Vaidilutė and Asatru and Savitri Devi

Here is a wonderful website called Vaidilute by a lady who follows the Lithuanian Romuva Asatru path. Click on the name above or picture below, which is from her website, to link.

Here page on Asatru (navigate to the top to the second link) is the most informative and balanced i have ever read, and it sets up a real contrast between a native religion of the forests of northern Europe versus a Mediterranean religion of the desert. I quote a small portion of it here –

“Many of us (I mean Europeans) instinctively believe in the values of Ásatrú simply because they have been passed down to us from our ancestors. To find European virtues, one should look where those virtues have their natural home — Ásatrú.

The great Aryan philosopher Savitri Devi stated in her classical work The Lightning and the Sun, “The truth is that there is no other ‘God’ but the immanent, impersonal divinity of Nature-of-Life, the universal Self. No tribal god is ‘God.’ Tribal gods are more or less divine, to the extent they embody and express a more of less divine collective soul.”

In Ásatrú there is simply no central authority that lays down dogma or tenets. There is no injunction to proselytize, or any precedent for intolerance of other beliefs. Ásatrúers do not proselytize. They will not come, like some Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, knocking at your door trying to “sell” Ásatrú.

Ásatrú does not claim to hold the universal truth or to be a universal religion, a faith for all of humankind. In fact, Ásatrúers don’t think such a thing is possible. The followers of Ásatrú don’t believe that there is such thing as “One True Religion for Everybody.” They are convinced that ethnic ancestral religions that were built by and for various ethnic peoples, are the most suitable ones — these are manifestations of the inner self of every person, and an expression of their collective subconscious. The various branches of humanity have different ways of looking at the world, each of which is valid for them, and thus naturally should have different religions, which of course they do, or at least did…

Ásatrúers believe that each religion reflects the culture of the region in which it was created, that the beliefs of a culture represent the values and ethics of its people (the German term “volkisch” represents this vision). Each culture is unique and so each religion is or should be unique to its people and therefore not transposable from one group to another. Because of this, people of Northern European origins should practice Ásatrú those of Celtic origin should practice Celtic heathenism and so on. Our ancestors were polytheists and therefore Judeo-Christianity being a monotheist religion, having its roots in the desert, is an aberration for a race that has its origins in the forests of Europe.”

She also has another website called the Savitri Devi Archive. Yes she is very controversial, but she is a deep thinker from the history of her time, combining her ideas from Hinduism, the Egyptian religion and National Socialism. Some of her rare surviving writings are downloadable there, and i am still in the process of reading these large documents.

I agree with the Asatru philosophy as offered in the first website, except for some of the conclusions she comes to in the end. Her idea that witches are hippies taking drugs is not quite right, andi am sure both witches and Asatru ancestors have taken entheogens in their ways of contacting the divine within. The second website is interesting, but i am not condoning one or the other, just posting these as links of interest for my hopefully intelligent readers to investigate for themselves.

Tricky Pixie Music

Here’s another link i found at The Witch of Forest Grove blog.

I really like some of these songs by Tricky Pixie which their website describes as Gypsy Celtic Folk Rock for Naughty Punk Faeries. Click on the picture above, which is from their site, or on their name to link. I especially liked their Creature of the Wood and Daughter of the Glade songs. Enjoy all you pagans and witches!


Tibetan Self-Immolation Protests now over 50!

The number of anti-Chinese Tibetan protestors who have set themselves on fire and died is now over 50 with the recent self-immolations of two Tibetan teens, one the younger brother of a nun who had done the same in February. Most of these protests have taken place in the province of Kham which is in eastern Tibet.

Here is the quote from The Tibetan Post

Dharamshala: – Two Tibetans have set themselves on fire Monday morning at around 08.30 am, August 27, 2012 (Tibet Time) in Ngaba county, north-eastern Tibet (Chinese: Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province) to protest agianst China to ends its repressive policies in Tibet. There were no immediate details of the two self-immolators who have set themselves alight in Tibet, Ven Jamyang, a Tibetan monk, who is currently living in Nepal told The Tibet Post International (TPI) Monday morning.

A web conversation with a Tibetan lady inside Tibet, a Tibetan man from Ngaba county, currently living in Nepal was being told about the incident in Ngaba county. “He told people near him that two laypersons have self-immolated this morning at the main street in Ngaba county of Tibet,” Jamyang further added. However, there were no further details at that time.

