Vincent Price on Witchcraft, Magicke and Demonology

A witch friend who is a fan of old Vincent Price movies turned me on to this old 1969 audio recording on vinyl LP of this Shakespearean trained actor’s serious yet whimsical yet serious telling of old tales on Witchcraft, Magicke and Demonology. There is nothing like Vincent’s tone and pace as he reads parts from the old Grimories, dark Medieval tales of witches, and spells and formulas, all from a hollow room that echoes his voice and with spooky voices and haunting sounds in the background.

Here are the parts of this recording as listed on YT –

1. Prologue – The Tale of Master Seth
2. Hitler and Witchcraft – Witchcraft in History
3. Women as Witches – Witch Burning
4. Witch Tortures
5. Witch Tortures (continued) – The World of Spirits and Demons
6. Preparation for Magic – Instruments of Magic
7. How to Invoke Spirits, Demons, Unseen Forces – The Magic Bloodstone
8. The Witches’ Cauldron – How to Communicate with the Spirits
9. How to Communicate with the Spirits (continued) – Gerald Yorke and Necromancy
10. How to Make a Pact with the Devil – How to Become a Witch
11. Curses, Spells, Charms
12. Curses, Spells, Charms (continued) – Potions
13. The Hand of Glory – The Witches’ Sabbat
14. Witchcraft Today – Epilogue

This audio tape is about an hour and a three quarter minutes long, so i would suggest a nice dark room lit by candles or a crackling fireplace on a dark and stormy night as a good time to listen to it and become immersed in its mood. Enjoy!

Samhain Protection

I know it is a bit early to talk about Samhain and the protective measures one may need to take, especially after cakes and ale, but a friend found this Tumblr image the other day and i thought it hilarious.


This kinda gives a new meaning to the Witches Pyramid:

TO KNOW – In the Biblical sense, and your partner;s STD history?

TO WILL – Are you both willing, sober and single?

TO DARE – To go where perhaps may have come and gone before?

TO BE SILENT – At least until the ritual event is over?

Safely Enjoy and BB.

Reblog – “Linking the Living and the Dead: Skull Worship in Bolivia” – By Paul Koudounaris


Photo Source –

This is my almost weekly reblog of a story originally posted by Sarah Veale on her Invocatio blog where on Fridays she posts “Mysteria Misc. Maxima is a weekly feature which brings together links on religion and esotericism from around the internet.”


Source – Google Image Search

The one i found most interesting this week was Linking the Living and the Dead: Skull Worship in Bolivia – By Paul Koudounaris. I found this very interesting how the pre-Christian Bolivian Indian’s beliefs have survived even within the Catholic church there and at the police station. Can you imagine having a set pf skulls staring your down during a police interrogation?! This is a nice long article with lots of pics copyrighted by Paul Koudounaris (i emailed him for permission to use some of his photos with no response, so have found some others and listed their sources under them) where at this Wiki link are links to other  articles he has written and the books he has published.


Photo Source –

So enjoy this pre Day of the Dead celebration of the beauty and magicke of skulls.

Witches in Arabic countries – Shut up and hide or lose your Head!


Picture Source

Last week and this week The Wild Hunt had links to new articles about ongoing beheadings of Witches in Saudi Arabia and other countries that follow Wahhabism, a radical Sunni religious sect.

Their first link was to The Atlantic’s article entitled Saudi Arabia’s  War on Witchcraft and another article Dateline December 2011: Saudi Arabia Beheads a “Witch”. This is some scary stuff for sure, and it is interesting that many immigrants imported for menial labor from Indonesia, Africa and other countries where primitive religious practices aka Witchcraft are still practiced that these people are often the targets. So if a rich guy imports a native girl as a housekeeper and she will not have sex with him he can always get rid of her by accusing her of Witchcraft, then off with her head, or she could die of stoning.

Of course i am not picking on Islam since radical Christianity has been just as bad, burning witches in SE Asia. And then there is the glaring example of the American Puritans at Salem hanging witches back in their day.


