Blessings of the Relics of Sariputta

Sariputta (Pali) or Sariputra (Sanscrit) was one of the main disciples of the Buddha Gautama, having achieved enlightenment in the Buddha’s time and gone into his next life just before the Buddha’s Paranirvana. He was predicted by the Buddha to achieve Buddhahood in his next life.

Hie relics were buried with the relics of Maudgalyyana, another disciple of the Buddha, in a stupa on Sacha Hill where in 1981 the British unearthed the stupa and relics, the latter of which then took a tour around SE Asia, some of them being reinterrted in a stupa in Burma.

Now when a high disciple or Lama is cremated they find small round white crystalline (probably bone) relics, and the legend is these relics multiply over time. The late Charles O’Hara, from whom i received alot of my thanks and rupas, had a couple of the relics of Sariputra in his temple. One visit he brought them out and gave us a blessing of them, which was most deep and profound. Later he gave them to a temple down south of here. This is a blessing i will cherish all my life.

In this post are a couple pictures which, when clicked upon, will lead you to Wiki articles about Sariputta and his relics. Enjoy.

Appalachian witches early morning “to do” table

An Appalachian witches early morning “to do” table – from bottom left clockwise -take chain to Hex Hause to hang up WWI French bayonette, smoke dark sweet cigarettes, braid red yarn into necklace for phurba, drift wood and fossils and water worn creek glass to photograph when the sun is right, read Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, all in time once i get away from this gdmf pc. lol.

Anoushka Shankar plays ‘Pancham Se Gara’

This is the music of nnovative sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar plays ‘Pancham Se Gara’ by Ravi Shankar with Tanmoy Bose (tabla) and Kenji (Tampura) at the Neurosciences Institute.

Anoushka is the daughter of Ravi Shankar and she has ovviously learned from her father and teacher well. In this piece you can feel the slow rolling Ganges river rolling past you, and then the flights of the hummingbird and woodpecker in their playing. I love their synchonicity in playing together. When I was in college i bought a Tampura which i lived as being the background OM bass hum under the play of the lead instruments. Enjoy.