Ven Lobsang Yeshe and Kanyak Tsering, media coordinators of the Kirti Monastery based in India issued a press release later that day confirming the incident with detals; the Two men are confirmed dead after they set themselves on fire in Ngaba county of Amdho region, north-eastern Tibet to protest against Chinese policies aim to destroy Tibet’s unique national, cultural and religious identity.

They told the TPI that, an 18 years old Lobsang Kalsang, a monk from the Kirti monastery in Ngaba, and a layperson named Dhamchoe, who is at his 17, managed to stands up to run for around twenty steps before falling down.

Sources from inside Tibet said two young men were taken to a hospital in Barkham county by Chinese authorities after they put out the flames and later died from massive burn injuries.

Recent months, more armed Chinese forces have been deployed to Ngaba county and surrounding areas, the site of several such self-immolations and attempts. Nearly 60 Tibetan have set themselves on fire in recent years in Tibet in protest at repressive government policies. But, the Chinese authorities have labeled the self-immolators as terrorists.

The political leader of Tibet, Dr. Lobsang Sangay recently said he was disappointed that dozens of self-immolations by Tibetans have not received the same world attention as the similar suicide of a Tunisian man that sparked the Arab Spring.

Dr Sangay strongly urged world governments to pay attention to the plight of Tibetan people. “Ignoring us or not supporting us might send a message to other marginalized groups around the world that perhaps it is not worth investing in democracy and non-violence,” he added.

And here is a quote from

DHARAMSHALA, August 28: In confirmed reports coming out of Tibet, two young Tibetans set themselves on fire Monday in an apparent protest against China’s continued occupation of Tibet.

The two have been identified as Lobsang Kalsang, an 18-year-old monk of the Kirti Monastery in Ngaba eastern Tibet and Damchoe, a former monk at the monastery, aged around 17.

Both of them succumbed to their injuries later in the day.

Damchoe was the younger brother of Tenzin Choedron, a nun at the Mamae nunnery, the largest nunnery in the Ngaba region, who passed away in her self-immolation protest earlier this year on February 11.

The exile base of the Kirti Monastery in Dharamshala, in release said Lobsang Kalsang and Damchoe set themselves on fire at around 8:30 am (local time) near the eastern gate of the Kirti Monastery.

“According to eyewitnesses, the two Tibetan martyrs, engulfed in flames, walked around 20 steps before falling down on the ground,” the release said. “They raised slogans against the Chinese government policies of annihilating the Tibetan race.”

Chinese security personnel arrived at the scene and after dousing the flames, took both of them to the Ngaba hospital, where they were kept for a short period.

Lobsang Kalsang and Damchoe were then taken to the nearby Barkham hospital where they succumbed to their injuries.

It is not yet known whether the bodies have been handed over to the families.

“Following the protest, Lobsang Kalsang’s room-mate at the Kirti Monastery, Lobsang Palden was detained by Chinese security personnel,” the release said.

The wave of self-immolations that began in 2009 has now witnessed 52 Tibetans set themselves on fire demanding freedom in Tibet and the return of Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama from exile.

US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland, during a daily press briefing on Monday, reiterated the US government’s appeal to China to address the legitimate grievances of Tibetans through dialogue.

“Whenever we see these tragic incidents, we again call on China to meet the legitimate grievances of the Tibetan people within China to protect their human rights, to protect their way of life, and to work on these issues through dialogue,” Nuland said.


Angel or God – What’s the Difference? – from the Ananael blog

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Here is an excellent post on whether Angels and Gods are the same or different, from the Ananael blog of Aaron Leitch.

I for one, from experience, do believe that from a practical religious and magickal standpoint that worshiping and working with the gods, goddesses, lwa, angels and demons, and the elementals is similar to a friendship with someone who is just a little above us or even equal with us but with knowledge that we normally would not have access to except through them.

The quote below in italics is from his blog, but refer to the link above for the full post.

“Yes, Angels and Gods are essentially the same species of creature.  “Angel” simply means “Messenger”, and they represent the same class of beings that were messengers, servitors, viziers, etc to ruling Gods in pagan pantheons.  [I also should have added:  Even in the Old Testament the angels were referred to as the “Sons of God”, which mirrors other groups of Pagan Gods who were considered the “Sons of” or “Children of” a particular ruling Deity.]

