Of glowing roads and nighttime wanders….

I think this is beautifully written, once again by the Irish lady at Confessions of a Hedge Witch. To quote from her About section:
“Many Places have I known; and yet none, do I call home.
I am a wandering Witch, with an animist worldview (leaning heavily, in practice, toward non-theism), and currently live in Ireland. I approach witchcraft as praxis, not religion.
My academic interests are in sociology, psychology and folklore. My personal interests range from Seria A to megaliths, and I adore getting lost–especially in the rain.”

Confessions of a Hedge Witch

The stories you read of Ireland far away; long away, ago, in mist of time forgotten.  Of gleaming paths, crystal jeweled, that stream into the night.  Those nights.  Oh, those nights….that illumine a ribbon winding.  Yes, those nights…they are real!  Those stories are of sight gifted, not by chance or luck or magic, but by birth.  Luck of birth upon these isles where light angles, and mist falls, and some uncanny turn of our starship planet home, gifts this place.

It’s sight.

For stories long forgotten, yet heard upon the winds, tell of this land of shining ways; and of people fair.  Through time was it carried, first by mother, then by child.  

But do not weep, or feel neglected.  Your Place is waiting. For she has magic, too.  Her story is yet written, or was written, yet told many long years…

so long. Ago.  it was forgotten.  In…

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Easter, Eostre, Ostara….what??

I waited until today to reblog this post from Confessions of a Hedge Witch from earlier this week. It is a reblog of her reblog so just follow her link to a long history of Eostre. Blessings.

Confessions of a Hedge Witch

Completely unrelated to Irish mythology or pre-christian indigenous Irish religious practice, but maybe of interest for those on the continent:

Eostre: The Making of a Myth

“…if the concocted Eostre story proves anything, it proves that neopagans are just as capable of disseminating lies and propaganda about other religions as the Christians ever were. “

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Ah the spirit of Easter – News item – “Shots Fired at Florida Pagan Author’s Home”

The news item was just posted at The Wild Hunt entitled Shots Fired at Florida Pagan Author’s Home. To quote from the first line of their post with the full story at the link above:

“Tampa Bay, Florida resident Kyrja Withers, an out Pagan and author of the Pagan-themed children’s book “Rupert’s Tales: The Wheel of the Year Beltane, Litha, Lammas, and Mabon” announced that on Thursday her home was shot at, the most recent escalation in a string of seemingly religiously-motivated incidents.”

And here is a link to the Friends of Rupert website about her books which has the video i embedded below.

OK what kind of GDMF asshole redneck would shout “Fkg Witch” and shoot through the window of this dear sweet woman’s house just because she is an out of the closet pagan who writes children’s books about Rupert the Rabbit’s  stories on the Wheel of the Year? Whomever it was i am sure they will be at the local bar bragging about it Saturday night and in church Sunday morning.


Stonehenge Rediscovered – Astro-Archeology not New Age Interpretation

I know what you are thinking – “Oh boy, another video on Stonehenge, zzzzzzzz.” But this is not another kookie “the aliens did it etc” video. To quote from YT below:

“Not a new age video sorry, no conspiracy shit here just an objective view of Stonehenge through the eyes of Barry Cuncliffe of the university of Oxford and Social anthropologist Lionel Sims.”

The video runs about 90 minutes and is excellently filmed and is not just about Stonehenge but about other megalithic sites in Britain and Europe, and they go into the female and male, lunar and solar sides of culture and possible religion in Megalithic and Bronze Age times, which i found to be of interest. Enjoy!

BTW i cleaned up this blog a bit because i was reaching my megabyte limit for a free blog by deleting about 100 mostly music videos (many of which were now dead links at YT). And i reduced the pages to 5 posts only and took off the eternal scrolling function so it should load faster.

Blasphemy Week Part II – Jesus is Dead for 2 days so Party On!


Since it is Good Friday i will continue with Part 2 of my Blasphemy Week, Part 1 being at Blasphemy Week Part 1 – How Christians should “witness” to Witches to convert them, etc. As i wrote previously i have no problem with Jesus or good Christians, just with the history of that religion, so i am just poking some fun, so please no one be offended. My twisted sense of humor could do this with any established religions, even my own, because if God/ess cannot laugh at themselves then they need to come down from Mount Olympus and maybe take a walk in the hell that this earth, or at least this civilization, is.

So, Jesus is dead for the next 2 days, and according to Catholicism is in purgatory/hell preaching the gospel to the cave men, Zoroastrians, Sumerians, American Indians, Mayans, Hindus, Buddhists, and basically everyone born B.C. to save them. I wonder if he had a business lunch with Lucifer himself?

