6 Weeks in the Life of an Appalachian Witch – Part 1

Blessed Be. I know i have not posted in awhile, except maybe to reblog so excellent posts from Lauren in NOLA. I take tons of photos, but they are too large to upload to WP. I tried to reduce them into one post but it crashed their server. Whatever. So I am uploading in a series of photographic and word posts what i have snapped and thought in the last 6 weeks. These photos are in no particular chronological or theme oriented but whatever is in the box to upload in that order with some few comments below the pics. Enjoy…..

Two mosquitoes mating for  HOURS on a red towel hung out to dry, I guess they just liked the red since they feed on blood.

Copyright2015GLHoke (1)

My Ghede, the oldest male in a cemetery near me. Note the inverse pentagram.

Copyright2015GLHoke (2)

An old abandoned house and barn near me, torn down by a bulldozer, found lots of interesting metal and stone objects therein, and it was Not posted No Trespassing.

Copyright2015GLHoke (3)

The camera just went off at night  and all i could see was a flame and when i did auto adjust on Paint.net this is what came out. Weird…Copyright2015GLHoke (5)

The 400+ pound bear who occasionally visits, caught on my neighbor’s game cam in his back yard at dusk, full story to follow in next post. Lets just say i inadvertently got within 10 feet of him one dark night and did not see him as he was sitting in my maple tree as i walked by…..Copyright2015GLHoke (6)

Holey Tree near the Red Lodge

Copyright2015GLHoke (4)

Four Chinook Helli copters flying near the junk yard were i was selling screp metal for some food etc. These can transport Humves and carry tanks. Our tax dollars at work..

Copyright2015GLHoke (7)

Instead of “Guns and Roses” lets call this Guns and Absinthe

Copyright2015GLHoke (8)

More posts with more pics from May and June to come… Enjoy.

A Few Days in the Life of an Appalachian Witch – 17-19 March 2015

18 March (4) 18 March (5)

Above – AmerIndian Artifacts which will be Repatriated

to the People of the Tribes of their Ancestors

Below – Photos from around the White Black Haus, der Hexen Haus and der Red Lodge

19 March (1) 19 March (2) 19 March (3) 19 March (4) 19 March (5) 19 March (6) 19 March (7) 19 March (8) 19 March (9) 19 March (10) 19 March (11) 19 March (12) 19 March (13) 20150318_180302

Ah the good ole days…….

Le Messe Noire

My Favourite Blogger – Metal Gaia

Metal Gaia with AR15

Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams 13

Au revoir mon ami sorcière peut-être dans une vie future

Telsa RIP 31 Jan 2014 (2)


tumblr_lyfhpzCPHp1r0ouhgo1_r2_500 tumblr_moo53j6Sc21qcpyevo1_500 tumblr_n8glxaYlgS1rg1ulio1_500

Warrior Woman from Metal Gaia’s Blog

Woman Sword BW

Blessings, and if not, then skillful weapons fight…..

The Message of Goddess Fortuna

What a fantastic post and fascinating dream from Valentina. Thanks for sharing and i am going to reblog it, and may Dame Fortune shine upon All of us. Blessed Be!

Valentina's Reflections

I live a life of devotion. I love my Gods. Sometimes they talk to me in my dreams.  Since today is a very auspicious day, dated 12-13-14, I thought it appropriate to finally post a dream conversation I had with the Goddess Fortuna.  This is a re-post from my old Mindsay blog.  So posting this again, I hope, will bring you a great message, and us both wonderful luck.  Enjoy!

On the night of September 3rd 2009, I dreamed about the Roman Goddess Fortune (also known as Dame Fortuna).  The following is posted directly from my private handwritten dream journal.

“I am not Lady Luck,” she smiled, dressed in jewel encrusted red velvet and gold (as if she just stepped out of an Italian Renaissance painting) her hair colored amber honey, tied up in braids with ribbons of gold — real gold that shimmered like tinsel. Looking at her… she…

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