Historically, many Angels descend directly from Gods.  Michael (or more archaically: Mikhal) was an epithet of the Canaanite God of War and Plague Reshef.  Reshef, in turn, migrated to Palestine from Mesopotamia, where we find him named Nergal – Lord of the Underworld and God of War and Plague.

Raphael has close connections to Hermes and Mercury.  In their most ancient forms, Hermes and Mercury were closely associated with the underworld and sickness – and were therefore appealed to for healing.  The occult symbolism of Raphael is undoubtedly Mercurial, but he is in fact the Healer of God.

In the Celtic lands, where the old Catholic Church was relatively “kinder and gentler” than it was in Europe, a great number of local Pagan deities became Saints and Archangels.  Often, churches were built right on top of existing holy sites, and folks just went right on worshiping the God or Goddess (now called “Saint Whoever”) connected to that site.

Grab a copy of Gustav Davidson’s “A Dictionary of Angels” and read through the entries.  You will quickly see how many Angels can be traced to older pagan deities.

Also, in practice, the methods of working with an Angel are no different than those for working with a God.  Enter any Catholic or Orthodox Church in the world, and you will see several beautiful examples of altars to Saints (who include such as St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel, etc).  Those altars – that is the manner of making them – date back to altars for such deities as Zeus, Hermes, Aphrodite, Isis, Osiris, Ammon, etc, etc, etc.

Likewise, the folk methods by which families set up household shrines to Saints and Archangels date right back to ancient methods by which household shrines were established for local Gods.

Along those same lines, the methods of working with Angels in the Solomonic tradition can be traced back (in part) to the methods used by the ancient Sabians to invoke Gods like Marduk, Sin, Ishtar, Nebo, Shamash, etc.  Their methods were the basis of the Arabic Picatrix, which in turn became foundational to the European grimoire tradition.

And speaking of foundations of the grimoire tradition, the Greek Magical Papyri are another great example.  Those spells are chock full of invocations to various Egyptian Gods, whose format were then adopted by the Solomonic mages to invoke their Angels and Archangels.

In the Medieval and Renaissance times, it was not uncommon for magickal literature to mention “the God Michael” or “the God Gabriel” right along side of “the God Hermes” and “the God Helios”, etc.  I believe you can read more about this (with quoted examples, of course) in “The Golden Dawn Journal: Book II.”  I’ll have to find the name of the exact essay.

[Another important point to add here:  the Judeo-Christiain hierarchies of Angels include the “Elohim” or “Dominions” – who were regarded as composed of the National Gods of all nations – basically suggesting that *all* Pagan Gods were in fact Archangels and Angels all along.  On the other side of the same coin, many branches of Christianity believe that all Pagan Gods were/are in fact fallen Angels.]

So, as you can see, there is a pretty smooth transition in history from “God” to “Angel” – but they are essentially the same creature.  The concept that they are somehow different is attached entirely to the erroneous concept that Judeo-Christianity is somehow “original” and “different” from the religions that preceded them.  It is equally attached to the fallacy that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are “monotheistic.”  All complete bullocks, of course.”

Is Mormanism Henotheistic?

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So i was doing a little research in the past few days about Mormonism, especially with one of our presidential candidates being Mormon.

As always i started at Wikipedia with their link on Mormonism, So i read about Joseph Smith Jr meeting both God the Father (the one in the picture above with the longer beard i assume) and Jesus and the angel Moroni. And then i read he would put a stone in his top hat and use it for skrying to contact the spirits. And he found some gold plates that he would not let anyone see which are supposedly reburied (how convenient). It seems he had some personal shamanic divine visitation, which as usual is turned into a religion or cult by his followers. (Cults are followers who don’t become big enough to become tax exempt like religions). What i found most interesting was their theology of Henotheism which i had never heard of before, and here is Wiki’s definition how Mormon’s interpret it –

“Mormons believe that, in the beginning, all people existed as spirits or “intelligences,” independent of God. In this state, God came among the intelligences and offered a plan whereby they could progress and “have a privilege to advance like himself.” The spirits were free to accept or reject this plan, and a third of them, led by Lucifer (slated to become Satan) rejected it. The rest accepted the plan, coming to earth and receiving bodies with an understanding that they would experience sin and suffering.”

Hmmm, so we are not talking about God Almighty here, but a god or angel or extraterrestrial powerful intelligence who is trying to get everyone on his side. Sounds suspiciously like some of the Gnostic metaphysical systems regarding the Archons to me. It also sounds suspiciously like some “pagan” systems where there are lots of gods and goddess and you get to choose whom you wish to worship and work with. Don’t get me wrong, there being nothing wrong with this as long as the swords and missiles stay sheathed in the competition.