So what’s a Witch (with a little bit of Baphomet in him) to do this weekend? Well being a vegetarian i will skip the ham dinner on Sunday. So here are some of my party plans:

I can act like Lady Sylvia in

Lair of the White Worm (a must see film)

Snake poison Cross

But “What would Satan do?”

satan seated

I guess i could start with a nice glass of Absinthe


Or I could cut this out and play Dress Up BDSM Jesus


Its a nice day so maybe a walk in the church graveyard?

nun priest graveyard

Well everyone have a nice long weekend, of whatever religious persuasion you are, and i promise to go back to being a “good witch” soon. Enjoy! ;)


Picture credits from various Tumblr and other websites so please let me know if they are yours so i can credit you.

Ronald Hutton podcast on The History of the Horned God


Picture from unknown source


Picture from unknown source

Yesterday I found this link on the Confessions of a Hedge Witch blog entitled Ronald Hutton lecture on the History of the Horned God with a link to Ronald Hutton’s great Druidcast podcast on the subjects of Pan and Kernunnos from Medieval times through the early 1900s. Hutton is a well known old English historian who has written a number of books, some of which raised up some dust with reconstructionist witches and pagans, but his lectures and books tell what we know historically instead of some fairy tale. Just hit on the podcast link and it will download. The first and last fifth of it is music, but the central lecture is fascinating and funny. And he does the best rendering of Aleister Crowley’s Hymn to Pan that i have ever heard. Enjoy!


Professor Ronald Hutton from multiple sources



Nagarjuna “Lightened”

Lightened Nagarjuna

As the earth revolves around the sun the patterns of sun coming into the house change season to season. Sometimes these make some amazing alignments. This afternoon the setting sun was reflected off something outside reflecting back upwards right onto the face of a Nagarjuna thanka I have which was painted by one of the Dalai Lama’s brothers. I took this shot without flash and do not have a good photo editing program at this time, so this is how it came out. I took it as a good sign.

Is the earth alive?

Confessions of a Hedge Witch

Read the short article on NPR

“Tim’s own work is a masterful display of the power of modeling to elucidate the coupling of life with the environment. Firmly based on data, he claims that we should look at Earth as a living thing, just as James Lovelock, his mentor, has argued in the Gaia Hypothesis.

At CERN, Tim told us that “you can pick up Earth’s breathing from the CO2 captured by detectors spread around the planet, a rhythm that moves with night and day.” What a staggeringly beautiful revelation.

Life regulates the stability of the atmosphere so that it can survive. It’s not a purposeful directive, but one that resulted from millions of years of interactions between life and Earth’s atmosphere; one cannot be seen without the other. Life and Earth are one.

I couldn’t think of a more fitting scientific topic to be discussed in this most revered…

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Blasphemy Week Part 1 – How Christians should “witness” to Witches to convert them, etc.


Welcome to “Blasphemy Week” at the BSSS blog, my reaction to the Christian “Holy Week”. As I have written before I have no personal problem with Jesus or Mary as archetypal gods, or even with Jesus original teachings, if some of them were really what he said. My problem has been with Paul, Peter and the entire patriarchal “religion of the book” that followed. Need i go into the violent murderous misogynous pedophile history of the church through the centuries, especially in torturing and killing off any heretic or witch they could find? So this time of year especially brings out the worst in me, or is the Devil making me do ii, or is it Aleister Crowley with his toad crucifixion celebration? No witch i have ever met, nor would ever meet, would sacrifice a living creature, and yet Jehovah had to have a human sacrifice after all the lambs ran out.

Well the witch hunt continues in this website i found called True Light Educational Ministry and their article on how Christians should witness to us witches to convert us in What about WICCA or Witchcraft? Make sure you look up all these verses they are going to quote to you if they show up at your door. And if you are not convinced that you as a witch are worshiping Satan and going to hell, well they can always go back to the old ways that Did work, as illustrated from the old woodcuts from the Inquisition at the top and bottom of this post.

Another fun site is Jesus Never Existed which is a tirade of the abuses of the Christian church, especially on their page entitled 1000 years of Carnage & Barbarity in the name of Christ.

And remember kids – only 2 more days and Jesus will be tortured and crucified dead and in hell for 2 days and we can sin all we want! I know on Good Friday in the Catholic church they extinguish a candle to commemorate this, so then do We sneak in at night and light a black candle?

I hope this post does not offend the more light witches i value as much as the gritty edge ones i have followed and who follow me. I believe in “live and let live” and this is all written in both seriousness and fun. Enjoy.