A Day in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 19-20 February 2015 – A Trip to Wapwallopen and some Weird Synchronocities with the Living and the Dead

Coven of the Catta

After no sleep at 4am I spontaneously drove north to the Berwick / Nescopeck / Wapwallopen area. I stopped half way up that two hour trip and took an hour long cat nap in a parking lot of an abandoned business distribution center.

Unfortunately i was not able to meet with two of the High Priestesses in the Coven d/t their schedules. I did meet with an old coven member for awhile before she had her son, whom i had never met before, take her to a doctor’s appointment to have her new pacemaker checked out, something i did of course for 11 years. Her home health aid was there and Lady Persephone and I were able to talk Witchcraft openly in from of the aid and the son for a short time, then i moved on.

So i decided to visit Council Cup mountain again after a trip to…

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Lee’s Photo Dump from the Last Week or so – All Pictures Copyright GLHoke 2015

Photos taken in the last few weeks. All photographs Copyright GLHoke 2015. If you want to know the place, date and context of the photo, please email me at leeshawnus@gmail.com though no one has ever done that. It is very late, and i am too tired to add comments, maybe tomorrow. Blessed Be and Enjoy !!!

OK, in the not so bright state of my first cup of coffee and a cigarillo i will attempt to ID some of these pics and their context. Descriptions above not below the pics.

Huge clay pickling jar with blue pentagram at local flea market co-op. Sorry the pic is slightly out of focus, but it was worth photographing it and i did not not the focus being off until too late.

13 Feb (1)

At same co-op a Civil War Calvary officer’s sword and sheath.

13 Feb (2)

Old straight razors. i am bought a cheaper one somewhere else and am going to attempt to use it to same on throw away razors for environmental and financial reasons. I already have the strap for sharpening it like at the old Barbour shops.

13 Feb (3)

Seven miles upriver there was a major AmerIndian battle over a large arrowhead shaped stone that was a talisman of victory in war. This is a smaller version made of stone not native found by the old coot who is extremely intelligent and world smart on his property. I will explore the area and walk the river when it is not like Antarctica  outside.

15 Feb (1)

Yea a warm morning here….

15 Feb (2)

Looking down through the old coot’s junk laden yard towards the battle site. Note the beam of light in the pic. It feels weird there and i am getting a chill now just thinking about it.

15 Feb (3)

His old 140 year old falling apart barn he is going to tear down and sell the weathered oak, which is one inch thick, and the old signage for the old hotel in town.

15 Feb (4)

Closeup of the smaller arrow head shaped marker stone. Looks like a dark oil shale stone to me, not too common here, but sometimes seen in this coal region.

15 Feb (6)

Cauldrons of iron and copper at the local co-op. I already have more cauldrons than a Coven of Macbeth’s Witches LOL.

15 Feb (7)

15 Feb (8) 15 Feb (9) 15 Feb (10) 15 Feb (11)

In a town nearby, on a road i have never driven, i found a place where they carve headstones for graves. It was closed d/t his/her father dying. How ironic. Nearby i found these standing stones and will wait a few days to call and find out what the hell they are and who erected them.

16 Feb (1)

16 Feb (9) 16 Feb (10) 16 Feb (12) 16 Feb (13) 16 Feb (14)

Footprints in the snow of the frozen stream of rabbits, birds and a cat walking out to my neighbor’s bridge. BTW i saw prints of a maybe 2 year old bear, not sure what he/she is doing out of hibernation this time of year, but with nothing to eat in nature i am sure it will be hitting the garbage cans, my bird feeders, and any fawns it can run down.

20 Feb (1) 20 Feb (2) 20 Feb (3)

For the first time in 12 years here the stream with all its rapids is Totally frozen.

20 Feb (4) 20 Feb (5)

Goddess altar on the old stump at Snakehenge at sunset.

20 Feb (6)

In the big old outhouse near the Red Lodge aka Black Cabin i am going to raise chickens this spring and here are some of the hens for sale locally, some of which lay coloured eggs. But i can get mine free from several friends, and laying cages for them too, just have to put up a fence to keep out the foxes and other predators.


The deep artificial lake nearby has over a foot of frozen ice, so ice fishermen were out, crazy people i guess lol, and i walked around the middle of the lake, first time since 2005.

20150221_175014 20150221_175021 20150221_175412

Finis. Enjoy…..

The Duties of a Witch High Priestess and High Priest for a Wiccan Rite of Passage even for someone you do not know, but who Is a Witch

Coven of the Catta

i have been dwelling for days trying to write the words to this blog post, because there are so many profound angles and synchronicitys to it all. So i am just going to ramble on and tell it.

