Witch Priest assimilated as a Borg for Beltane


Photos from the Star Trek series

I usually do not get this personal on a blog post, and am not practicing to set up a FB page soon lol, but felt this needed to be shared with some of the blog followers i feel closest to. I am not looking for pity, just for prayers and blessings.

About 3 years ago i started developing the symptoms of various neuro-muscular dystonias which grouped together are called Meige’s syndrome. Without going into detail i had to leave my job, which i loved, and became disabled. I am able to take care of myself and do things around the house and drive short distances on cloudy days, as long as i hold my head up with my hand. Basically i went from being a fairly health guy who could climb the mountain behind the house to someone who sits on this fucking sofa all day blogging etc on the internet.

i started out having insurance and pursued various therapies from neurologist movement specialists to massage (helps some), acupuncture, various herbal remedies, botox injections, and various gaba and barbituate drugs etc etc. Eventually i lost my insurance and then finally was on SSD and on Medicare where i went back to the neurologist who referred me to one of the top neurosurgeons in the country for this at an excellent teaching and research medical center fairly nearby. They suggested a Deep Brain Stimulator like they use on Parkinson’s patients, and tomorrow on Beltane i will get the leads and a week later the generator.  I’m not wild about all of this, but it seems the only path before me. I trust my neurosurgeon and his skills. There is a 50-75% chance this will help with my symptoms in the next few weeks to months, so on to become a Borg, part man and part machine, lol.

I find it interesting that they scheduled a witch high priest for surgery on Beltane, which is also my oldest black Shadow Cat’s 13th birthday!

Here are some links to my condition:

Meige’s Syndrome


And some links to the device and its implant:

Deep Brain Stimulation

DBS for Dystonia

DBS Implant Surgery


DBS for Parkinsons (thank the gods i am not this bad)

My Neurosurgeon

I have a small but very supportive network of friends, my gf, and family who will help me though this as i recover, giving me rides to and fro and keeping my spirits up. I ask that all of you of various Wiccan, Pagan, Kemetic or whatever faiths light a candle in your mind for me that i come though this unscathed and benefit from this sophisticated procedure. Thank you and Blessed Be.


Hopefully she will be my nurse ;)

serpent’s stone divination

Tressabelle at Ozark Pagan Mamma shared this short but succinct article on the use of snake stones for divination. The longer article she refers to Druid Divination – The Serpent’s Stone by Mark Bailey is her post and covers a variety of Druid divination techniques. I know both the AmerIndians and shamans in the Himalayas had stories of sacred serpents or nagas carrying these stones in their heads, kinda like a third eye pituitary or pineal gland. I think for me the native stones with these colors i can used are stream and river smoothed white quartz, dark green feldspar, and red jasper. Enjoy!

Ozark Pagan Mamma

The elegantly simple method of divination known as serpent’s stones (or awen stones) is probably not ancient, but is destined to be a classic. It is ideal as an early divination method to teach children, and as an easy method of augury for solitary or group ritual.

All that is needed are three stones and a pouch to keep them in. For the stones, select:

  • one white/light colored stone to represent all things positive and the answer “yes”
  • one red colored stone to represent yourself
  • and one black/dark colored stone to represent anything “crossing” you and the answer “no”.

To use serpent’s stones for divination, simply roll them around in your hand, with your question in mind, until it feels right to toss them out onto the ground or other surface. The stone landing closest to the red stone indicates your answer. If they are an equal distance from the…

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A Full (moon) Service Affair


Photo by Bladup

I like this full moon ritual done by the blogger of Downtrodden – Old Time Witchcraft in the Heart of Modern Kent where he was able to get out of his urban environment to the Kits Coty Cairn for a solitary and personal ritual. Enjoy.

Pilgrim's Way

This week’s full moon was a bit of an unknown.  I only had the one thing I really needed to do and that was to rededicate my horn cup which sprung a leak early last year and had just recently been repaired…other than that I was unsure where this would go, knowing only for sure there would be a compass and there would be a sacrament.

