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Buddha Dragon Saltlamp

Greetings and Blessed Be. I am Magister Shawnus Merlin Santee Belarion Ferrisstar ZAXON 3td* elder High Priest of the Coven of the Catta. You can read more about the coven at the download link below to the free PDFs of booklets i have written.

I am a 61 year old male of German and Scots/Irish descent living here in the Appalachians of Pennsylvania. I have a nice little house on an acre out in the woods, at the base of a mountain, along a stream, and i live here with my two black cats. My house is full of altars to the various deities. I also have a small 1936 bungalow with no electricity or water that i escape to away from technology. The downstairs is set up for Powwow and the upstairs is a full Solomonic temple for that kind of working. I also recently acquired a cabin behind my property which i plan on turning into a full blown Witch Covenstead Temple like Dr Santee and Lady Phoebe had at the original Covenstead where i learned and was trained up north.

I have practiced some form of religion since i was pre-teen, from Christianity to Zen, Thelema, Solomonic Magickes, the Ordo Templi Orientis, British Traditional Witchcraft, Native American Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Shaivism, Naga puja, bloodless Voudoun etc etc etc. I have initiations and empowerments in many of these systems.

The blog is on a variety of occult subjects eastern and western and also contains some music videos, reblog from my blogger friends, and some comedic writings. Some is of an R-rated nature and is plainly labeled thusly.

I had the privilege of meeting and being initiated by Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue of the Coven of the Catta back in 1981 and progressed through my degrees under her tutelage. With a Priestess i ran the Coven up there for about 8 years, then took a hiatus to do other practices, then came back just before her passing. There have been a handful of initiates and few of us that teach. Presently there are two of us who rarely take on new students. But there are Probationers and Third degrees spread from NY to PA to NC to FLA.

I pray to the Goddess Diana-Astarte-Hekate and the God Faunus-Kernunnos-Baphometus that this lineage continues to grow and practice the rituals we have been given.

You can contact me at leeshawnus@gmail.com

If you want to buy a softcover or get a free PDF download booklet on the coven entitled Coven of the Catta – Elders and History – Unique Ritual Practices and Spells then hit this link. I think you have to register at Lulu.com but the download is free.

If you want to see “Coven of the Cat” on “The Haunted” on Animal Planet, which has Lady Alsace and myself in it, it used to be on YT but Unfortunately they seemed to have pulled these videos so now you have to wait for re-runs leading up to Halloween or purchase it at Amazon.

I am the elder HPT of the Coven of the Catta which has been in the USA since 1967 when Sybil Leek initiated Dr Santee who initiated Lady Phoebe who initiated me. Before that it came across the pond with Sybil from the New Forest England Coven of the Horsa and before that from SE France from the Coven de la Dragon Rouge in the Gorge du Loup.

Note some pictures on this site are Copyright 2012 GLHoke and are NOT to be copied to your desktop and pasted into your website, blog or Tumblr site without express permission. The other pictures are from various sources, some so old i have no idea where i got them, some just pulled off recent Tumblr pages. IF ANY OF THESE IMAGES ARE YOURS EMAIL ME AND I WILL IMMEDIATELY PULL THEM OR GIVE YOU CREDIT.


Due to the social nature of this site, it may contain copyrighted material in the form of short quotes the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner, especially if it is from a large news organization. I always give the source site and writer of the material with links back to them. I believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit, to those who have expressed in my blog posts, for comment and nonprofit educational purposes. For more information go to: http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#107. If you, as a member of the community, wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. I claim no rights to any artwork on my blog except for my own photos which are labeled © GLHoke. I’ve tried very hard to source and give the artists credit for their work with link back to their websites. If I cannot find the artist source and it appears at multiple sites on the www I will say so. If this work belongs to you and you would like for me to remove it, please contact me and I will certainly do so immediately. Please note that the intent to share such beautiful artwork is for illustrative purposes that compliment the information presented and is shared with appreciation and respect for the artist and their work and gives them a larger web presence.