To supplement my meager SSD and pension incomes i am in the buy-sell-trade business and run it out of the back of my jeep. I dumpster dive, stop at places with lots of “junk” in the yard, meet a lot of interesting people that way, go to yard sales, go to store front buy-sell-trade stores, find stuff along the road, dig up stuff in old forgotten dumps, etc etc etc. I make a little extra money that way, but also find some treasures i cannot part with and make some Incredible deals. My specialties are old iron tools, antiques furniture, and religious iconography. It keeps me busy and distracted and gives me…

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A Few Days in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 19-25 July 2014 when my pc was down but now up and here are the Photos and some Experiences

I’m going to make this short and sweet with some vinegar. Below are some pics i took the last few days when my pc was down, which is now fixed, and my tv is now my monitor so i can see better to write and i now have two monitors i can run at the same time or watch tv or a video while i surf on the other monitor, so my desk looks like the launch station at NASA, LOL. The tech said i did not need two of the three pieces of hardware i bought because it is already in my pc so i can get back that money, yea.

I am taking down the COC FB page because it is a PIA and just a place i reblog what i write on COC and BSSS and reblog from yr sites. Have i told u all for 15 years how much i fking HATE FB? f anyone wants to really be my real friend my email is leeshawnus@gmail.com so stop messaging me thru FB which will be asleep by this Friday New Moon days end.

I am going to just upload a sht load of photos then try to squeeze more comment in at the end. You can try to figure out what the photos mean and email me if you want more info.

Anyone who wants for cheap or nothing the remaining faceted or cab stones needs to contact me ASAP as they are going going almost gone. All u FB fanatics who can send off 10 private messages or texts but “don’t have the time to call” will lose out on hundreds of dollars of high quality stones worth hundreds. You can do so thru comments but an email would be better for privacy’s sake.

OK, the photo dump,which will be my next to last reblog to COC FB then one final video which i cannot upload onto WP only FB and then Adieu FB. Enjoy!

Pics of an Old jeep only for off road i may buy for cheap which i can use to access my property across the stream since i do not have the money to sue the king of the mountain. And pics of a super cool street rod he owns too, his toy, his baby.

21-24 July (3) 21-24 July (4) 21-24 July (6) 21-24 July (7) 21-24 July (10) 21-24 July (39) 21-24 July (43) 21-24 July (44) 21-24 July (45)

 The oldest strangest “old school” hex sign on a barn i have Ever seen.

21-24 July (15)

21-24 July (14)

 21-24 July (16)

Some local, well not that local, ever farther out in BFE that i am, churches and old graveyards going back to the early 1800s mostly German some Irish.

21-24 July (18) 21-24 July (19) 21-24 July (20) 21-24 July (21) 21-24 July (22) 21-24 July (23) 21-24 July (24) 21-24 July (25) 21-24 July (26) 21-24 July (27) 21-24 July (28) 21-24 July (30) 21-24 July (31) 21-24 July (32) 21-24 July (33) 21-24 July (34) 21-24 July (35) 21-24 July (36)

Poor Lady EWH 3* COC lost the Long battle to keep her 18 year old cat alive, using herbal and other alternative medical methods, but lost the battle and she died peacefully a couple days ago. Then the one unfixed male cat of her daughter’s and the one unfixed female cat of her pseuro-daughter, well fill in the blanks, anyway the poor thing went feral in the house and had two kittens one stillborn EWH did CPR on and the other dark to light grey one who Did survive. The feral cat was taken to a farm where she will be happier. The baby EWH carried around in her bra and fed with kitten milk and rubbed his belly to poop was OK for two days until she had to leave her with the girls who did not do the same, so she passed on too. My theory was that the elder cat’s spirit transferred to the womb of the feral cat and when the stillborn died went into the living one to try to try with EWH another 18 years, but shall i say “stupid girls”? Anyway, here is his only good picture and i cropped out as much of EWH as possible so sorry for some cleavage showing here. Light a candle for the elder and baby cats please and prayer that she and he be reborn into the womb of a healthy happy mother in a good home. Thank you.

Gar Deceased

And to end on a happy note – I met a Native American Witch lately who may be able to teach me some of their ways, with my other teachers Lady EWH and her Apprentice in NY. I may get that Jeep above to get to my land across the stream. It is completely off road, no title or license needed, has a winch on the front and can literally almost climb a tree, LOL. I bought a terrarium and want to get a small snake that eats only crickets, not mice, but cannot find such a snake at the local pet store. So, Brother DJ and i looked around his property for snakes under rubber sheeting covering wood, no luck. I have mostly water and garter snakes here and the rare copperhead if it is a drought, but also the occasional black snake. I have no fear of them and know how to handle them. So, my plan is to catch a small one, raise it in the cage, feed it crickets, then when it is ready for mice and moles release it into the wild behind the house. Oh, and i got one that had been killed by cats and was in a guys freezer for four years so i was told to unthaw it and dump a lot of salt in to mummify it so then i can get the skull and bones for a Damballah Vodoun rattle. And, another guy gave me a bunch of deer antlers, two full sets, and 6 separate. Of course i did cleansings and offerings to their spirits. Those will go on top of walking sticks and horned crowns for HPTs.

Note – all the pics above Copyright GLHoke 2014 and the pics of the vehicles taken with the permission of the owner to publish here.

B B.