Now i am Not a religious scholar, but to me this sounds like the ole “my god is better than your god” game that has led to the deaths of millions over the past couple thousand years. And this offer “whereby they could progress and have a privilege to advance like himself.”  sounds like Romney’s trickle down economics where we all have a chance to become as rich as he is is we can become as ruthless as a corporate Archon, lol. We obviously make our gods in our own image, not the other way around. And maybe we elect presidents the same way.

I am sure 99% of Mormon’s are good people with good intentions, and the same can be said for any organized religion. Gods know that i have seen Witchcraft clergy (and been tempted myself) acting like Archons too. Why is it that our desire to seek the Truth somehow leads eventually and almost inevitably to a desire for Power too?

Your Own Personal Jesus?

Is there your own personal God, “someone who hears your prayers, someone who cares” (to quote the video)? Is there a personal Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Mary, Diana, Cernunnos, Allah, JHVH, Padmasambhava, etc etc etc ad infinitum??? Are the gods totally internal projections, generated by the mind as taught by classical Buddhism? Or are they actual external astral higher plane archons as taught by Gnosticism? Or are they egregores combining both our own projections and the universe’s divine response?

For me it seems the latter solution works. I know there is divinity in nature, and i know i give that divinity a face by my paying attention to and working with it as a deity. If there is a tree that is particularly powerful, then i can feel the spirit energy emanating from it, and in my mind i project a fairy presence upon it which grows with attention. But if i move away from that woods and no longer do that, then it seems the egregore fades away naturally. I can also use the example of a statue of Mary in a church. People pray to it, thus giving it energy, and then it becomes a battery that can then be tapped into for pulling healing energy from it. But if the church decays in time and the statue is buried to be dug up a millennium later then i think that egregore has also faded away.

Anyway, despite all the theological philosophizing of many, that is my simple theory, at least based on what i have experienced.

Crystal Head Vodka + Absinthe = Party Like Its 12/21/2012

The comedian Dan Aykroyd has produced Crystal Head Vodka to celebrate the End of the World on 21 December 2012. I had to admit when i saw it at the state store in that nice Austrian crystal bottle i just had to shell out the money last year to buy one. This video he made about it is a hoot, somewhere between a documentary about the crystal skulls and encouragement to party like its 12/21/2012. According to the video you can be both spiritual and spirit filled with his product.

So i have mine all ready, just sitting there on the Ghede altar like a fire extinguisher in a glass case ready to break when the world ends, lol. But i also have some Absinthe Pro TF Essence which is the real deal with 20 herbs in a little bottle and available through the mail since there is no alcohol in it and it is very reasonably priced. You just put a little bottle of the herbs into your bottle of vodka, add some sugar, add an ice cube for it to become cloudy, and off you go to thujone land. Note that the very expensive absinthe sold in the US is thujone free.

For those of you who do not know much about Absinthe here are two links here and here to show you the ingredients and how to make it yourself. But trust me, the little essence bottles are a much easier way to meet the Green Fairy. BTW i only indulge in one finger of this on a Saturday night.

Enjoy, but always remember – No drinking and driving your Merkabah space ship at the same time !

Coven of the Catta Third Degree Tattoo

Coven of the Catta Third Degree Tattoo

In our Coven of the Catta our teacher Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue had a tattoo of a crescent moon with three small pentagrams in it to represent her third degree. She had it tattooed on her upper thigh. I do not know where she got that idea and design from, whether from Sybil Leek or from Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee (who was definitely a “leg man” lol) who was her high priest Lord Merlin.

I have done some research and contacted from friends who are witchcraft history experts to try to trace back tattooing in our religion and specifically the design above.

Now we all know about the witches mark which was usually a mole or mark supposed to represent the witches third nipple on which she suckled the Devil according to the witch finders. But i doubt a witch back then would get a tattoo to give him/herself away. We do know from ancient mummies found and surviving tribes that tattooing had alot of meaning both religious, magickal and therapeutic. The witches mark in my lineage is a continuous piece of silver in the form of a ring, bracelet or necklace. There is also the tradition of the witches garter, probably based on the Order of the Garter in England.

