Jesus Mary Buddha and Moonfower

Snapped these yesterday so i am trying hard to update this blog with the pics i take instead of falling 6 weeks behind as before. Blessings and Enjoy.

The light was so ambiently perfect for this shot of various Christian crucifixes and such on this altar on the top floor of the former Hex Haus which is now the White House of Prayer. The top center one hanging is solid brass with gold plating, the bottom left is a rare old crucifix that has round wood and is probably Dominican, the brass paten is the lamen of Bernard who was a Benedictine and probably came from an old Catholic or Orthodox church at some time, i having found it at a flea market. Bottom center is an emergency last rites cross one hung in one’s house in case someone was dying and a Priest could not get there and it slides open with the cross standing in the base and in that base is hidden two blessed white candles and some holy water and oil. To the right is a bronze statue of Jesus of the Sacred Heart and on the left a nice glass bell and to the right a vial from Dr Santee’s library which i found a Templar cross glass stopper for at once again a flea market and i think the people just gave it to me. I keep holy water from various churches in it. In front of them is an Austrian crystal ball that Lady Phoebe gave me. The old box i found in my late Dad’s attic to his garage and restored it. I have tones of old boxes like that from him and my Grampa.

13 June (1)

The stumps of wood my bro gave me after building his mountain cabin on stilts. The blue Buddha is from a broken wind chime. And the candle is of course Our Lady of Guadalupe formerly Coatlelupia an Aztec serpent Goddess. They painted over the snakes at her feet with angels.

13 June (2)

About a week or so ago i was weeding out my mum’s flower pots I found this small moonflower aka datura aka jimson weed aka a powerful ethnogen. It only blooms at night with wonderful stinky white flowers, like rough soil, and likes being planted in the west, which is what i did and here is the first bloom starting out. It may totally bloom tonight or tomorrow night and i will post that.

14 June

6 Weeks in the Life of an Appalachian Witch – Part 3

Here are some more pics from the month of May 2015. Enjoy !

Honouring the bones of a Huron AmerIndian burial dug up legally in the 1930s and to be returned to them if they would just answer my emails or if i could find a Native American who would re-bury them for me, but i can’t. So, I will do it myself somewhere with the corn meal offering and for now the yellow candle. In that cache is a couple human teeth and the rest is animal bones, shells, burnt corn, a dried mushroom, and a copper with bone handled fleshing knife.

Copyright2015GLHoke (17)

A chalk cross full of symbols in front of the Gnostic Christian altar at the Hex Haus.

Copyright2015GLHoke (18)

A couple weeks ago i found this baby mouse belly up and near death at the Red Lodge. It was so young its eyes were not open. I put it in a box with some tissues and kept trying to at least give it some water and milk with a dropper. I carried it around for a day and a half, even in the car on a trip up to Wapwallpen. It stayed alive and i petted it and carried it around in my shirt pocket. Finally when i was visiting Dr Santee’s grave it died. I cried and cried because i tried and tried to keep it alive, but it was just too long. This picture is the dead little baby mousie cradled in the arms of a Buddha statue, and then i put tobacco all over it and laid it before the Goddess in Snakehenge, and then i buried it facing east under the hemlock where other critters are buried. RIP and be reborn in the womb of a mother mouse in a safe place and live a long life little mousie…

Copyright2015GLHoke (19)

As i said i took another trip up to Wapwallopen to visit TIK and his wife where i was graciously fed and bedded over night. Now this is the guy with the house FULL of AmerIndian artifacts i would guess at $3 million in value. The next day he gave me a tour of the various AmerIndian burial grounds in the area and to Fredna falls which Janee aka Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue aka Fredna and Fred aka Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Lord Merlin named after themselves together thus Fredna Falls. I will post pics of both events in the next post or so. TIK also took me on the way back to Santee’s grave where his parents are buried also and i had him snap this picture of my by Dr Santee’s grave. Thanks TIK and Shirley.

Copyright2015GLHoke (20)

On the way home i finally stopped at what i thought was a cemetery which i have driven by for decades and yes there are two nun cemeteries but there is also a huge cathedral dedicated to St Cyril and a nunnery and a school for girls.

Copyright2015GLHoke (21) Copyright2015GLHoke (22)

An angel guarding the two nun cemeteries on each side.

Copyright2015GLHoke (23) Copyright2015GLHoke (24)

The Goddess Mary well adorned with flowers above and below. Hail Mary, Mother of God, and yes i mean the Goddess who gave birth to what everyone calls GOD aka YHVH aka the Star Sun God above and the Horned God on Earth.

Copyright2015GLHoke (25)

I like how i caught the sun ray shining down from this 8 story tower in the cathedral.

Copyright2015GLHoke (26)

In the foyer going into the main cathedral is this statue of Mikael Archangeles.

Copyright2015GLHoke (27)

Looking from the altar back through this Huge cathedral. This blurry picture does not capture the beauty of the sun coming in the huge stained glass windows.

Copyright2015GLHoke (28)

The High Altar.

Copyright2015GLHoke (29)

6 Weeks in the Life of an Appalachian Witch – Part 2

Part 2 of 6 weeks in the life of an Appalachian Witch

I brought some stuff back from Lady EWH’s yard and this toad was with the stones and statues.

Copyright2015GLHoke (9)

Some of Lady EWH’s yard ornaments i am guarding temporarily. TY honey.

Copyright2015GLHoke (10)

A local graveyard with some abandoned stones up against a tree.