Robert the doll: The Haunted Doll of Key West

Here is a great spooky story from Lenora of The Haunted Palace about her own experience with a weird old doll and her telling of the story of Robert the Doll. I personally also find few things freaky, but dolls and manikins and clowns still do that for me. Enjoy!

The Haunted Palace

It takes a lot to freak me out, as a child I had the kind of bedroom that most of my friends thought was pretty wierd…lots of creepy old stuff, masks, dusty books, moth-eaten old fur stoles from long dead great great aunts….a distinct lack of anything girlie and pink.

Like many children I was compelled to go for piano lessons.  I hated them.  But I loved my piano teacher (a close family friend) and her house – she and it were like something out of another era.  The house was packed full of antique furniture and strange knickknacks.  Mrs A had lived in the far East for a time, and from what I gather, lived in rather grand style.  Even in her old age there was very much something of the Grand Dame of the British Empire about her.  Despite her sometimes imperious manner, she also had a wicked sense of humour, and owned possibly…

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Indo-Pagan or Indo-Wiccan – Where West meets East


Shiva Pashupati from Harappa – looks like Kernunnos

I learned a new term the other week – IndoPaganism – which i had never heard of before, but i guess i would have to define myself as one of them, or more accurately as IndoWiccan or IndoWitchcraft. (don’t try to follow the links at the bottom of that page as they all lead to those dreaded Tripod sites with lots of pop ups).

Cernunnos carvings

Kernunnos from the Gundestrup cauldron – looks like Shiva

Back in my early 20s I dropped Christianity and started practicing Buddhism, notably Zen, and for a short time took my vows as a Koren Zen monk in a small monastery outside Corning, NY. A short time later i lived in a Hindu ashram and was initiated into the lineage of Shiva Lakulash, a very primitive form of Shiva similar to Pashupati Shiva, the Lord of Animals in ancient India. Throughout my life i have continued to receive teachings and initiations into various Tibetan Buddhist deities and practices, and continued to study the shamanism practiced even today in Nepal where Buddhism, Shaivism and Shaktism mix harmoniously. In parts of SE Asia, like Bali and Thailand, they are also mixed, from first Hinduism and then Buddhism spreading there and layering themselves on top of the native “pagan” practices of the worship of various devas, nats, nagas and other spirits of the elements. For me the statues and carvings of Shiva and Kernunnos, Kali and Hekate, and other of the oldest eastern and western deities seem to hold the same universal energies.

In fact, i think that my study of these systems has taught me more about what Paganism may have been like in Europe before Christianity all but wiped it out. A similar layering happened when Christianity tried to wipe out the Vodoun of Africa and the Caribbean, and the native practices of Mexico and the Andes. So my suggestion is to read books on the anthropology of the primitive tribes still barely hanging on rather than new agey fantasy reconstructions of pagan history, though the serious scholars’ writings may have some hint of the truth, especially through archeology and translations of old surviving texts. But ultimately i do not think we will ever know the true story of our religious past. Do we Have to practice Exactly what out ancestors practiced? I don’t think so. But we can use them as a template to construct our own practices now for this time. (In other words, no we do not have to cut off a horse’s head and stick it on a pole in our yard facing our enemies, etc).

If you look at sigils and talismans from the Solomonic grimoires, and Vodoun veves and Hindu mandala paintings, though the patterns may be a little different, the magicke seems the same.

Phurba claw

Himalayan phurba

Another blog posting that i found that weaved this together is from an Australian Thelemite who writes about the athame, kris knife and phurba n the same post called The Athame and other Ritual Daggers in the Western Mystery Tradition. He admits to not being a practicer of witchcraft, but makes some good points in this post and connects these and other types of metal weapons together rather well. And the links at the end of his post are safe and informative to follow. I myself own many phurbas and a couple old Indonesian Kris blades which i have used at times substituting for my athame and sword.


Kris blades in my collection

So as i simultaneously progressed in my initiations into Witchcraft I was able to weave it all together into a system that works for me. And as stated above i guess it does have a legitimate name of Indo-Paganism or Indo-Wicca.

Various blades from the Solomonic grimoires



Solomonic Tools

Blessed Be and Om Namah Shivayah!