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Enjoy, Blessed Be and 93.

32 thoughts on “About Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

  1. Hello,
    I am an avid reader of your blog, Iv noticed you have a number of articles about Aghor Pir, and his blog doesn’t exist anymore, I was wondering do you know how else to contact him, iv been trying to get in contact with him for quite some time.
    Any help would be met with gratitude.

    P.S I love the work you do on this blog, keep the lamp burning, it leads the way for many.


    • Thank you. I guess i should go through all those posts and delete them. One day he announced he was moving and would not be blogging, and then a few weeks later his entire blog went down, which is unfortunate as he had a lot of good information in there.
      Addendum – i just deleted the posts that linked to Aghor Pir. What a shame his blog is gone.

  2. Cassie (giver of the award, above) recommends you and your blog to me highly. I like what I see. I don’t live in the Appalachians any more but I was born there and I still feel the absence of mountains around me, a constant lack. But as Thomas Wolfe said, You can’t go home again, and sadly I literally can’t. Best of luck with your health. I’ll be reading your backblog, so to speak, for quite a while. —And, yes, I miss Aghor too. He was in the same cycle of J. Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course as me, though he was already more a sorcerer than 99% who claim to be, and he was always a knowledgeable gentleman when I had n00b questions. Loving what I’m reading. -R

  3. Hi Blausternschlonge – I tried to email my reply to your lovely comment on my blog, but the email bounced. I hope the reply gets to you this way:

    The area you live in sounds spectacular! I hope you avoid the risk of your cellar flooding. Thanks for pointing out that January 1 is a new moon and the perfect time for a new start. My coven doesn’t usually meet between Yule and Candlemas and that ties in with what your teacher said. Good luck with your back surgery – is that today or next Monday? I hope all goes well for you and recovery as quickly as possible. BB Lucya

  4. Along a stream at the bottom of a mountain….my idea of heaven too!
    Blessed Be, James :-)

      • No not really but I certainly feel a deep connection for my surroundings, especially when I’m close to a beloved stream or river but that may be due to spending most of my life by the water or in the countryside (with my dad) and I’m very empathic.
        It’s a cliche but ‘there’s so much we don’t know’ about nature, so many unseen perceptions yet to be discovered, to gain knowledge of, much more than just whats on the surface.
        I’m rambling but yes, I do become at one with my detector and all my thought is focussed upon it but I feel it’s the experience of use and intimately learning the character of the sounds which has helped me feel as one with my machine, it’s certainly an extension of me when I’m using it. I even do a little mind clearing meditation before starting.
        Dowsing is something I’m going to try one day, interesting stuff.
        James :-)

        • Well you are a natural, not in need of a title or name. I can tell reading your blog you are doing more than just metal detecting. BTW my bro is an amateur at it and i sent him your link. My dad was a pretty avid coin collector, and i grew up with him after church going through the collection plate pulling out coins of interest then of course replacing the money. When he passed I organized and categorized his collection and bought from my mom all his silver and old copper, so looking at your coin finds is always cool.

          • Thank you, that’s really nice of you to say and thank you for passing my blog link to your brother. Please tell him to get in touch and not to hesitate if he has any questions.
            Very interesting about your dad, I wish I could have met and had a good chat to him and what a wonderful idea to collect the unusual and interesting coins.
            I need to organise and categorize my collection, I’ve fallen behind and we’ve also just moved, there’s stuff all over the place!
            I’ve now promised myself I’ll do this soon, well done for what you did with your dad’s collection, I bet touching and seeing the coins brought a special feeling for you, as it would me.
            I’m glad you like looking at my coins, I’m going to try extra hard and find a lot more this year, maybe something really special!
            :-) James

  5. I have heard of your practice or identification with Buddhism and your praise of Lucifer. I mean to ask, how do you bring together Oriental beliefs and ideas and Left Hand Path viewpoint?