I packed my kit, nothing more at first than my cup, some bread, a bottle of mead and knife.  Something else however told me to pack my Runes.  ”Just in case…”

Out of the kitchen window the sun was starting to set, just caressing the top of the North Downs, the blue sky slowly giving way to the faintest hues of orange and pink.  It dawned on me it was to be one of those occasions where actually, the work had started long before…

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Selling Holy Death – From Grim Reaper to Skeletal Virgin, A Brief Look at Commercializing an Emerging Iconography

I found this interesting article on Santa Muerte from The Eyeless Owl blog referred to from Sarah Veale’s Invocatio blog, which comes out about once a week with lots of great articles from various blogs. I also liked Nick Farrell’s post on choosing magickal groups. Enjoy!


“What Flowers Indicate:

I have always noticed that wherever you find flowers, no matter whether in a garret or in a palace, it is a pretty sure sign that there is an inner refinement of which the world is not cognizant. I have seen flowers cultivated and cherished by some of the lowest and poorest of our people. Where these emblems of purity are found, you may rest assured that they represent a  hope, and speak of a goodness of heart not to be found where they are absent.”

– from My Prayer Book – Happiness in Goodness: Reflections, Counsels, Prayers and Devotions by Rev. F.E. Lasance (Benzinger Brothers, INc. Printers to the Holy Apostolic See, 1944)


Tracking the flowering of the Santa Muerte tradition is a fascinating way to study the development of an “official” religion from the seeds of folk practice.  In the United States alarmist media has…

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24th Birthday of the 11th Panchen Lama Gedhun Choekyi Nyima – still a political prisoner in China


Today is the 24th Birthday of the Gedhun Choekyi Nyima the legitimate 11th Panchen Lama of Tibet, who is still a political prisoner in China. According to Students for a Free Tibet:

“One of Tibet’s highest spiritual leaders, His Holiness the Panchen Lama, turns 24 years old today. This should be an occasion of great celebration for Tibetans everywhere, but instead we mark this occasion in protest and with sadness.

For almost two decades, the Panchen Lama has been a prisoner of the Chinese government. He was forcibly disappeared when he was just six years old. China claims he is living a normal life but they have refused anyone access to him.

Tibetans are a deeply spiritual people and our Buddhist leaders fulfill a central role in our society and culture. Under Chinese rule, Tibetans have been deprived of the leadership and guidance of our highest spiritual figures for too long. Their absence has had a devastating impact on our people, one that can be seen in the sheer number of monks and nuns who have lit their bodies on fire, calling for the return of the Dalai Lama and the release of the Panchen Lama.

The UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances (CED) is an international human rights body that monitors and prevents forced disappearances.If we build enough global pressure, we can ensure that CED raises the Panchen Lama’s case with China”

After the Chinese government kidnapped him at age 6 they installed their own puppet Panchen Lama, which you can read about in the Wiki links above. And it is assumed that when the much loved Dalai Lama passes they will attempt to do the same thing with his position. How strange, an atheistic communist country manipulating religious leaders to manipulate political policy in Tibet and around the world?

Beltane Full Moon – a Witch’s sacred week of spring rites


From a blog listed below

I am writing to wish all my fellow witches and pagans a Blessed Full Moon and an early Blessed Beltane next week. I often go by the lunar calendar for the cross quarter Sabats in between the solar Solstices and Equinoxes. Unfortunately the members of our small coven were not able to get together for ritual this year due to various schedule conflicts, including me getting a type of neurosurgery on Beltane itself (don’t worry, nothing life threatening going on, and will post on that closer to that date). Can you believe they would schedule a witch High Priest for surgery on Beltane? LOL. But i consider that an auspicious bit of timing for me for something i was not sure i was going to have done or not.

Usually we all go up to Lady Alsace’s for a lovely outdoor ritual in her marvelous English style garden (she was born and raised in Australia), but like i said not this year, so i will post some pics from previous rituals and some links to some blogs about upcoming Beltane which i am sure i will add to as more are published.

