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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 40,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 15 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Magick by the Moon

Its timely he posted this as a few days ago a student, who noticed there are no blue moons in 2014 but two months with two new moons and what that was called, but i had no answer because i am not an astrologer, so thanks. I can now send her this link and will reblog it for others too. BTW here is a free link to a 2014 calendar with the lunar dates and other solar and lunar specific data. http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/?year=2014 BB

Sometimes a Wild God

I saw this post reblogged on another blogger’s site, and really think it is one strange marvelous poem. I have not had a chance to explore this entire blog yet, but it looks like some interesting and good poetry and more. Enjoy!

Coyopa : words by Tom Hirons

I’m delighted to say that this poem is now available to buy in book form, with amazing illustrations by Rima Staines. There’s another of the illustrations at the bottom of this post. It’s printed on 100% recycled paper in the UK by a worker’s co-op. Do take a look – it’s a beautiful, pocket-size book and only costs £7.50 + p&p!

You can buy it direct from us at the Hedgespoken Press website:


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“When Trees Disappear” and then the Spring Returns – by Chas. S. Clifton

Tree above and below

Tumblr picture with multiple sources

I found this wonderful story of Nature’s destruction and then rebirth linked from The Wild Hunt – Pagan Voices. It is a post by Chas.S.Clifton in his Letter from Hardscrabble Creek blog (check out his About page and Wiccan Pagan Animist books) in a post entitled When Trees Disappear which is an update of the last two years (so read his links too for the big picture) since a forest fire ravaged the mountain behind him from the viewpoint of a small mountain stream and it’s rebirth with the rest of nature. I think it is a wonderful story with great pics and i especially liked the one of the bear cub drinking from the spring. Enjoy!


Tumblr picture with multiple sources

Christmas Crimes – “Stealing from the Dead” and Stealing from Grandmas

Wreath_email copyright Ed Snyder 2013

Photo copyright Ed Snyder 2013 permission requested

I found this blog post at The Cemetery Traver – by Ed Snyder today called Stealing from the Dead which tells about thieves breaking into a the nearby Philadelphia cemetery then prying off and stealing the bronze doors to several mausoleums and vaults to try to sell as scrap metal, but good luck with that as the scrap buyers are hip to such scams and know the legal and monetary penalties if they are caught accepting these items. Now they have chains on some of the doors to make carrying two of them chained together almost impossible, but then that is what bolt cutters are for. I guess someone might have gotten the money for a day’s worth of alcohol and heroin from that dastardly deed. We used to chain tombs to keep the dead in, but now we have to chain them to keep the living out, but then there have Always been tomb robbers, and may the gods of the dead reek their vengeance upon them.

Chained_emaill copyright Ed Snyder 2013

Photo copyright Ed Snyder 2013 permission requested

And speaking of horrid Christmas thefts – My gf works as a home health aid, and one of her elderly Grandma patients had placed monetary gifts in cards for the grandchildren under the Christmas tree, and told her a previous aid (who is now fired and charged with the crime, having failed the lie detector test) stole $1000 in cash from those cards !!! So just how low on the moral scale can someone go to steal from the elderly (whose insurance is employing them), and from grandchildren, and on Christmas?!!!

Some Idiot Painted Marie Laveaux’s Tomb Pink! – from Dorothy Morrison

marie laveau's tomb-by dorothy morrison

Copyright Dorothy Morrison and permission to use under request

I found this story at The Wild Hunt yesterday linking to a post at The Art of Conjure blog entitled Wicked Witch Extraordinaire Dorothy Morrison Delivers Evidence of a Pink Marie Laveaux Tomb. And not just pink, but Pepito-Bismol pink. Vandalism or Devotion? There are a lot of links at TWH and Art of Conjure blogs. I think it is just some crazy person who got it into his/her head to do this some drunk drug crazed night. But as you can see from the picture above there are already X marks on it for prayers to the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

Here’s me at the originally white washed Marie Laveaux Tomb circa 1990s. There were pieces of red brick laying in front of it to make one’s wish mark, plus offerings of candles and flowers etc. We went with the Park Ranger as it was very dangerous with shady types skulking around the tombs ready to jump and rob you. I also found a piece of what looked like the end of a human finger or foot bone at the base of the walls in which people were interred and then when they had decomposed to bone those were pulled out to put the next body in. It was hot as hell down there, and i think that was in early October. The shops downtown had the most amazing real bone artifacts and other Vodoun paraphernalia. In one of the open outside markets is where I found my wood carved statue of Babaluaye which i bought and carried on the plane under the seat in front of me which was occupied by a Catholic priest, lol. Bet he had some wild dreams that night, lol. From there I got into Vodoun a little as other Lwa followed Baba home with me.

Lee at Marie Laveaux's Tomb 1990s

Photo copyright GLHoke 2013

but taken in the 1990s decades ago.

Wicked Witch Extraordinaire Dorothy Morrison Delivers Evidence of a Pink Marie Laveaux Tomb
Read more at http://conjureart.blogspot.com/2013/12/wicked-witch-extraordinaire-dorothy.html#IRtMySLDKf91wPwr.99
Wicked Witch Extraordinaire Dorothy Morrison Delivers Evidence of a Pink Marie Laveaux Tomb
Read more at http://conjureart.blogspot.com/2013/12/wicked-witch-extraordinaire-dorothy.html#IRtMySLDKf91wPwr.99

Vincent Price: Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol (1949)

I am not sure what is going on today. There was no rush hour traffic, and when i went into town the grocery, pet store, bank and post office was closed. Oh, that’s right, its Christmas, lol, just kidding.