Canewdon: the village where witchfinders feared to tread…

Here is an interesting post written by Miss Jessel at Lenora’s The Haunted Palace blog. It covers some local legends of ghosts, witches and cunning men in the village of Canewdon in Essex County in SE England, including stories about famous cunning men such as James Murrell (whom i had never heard of before) and George Pickingill. A lot of her source material comes from a very interesting website called Old George Pickingill and the History of Modern Witchcraft written by Scott Bisseker for Bill Lidden who wrote The Pickingill Papers awhile ago, which I have read. His website goes through all the controversies of the BTW spanning over the decades and even the last century or so. I am not totally convinced of Liddell’s claim of distant blood and initiatory lineage connections with Pickingill, but it makes interesting reading for sure. And for general information on the cunning wo/man tradition in England believe if or not Wiki has a pretty complete article called Cunning Folk in Britain. Enjoy and Blessed Be, and I promise i have an original post of my own in the works on IndoPaganism coming soon!

The Haunted Palace

“The Witch Country”

For many people when asked what they know about the county of Essex, the most common responses are TOWIE, Essex girl jokes (What did the Essex girl say after the doctor told her she was pregnant? Is it mine?), Jodie Marsh, girls in miniskirts and white stilettos dancing around their handbags and Jamie Oliver cooking up school lunches whilst chattering away in his Estuary English patter. Negative stereotypes have left Essex as almost a poor relation to other counties in England a reputation which it definitely does not deserve! Essex is rich in history with over 14,000 listed buildings, the oldest Roman remains in Britain, a unique housing style known as weatherboarding (which was adopted in America and is now known as the New England Style), the oldest surviving wooden church in the world and the rumoured burial place of King Harold II.

There is a darker…

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Would You Believe – Wicca Ways – Irish Witch Barbara Lee

A friend sent me this interesting site from an Irish Thelemite called Standing at the Centre which has some interesting posts on it. In one older post called Would You Believe – Wicca Ways (Barbara Lee) he presents 3 videos about her path both as a witch in Ireland and as participating in The Fellowship of Isis, which i have posted about previously. Below is Part 1 embedded, and Parts 2 and 3 can be accessed through his post above. And below this video i am going to attempt to paste the YT info on her.

From YT –

Barbara Lee, a white witch for 30 years, allows us into her suburban her home in Killiney where she shares her experience of becoming a Wiccan. Barbara firmly believes that Wicca has been hugely misrepresented in the media. Wicca ritual is about celebrating the earth, channelling positive energies and creating healing. Barbara did not take her decision to become a witch lightly. With her father a former Anglican preacher her upbringing was strictly conventional. Indeed her own two children were raised within the church of Ireland faith. But at 19 years of age, Barbara felt that there was something missing from her religion – it was the recognition of the feminine and the celebration of the cycle of life.

Today, she presides over a coven of witches that meet once a month to perform rituals and initiations. The coven also celebrates the Celtic festivals; Barbara estimates that there are 150 witches from the Alexandrian tradition in Ireland with another 2,000 pagans, druids and shamen. To become Wicca is not an easy process; firstly one must have a wide knowledge of comparative religion and mythology and undergo a nine week course before initiation can even take place. Initiation also involves performing three rituals before one becomes a member of a coven.

In 2007, Barbara’s world was turned upside down when her eighteen year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Barbara believes that her Wicca faith helped her through the long year of nursing Rhiannon. Sadly Rhiannon passed away in Sept 2007.”

I personally have to admit that i went through a few kleenex watching the last two videos. Blessed Be.

Sunday Morning Exorcism – Bob Larson’s “Three Teen Exorcists” Traveling Circus


Source at Bob Larson’s blog

From The Wild Hunt’s Friday Unleash the Hounds (Link Round-up)

The story of “Rev” Bob Larson and his daughter and two other two other teen virgins who go around exorcising demons, especially in the third world. All I can say is In-fucking-credible.

If you follow the links at TWH’s post you can see a great video of this showmanship spectacle at This Link and This Link.

I do not know even what to write as this almost makes me speechless. And below i have embedded a 30 minute interview with them on Anderson Cooper’s show in which he and his guests basically shred them to pieces. Enjoy!