Mayday Lady Alsace (2)

Besoms around Lady Alsace’s outdoor altar

Mayday Lady Alsace (1)

Bread Goddess in flower wreath

Maypole of besoms (1)

If you don’t have a Maypole then tie some besoms together

Maypole of besoms (2)

Maypole at the local but now disbanded Mystic Maple

Here are links to a recent posting at The Arty Cats Witch blog on her Beltane plans with some tasteful erotic paintings (that are 18+ for viewing). And i found on The Domestic Witch blog (where i got the picture at the top of this post) her post from last year’s Beltane, which has some good information on this festival. And like i said i am sure i will be adding more links and look forward to Your posts.

4/26 Addendum – This was just posted today from Spiritblogger’s Blog and has lists on how May Day is celebrated in various countries.

And below are some other Beltane images i googled, most of which have no provenance listed. Enjoy!

Beltane Goddess

Beautiful May Queen – source unknown


Fae on Beltane Morn – Lance Oller 2004

beltane bw

Beltane Eve fun. Yeeehaaah! Source unknown

4,000 year old gold-adorned (female) skeleton found near Windsor – from Archeology News Network blog


Artist’s credit – Wessex Archaeology

The other day i found this interesting post at the Archeology New Network Blog, which i visit daily. The post is called 4,000 year old gold-adorned skeleton found near Windsor and is a woman of great status based on the grave goods found buried with her. To quote from the post:

Archaeologist Gareth Chaffey of Wessex Archaeology, who is directing the ongoing excavation, said that the woman unearthed at the site “was probably an important person in her society, perhaps holding some standing which gave her access to prestigious, rare and exotic items. She could have been a leader, a person with power and authority, or possibly part of an elite family – perhaps a princess or queen.”

What i as a pagan and witch find interesting is that this burial is from the time of Stonehenge and how she was buried with a cup in her hands. Also interesting how men were buried with their heads pointed north and females with their heads pointed south. This is  why i love to follow archeology and anthropology sites because sometimes they give us a glimpse into the power of the Goddess in ancient times. Note i rotated the original picture for aesthetic reasons.

Uncanny UK – about the ghosts and more in Albion


Image from Uncanny UK

This site Uncanny UK is fun with lots of short stories about ghosts, fairies, witches and weird creatures in Britain. And here is their WordPress Blog. To quote from their site:

“The United Kingdom is renowned as the most haunted country on Earth. The British Isles are also rich in folklore regarding fairies, witches, giants, dragons and all manner of strange superstitions and customs.

But supernatural activity is as prevalent today in Britain as it has always been. Ghosts haunt our homes and highways, weird animals prowl our moors and fields, fairies are still to be glimpsed.

Uncanny UK is an online magazine devoted to the supernatural in Britain. Every week at least one new article will be uploaded, on British ghosts, fairies, witchcraft or alien animals.”

The blog and site are about various spooky phenomenon and do not go into depth on each story but do have references and links for further investigation, and there are lots of good links tab of the website too. Enjoy!

“The Green Fire” – Celebrating the life of conservationist Aldo Leopold for Earth Day 2013


Source Unknown

Yesterday on a pubic broadcasting system TV documentary called “The Green Fire” I learned about the wonderful life of Aldo Leopold (1887-1948) who at first worked for the US Forestry department and went along with the system like everyone else of shooting wolves and other predators to protect sheep and cattle farmers. One day he shot a mother wolf and said in her dying eyes he saw a “green fire” that would haunt him for his life. He went on to write several books and become an environmentalist as he saw the rape of Nature by the progress of Man. You can read more at the Wiki link above, and here is a short quote from that article:

“Early on, Leopold was assigned to hunt and kill bears, wolves, and mountain lions in New Mexico. Local ranchers hated these predators because of livestock losses; however, Leopold came to respect the animals. He developed an ecological ethic that replaced the earlier wilderness ethic that stressed the need for human dominance. Rethinking the importance of predators in the balance of nature resulted in the return of bears and mountain lions to New Mexico wilderness areas.”

And here are some Excerpts from the Works of Aldo Leopold, and a short video below. I hope you all get to watch this documentary next time it airs at it is most appropriate for this Earth Day of 2013. We have much to thank for pioneering thinkers and actors whose work has slowed the destruction of the environment in the vast expanses of these United States, and whose ideas will hopefully spread worldwide.

Also here is a link to a good post at The Wild Hunt called Pagans and Earth Day.