    • Greetings Aleph. To answer that would take several hundred words. As they say in Vodoun i work with both hands. The type of Buddhism i practice is Vajrayana which has both the right and left hand paths. I am not a LaVey or Aquino deistic satanist but more what i call a Cassian satanist because what Cassie write at her blog is very similar to what i believe, though ultimately i am an agnostic, thus a Buddhist which ultimately is agnostic and gnostic. Did you follow me around the rabbit hole?

      • Sorry for the rubber stamp in my comment. I have not had a chance to fully read all of the three multi blogs to get the full idea of what you are all into. I just put it out there for others to explore also. Either way it all looks interesting. Blessings.

      • Well, I did see an interesting comment posted by you on her most recent post.

        I can’t understand how one can incorporate a religion that as far as I know asks for the destruction of the self (Buddhism) with a religion that sanctifies the self and espouses the goal of personal godhood (Satanism). And then there’s Hinduism which advocates union with a God force (Brahman), where the Left Hand Path is against merging with a supposedly higher consciousness.

        • What is written in books on those religions is not exactly what the esoteric teachings are. In fact there are many sects right and left and middle handed in all of them, including religions one would never expect. Buddhism doesn’t even believe in the Atlan or the ego per se, they just being like the light of a candle. They do not even believe in reincarnation as westerners who got it thru Theosophy. personal godhood is of the higher self, not the ego self.In traditional conservative politically correct Hinduism, like the government wants us to see, there IS union with the goddess and god that is tantricke and Does use the left hand path, though even in India this is feared and not talked about, like one marrying one’s first cousin in Tennessee, LOL. Go to the BSSS blog and do a search for Aghori and you will find three long videos on this subject that will blow you away. Read All of Cassie and Sophie’s blog for a refreshing view of Satanism by women, not men. Study Kaballah and Crowley and you will see the crazy union of opposites in religion. Look at Christian acolytes flagellating themselves to suffer like Jesus. Study the inner teaching of Sufism. If you have any questions my public email addy is shawnuscoc@gmail.com What systems do you practice and for how long? Blessings

          • If you want me to be honest about systems and practice, I identify with Satanism and paganism, but have little time for ritual and practice. I have been a Satanist since June last year, and have been somewhat close to paganism for longer. I’ve also done some chanting with mala beads recently to throw that into the mix. I know, not much.

            • Aleph – it does not really matter how long one has practiced, but that one practices with Intent. I hope i did not give u the impression i was trying to impress u w my temple creds. Your question at first was how to combine all these systems with it tasking like a gumbo rather than everything in the spiritual fridge thrown into a blender and tasting blank or yucky. And the way i have been blessed to do that is i have had many fantastic teachers to guide me in the middle was, to quote Buddhism. We work with two hands, dance with two feet, have two sides of our brain, sometimes to our disadvantage with bipolarity, LOL, so to me in this modern age where we have access to the texts of Every religion ever formulated thge spice cabinet is fully stocked for making gumbo. But now all the older teachers are dying out and we are relying more on old audio and video tapes and books they wrote. I have been blessed to have had many teachers eastern and western who have now passed beyond the veil, but they still teach me on the astral and in dreams, and i am not being pompous or delusional. Your path sounds like a good one. Balance it all out. Don’t follow fake gurus. A mala is a rosary is a QBL ladder is a witches ladder is a Sufi prayer beads etc ad infinitum. You use the mantras u read or r given or just make up yr own to Shaitan / Satan / Lucifer / Baphometus…. I hope i have been a help to u as my only goal in life now that i am disabled and retired is to teach one on one and thru my blogs n hope some acolytes / probationers / dedicants / apprentices can benefit. Then my life will have been worth living.

  6. Greetings..what a magickal and interesting life you have! I love the descriptions of where you live- sounds wonderful. Blessed Be.

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