45)

 The oldest strangest “old school” hex sign on a barn i have Ever seen.

21-24 July (15)

21-24 July (14)

 21-24 July (16)

Some local, well not that local, ever farther out in BFE that i am, churches and old graveyards going back to the early 1800s mostly German some Irish.

21-24 July (18) 21-24 July (19) 21-24 July (20) 21-24 July (21) 21-24 July (22) 21-24 July (23) 21-24 July (24) 21-24 July (25) 21-24 July (26) 21-24 July (27) 21-24 July (28) 21-24 July (30) 21-24 July (31) 21-24 July (32) 21-24 July (33) 21-24 July (34) 21-24 July (35) 21-24 July (36)

Poor Lady EWH 3* COC lost the Long battle to keep her 18 year old cat alive, using herbal and other alternative medical methods, but lost the battle and she died peacefully a couple days ago. Then the one unfixed male cat of her daughter’s and the one unfixed female cat of her pseuro-daughter, well fill in the blanks, anyway the poor thing went feral in the house and had two kittens one stillborn EWH did CPR on and the other dark to light grey one who Did survive. The feral cat was taken to a farm where she will be happier. The baby EWH carried around in her bra and fed with kitten milk and rubbed his belly to poop was OK for two days until she had to leave her with the girls who did not do the same, so she passed on too. My theory was that the elder cat’s spirit transferred to the womb of the feral cat and when the stillborn died went into the living one to try to try with EWH another 18 years, but shall i say “stupid girls”? Anyway, here is his only good picture and i cropped out as much of EWH as possible so sorry for some cleavage showing here. Light a candle for the elder and baby cats please and prayer that she and he be reborn into the womb of a healthy happy mother in a good home. Thank you.

Gar Deceased

And to end on a happy note – I met a Native American Witch lately who may be able to teach me some of their ways, with my other teachers Lady EWH and her Apprentice in NY. I may get that Jeep above to get to my land across the stream. It is completely off road, no title or license needed, has a winch on the front and can literally almost climb a tree, LOL. I bought a terrarium and want to get a small snake that eats only crickets, not mice, but cannot find such a snake at the local pet store. So, Brother DJ and i looked around his property for snakes under rubber sheeting covering wood, no luck. I have mostly water and garter snakes here and the rare copperhead if it is a drought, but also the occasional black snake. I have no fear of them and know how to handle them. So, my plan is to catch a small one, raise it in the cage, feed it crickets, then when it is ready for mice and moles release it into the wild behind the house. Oh, and i got one that had been killed by cats and was in a guys freezer for four years so i was told to unthaw it and dump a lot of salt in to mummify it so then i can get the skull and bones for a Damballah Vodoun rattle. And, another guy gave me a bunch of deer antlers, two full sets, and 6 separate. Of course i did cleansings and offerings to their spirits. Those will go on top of walking sticks and horned crowns for HPTs.

Note – all the pics above Copyright GLHoke 2014 and the pics of the vehicles taken with the permission of the owner to publish here.

B B.


Scandinavian Midsummer Festival – from the Sarah Anne Lawless website

vegvisir black

I cannot reblog this directly since it is a website, and her pics are her copyright, so am just putting in a relevant Tumblr pic and here is the link.


I encourage you all to “follow” her site as it is most interesting and go to her home page to see what it is all about.


Here’s another good link http://sarahannelawless.com/2014/07/04/first-forest/ Slowly catching up on old blog posts waaaaaay behind. Blessings.