Copyright2015GLHoke (11)

I found this at the Goodwill and gifted it to Pastor Larry Hawkins of  St Michael’s German Lutheran church in Harrisburg. For us witches, just substitute Goddess for God or God/ess.

Copyright2015GLHoke (12)

I think this is one of the best photographs i have ever taken, an indigo butterfly sitting off the edge of my glass of burgundy wine.

Copyright2015GLHoke (13)

Over across the stream at the Red Lodge i have a field i cleared of head high white pines and Dutch Jeff came over and rototilled it and gave me some red potatoes starting to sprout and i planted them and some garlic and onions. This is an old pic as the potatoes are about 2 feet high now.

Copyright2015GLHoke (14)

My outside Buddhist altar courtesy of statues on loan from Lady EWH and the pieces of wood my brother gave me after he built his cabin up on these kind of pylons.

Copyright2015GLHoke (15) Copyright2015GLHoke (16)

Enjoy and Blessed Be and Part 3 to follow in the next couple days….

6 Weeks in the Life of an Appalachian Witch – Part 1

Blessed Be. I know i have not posted in awhile, except maybe to reblog so excellent posts from Lauren in NOLA. I take tons of photos, but they are too large to upload to WP. I tried to reduce them into one post but it crashed their server. Whatever. So I am uploading in a series of photographic and word posts what i have snapped and thought in the last 6 weeks. These photos are in no particular chronological or theme oriented but whatever is in the box to upload in that order with some few comments below the pics. Enjoy…..

Two mosquitoes mating for  HOURS on a red towel hung out to dry, I guess they just liked the red since they feed on blood.

Copyright2015GLHoke (1)

My Ghede, the oldest male in a cemetery near me. Note the inverse pentagram.

Copyright2015GLHoke (2)

An old abandoned house and barn near me, torn down by a bulldozer, found lots of interesting metal and stone objects therein, and it was Not posted No Trespassing.

Copyright2015GLHoke (3)

The camera just went off at night  and all i could see was a flame and when i did auto adjust on this is what came out. Weird…Copyright2015GLHoke (5)

The 400+ pound bear who occasionally visits, caught on my neighbor’s game cam in his back yard at dusk, full story to follow in next post. Lets just say i inadvertently got within 10 feet of him one dark night and did not see him as he was sitting in my maple tree as i walked by…..Copyright2015GLHoke (6)

Holey Tree near the Red Lodge

Copyright2015GLHoke (4)

Four Chinook Helli copters flying near the junk yard were i was selling screp metal for some food etc. These can transport Humves and carry tanks. Our tax dollars at work..

Copyright2015GLHoke (7)

Instead of “Guns and Roses” lets call this Guns and Absinthe

Copyright2015GLHoke (8)

More posts with more pics from May and June to come… Enjoy.

Flying Mystics – Cloud Surfing

I have been trying to go through the hundreds of blog posts from those i follow but just gave up and deleted them all. I am sure i have missed a lot of great writings etc. But i did find this one which i think i found on the Karmapolice blog so TY TG. I have also stopped “following” everyone and instead of having hundreds of bookmarks just go through maybe one blog a day to see what is new. I think i can handle that. It has been a busy spring with lots of projects both inside and outside piled up everywhere so i have been concentrating on that instead of this blog or the computer world in general. You will still see some occasional posts like of my photography and in the next few days i will publish one of those with some catch up of what i have been up to. Blessings.

Regarding the video below I am sure the paintings accompanying this music video are the works of Li Gotami the consort of Anagarika Govinda, both of whose books and artwork i highly recommend.


the protected body

Dearest Morgana – Reading your blog posts is like looking into the window of your soul, so thank you for that window. Oh how i wish i could walk the ocean shore with you and your spirit and spiritual friends. Yes we are cursed with being spiritual. Oh how easy life would be to just be a muggle lol. Blessings this fine day….

love by the moon

“I leave my body, each time knowing that there is a chance I might not make it back.”

— Sarah Anne Lawless, For Fear of Flying

“How much of this was ‘real’? I had enough anglo blood in my veins to worry about this a moment on my way down the hill. But I quickly decided, what difference would it make if the vision were ‘real’? Would its power be diminished if it were not? And by what means could I quantify its reality?”

— Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Coyote Medicine

Yes, exactly (I feel like I’ve been using that phrase a lot here lately).


I have been reading a lot on journey work, the fear that holds one back, and the small death of soul flight. The choice and the being taken. Yes, those who walk this path don’t always get the choice. So, why? That is the question I…

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Book Review: Trees of the Goddess by Elen Sentier

I use ogham to carve on my walking sticks, besoms and stangs as it is so easy. Sounds like a great little book which i am putting on my wish list. Reblogging so TY and Blessings!

The Haunted Palace

Trees of the Goddess by Elen Sentier

Image taken from Moon Books website Image taken from Moon Books website

Trees of the Goddess is a great little book, in only 101 pages Elen Sentier manages to introduce the main concepts of Ogham, the Celtic tree alphabet, and its application within the British Shamanic Tradition.

The book provides a primer for tree magic, and provides an explanation of the cycles of the sun and moon before covering the Ogham alphabet and ending with a series of deceptively straight forward sounding exercises and rituals.

As someone only vaguely aware of Ogham and aware of it only in the context of archaeological inscriptions, it was truly absorbing to find out more about the deeper more esoteric side of this alphabet.   The book sets out the 13 months of the year, alongside the Ogham symbol and the corresponding British tree.  A wealth of practical information such as etymology, history, identifying features…

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