I know that Gerald Gardner had several tattoos, and i quote a Wiki link here which quotes Phillip Heselton –

He (Gardner) also had several tattoos on his body, depicting magical symbols such as a snake, dragon, anchor and dagger. In his later life he wore a “heavy bronze bracelet… denoting the three degrees… of witchcraft” as well as a “large silver ring with… signs on it, which… represented his witch-name ‘Scire’, in the letters of the magical Theban alphabet”.

I am also aware that tattooing is used in the Cabot (skip down to the Mark of Avalon section) and Feri traditions. The large locally founded BFC group also uses this design, but i assume they got it from when their leader met Lady Phoebe and me in the past.

So since my teacher had this tattoo i decided to get it too once i reached my third degree. Mine is on my upper inner thigh. Note that in our lineage it is not required, but something one can do if one wishes. Just as sigils and symbols can be put upon an athame or other witch tool with oil, wine, salt water, incense and flame, even so can they be put upon one’s body without the permanent mark being applied. But me, well i got this one tattoo, and then had to get a pentagram on the other side, and then other magickal symbols, veves, snakes and runes until 31 tattoos later here i am, it became an obsession as anyone with a tattoo can attest. Below are pics of some of mine.

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If anyone wants to post a comment tracing back witch tattoos even further than i have here, specifically the design above, please let me know.

The Devil Rides Out – by Dennis Wheatley – Novel and Film

The occult novel The Devil Rides Out was written by Dennis Wheatley in 1934.

Here is the Wiki plot synopsis for the novel –

Set in 1930s London and the South of England, Duc de Richleau and Rex van Ryn rescue their friend Simon Aron from a devil-worshipping cult. Rex falls in love with another initiate of the cult, Tanith. Rex prevents Tanith from going to a ceremony on Salisbury Plain. The Duc and Rex rescue Simon from the ceremony. They escape to the home of the Eatons, friends of Richleau and van Ryn, and are followed by the group’s leader, Mocata, who has a psychic connection to the two initiates. After visiting the house to discuss the matter and an unsuccessful attempt to influence the initiates to return, Mocata forces Richleau and the other occupants to defend themselves through a night of black magic attacks. During this Mocata summons the Angel of Death using the medium of Tanith. The defeat of the Angel results in Tanith’s death. After successfully defending themselves through the night the group find that Mocata has kidnapped the Eatons’ daughter. Simon exchanges himself for her. Mocata is using Simon to find the Talisman of Set, a powerful satanic object. The book culminates in a desperate chase across Europe to an abandoned Greek Monastery where Mocata is defeated. The group wake up in the Eatons’ home and realise that during the ceremony they entered the fourth dimension. Mocata is found dead outside the house. The Duc wakes up clutching the Talisman and destroys it. Tanith is found to be alive – Mocata’s soul has been exchanged for hers.

The Hammer film, starring Christopher Lee was released in 1968.

Here is the Wiki plot synopsis for the film –

Set in 1930s London and the south of England, the story finds Duc de Richleau (Christopher Lee) investigating the strange actions of the son of a friend, Simon Aron, who has a house complete with strange markings and a pentagram. He quickly deduces that Simon is involved with the Occult. Richleau and Rex van Ryn rescue Simon and another young initiate, Tanith, from a devil worshipping cult. During the rescue they disrupt a ceremony on Salisbury Plain in which Satan himself appears. They escape to the home of the Eatons, friends of Richleau and van Ryn, and are followed by the group’s leader, Mocata, who has a psychic connection to the two initiates. After visiting the house to discuss the matter and an unsuccessful attempt to influence the initiates to return, Mocata forces Richleau and the other occupants to defend themselves through a night of black magic attacks, ending with the conjuring of the angel of death. His attacks defeated, Mocata kidnaps little Peggy. Simon tries to rescue her, but is recaptured by the group. The Duc, Richard, and Peggy’s family, also try to save her, but they are defeated by Mocata. Suddenly, a powerful force, possibly Hecate, the queen of all witches and ruler of all magic, possesses Mrs. Eaton and puts a stop to Peggy’s trance. She then leads Peggy in the recitation of a spell, which kills all of the cultists and transforms their coven room into a church. When the Duc and his companions awaken, they discover that the spell Peggy was led into casting has reversed time and changed the future. Simon and Tanith have survived, while Mocata’s spell to conjure the angel of death has been reflected back on him. He now pays the price of loss of life and eternal damnation of his soul for having wrongly summoned the angel of death.

Here’s a taste of the trailer for the film –

And here is the full 90 minute film. Enjoy !