What a friggin day. The Grinch brought me my gift today, a complete crash of my computer with it constantly wanting to restart and i have worked on this from 7am until now 7pm. Computers are wonderful they work but a pain in the friggin ass when they don’t for sure. I kept restoring the OS from various set points until i had to go back to the original settings from when it came out of the box less than a year ago. Now i have to reinstall ALL the programs i have installed over the past year, and lost most of my latest bookmarks. Luckily i backup all my documents and pictures on flash drives once a month. I have no viruses and keep my pc clean, so who the frig knows what happened. Can I say I HATE WINDOWS 8 !!!

Anyway i saw this video on a now lost blog the other day and though you all might enjoy Vincent Price narrating a 1949 version of A Christmas Carol, a combination of horror and lots of ghosts. Enjoy!

“Lord of the Dance” – Neo-Pagan version by Aiden Kelly and Ann Cass


Lorna at the From Peneverdant put a few stanzas of thisNeo-Pagan version of the Lord of the Dance in one of her comments in a recent post, and I asked her for the source, and she sent me the link to it at Sacred Texts which I am pasting complete here below. I think it is a wonderful song for the Yule season. The pictures I have scattered throughout I once again unfortunately have sources for as most are from Tumblr sites with multiple links, so my apologies to the photographers and artists.

Moon Fire Stonehedge


In response to many requests for information about the neo-paganversion of Lord Of The Dance….                            

The words are credited to Aidan Kelly, C. Taliesin Edwards, and AnnCass; the tune (when it isn’t “Simple Gifts”) is credited to JennyPeckham-Vanzant, and may be an old shape-note hymn. Aidan Kelly and C. Taliesin Edwards may be the same person.                                   

 According to the article in the filksong magazine “Filker Up #3,” (areprint from _Kantele_ #12, Fall 1982, and written by Cathy Cook-MacDonald), the first four verses were written by Kelly and Edwards,four more by Ann Cass in 1975-6, and the four seasonal verses by Ann Cass in 1976. Gwydion recorded the song, with variant lyrics, on his Songs Of The Old Religion_ tape (not the entire song, though).A version of it can also be found on the tape _Celtic Circle Dance_,by Joe Bethancourt.

yule cone of power


  She danced on the water, and the wind was Her horn

  The Lady laughed, and everything was born

  And when She lit the sun and its’ light gave Him birth

  The Lord of the Dance first appeared on the Earth


(Chorus): Dance, dance, where ever you may be

          I am the Lord of the Dance, you see!

          I live in you, and you live in Me

          And I lead you all in the Dance, said He!


  I danced in the morning when the World was begun

  I danced in the Moon and the Stars and the Sun

  I was called from the Darkness by the Song of the Earth

  I joined in the Song, and She gave Me the Birth!


  I dance in the Circle when the flames leap up high

  I dance in the Fire, and I never, ever, die

  I dance in the waves of the bright summer sea

  For I am the Lord of the wave’s mystery


  I sleep in the kernel, and I dance in the rain

  I dance in the wind, and thru the waving grain

  And when you cut me down, I care nothing for the pain;

  In the Spring I’m the Lord of the Dance once again!


  I dance at the Sabbat when you dance out the Spell

  I dance and sing that everyone be well

  And when the dancing’s over do not think that I am gone

  To live is to Dance! So I dance on, and on!


  I see the Maidens laughing as they dance in the Sun

  And I count the fruits of the Harvest, one by one

  I know the Storm is coming, but the Grain is all stored

  So I sing of the Dance of the Lady, and Her Lord:


  The Horn of the Lady cast its’ sound ‘cross the Plain

  The birds took the notes, and gave them back again

  Till the sound of Her music was a Song in the sky

  And to that Song there is only one reply:


  The moon in her phases, and the tides of the sea

  The movement of the Earth, and the Seasons that will be

  Are the rhythm for the dancing, and a promise thru the years

  That the Dance goes on thru all our joy, and tears


  We dance ever slower as the leaves fall and spin

  And the sound of the Horn is the wailing of the wind

  The Earth is wrapped in stillness, and we move in a trance,

  But we hold on fast to our faith in the Dance!


  The sun is in the southland and the days grow chill

  And the sound of the horn is fading on the hill

  ‘Tis the horn of the Hunter, as he rides across the plain

  And the Lady sleeps ’til the Spring comes again


  The Sun is in the Southland and the days lengthen fast

  And soon we will sing for the Winter that is past

  Now we light the candles and rejoice as they burn

  And we dance the Dance of the Sun’s return!


  They danced in the darkness and they danced in the night

  They danced on the Earth, and everything was light

  They danced out the Darkness and they danced in the Dawn

  And the Day of that Dancing is still going on!                                 

  I gaze on the Heavens and I gaze on the Earth

  And I feel the pain of dying, and re-birth

  And I lift my head in gladness, and in praise

  For the Dance of the Lord, and His Lady gay


  I dance in the stars as they whirl throughout space

  And I dance in the pulse of the veins in your face

  No dance is too great, no dance is too small,

  You can look anywhere, for I dance in them all!


Woman Shaman

Here’s another Metal Gaia post on the Woman Shaman, with a short video. The link to Max Danshu’s Suppressed Histories Archive at YT is incorrect but correctly linked here. Enjoy!

Metal Gaia

For the last 2,000 years of human history, the role of female spiritual leaders has been cast in shadow.

In this time we have seen a shift to Patriarchy in many of the world’s cultures.

Women who once provided a role as healers and diviners in the community

were accused of witch craft, heresy or other crimes to solidify the power of Male Priests.

The movie above shows a different story.

An ancient story.

The truth about women’s roles in spirituality and magick.

Both the Masculine and Feminine energies of the Divine are necessary in our lives.

One without the other provides for a grave unbalance.

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