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Normally I don’t remark much on social commentary or the news but when a friend sent me an early press release concerning the tragedy that took place in Florida in which three people were brutally and senselessly slain I was appalled on several levels . First off my heart goes out to the family and friends of those that were so tragically killed. That kind of horrendous act is almost impossible to grasp and my prayers are with those whose lives were taken and with their family and friends now grieving. Secondly I am appalled at the way the initial news reports were worded, per a spokesman for the investigating Sheriff’s office , seeming to link this tragedy with a ritual killing tied to Wicca. In this day and age there is simply no excuse for that kind of misinformation , at best the words were poorly chosen and that is being kind. I can see something like this being said back in the 1970’s or 1980’s when reliable information regarding Wicca and Witchcraft was just coming to light and reaching the public at large, but this is 2015 and for anyone to be so misinformed as to draw a correlation between a brutal killing and Wiccan ritual practices is frankly incomprehensible and inexcusable. We have come such a long way in regards to acceptance and understanding but apparently that old adage about the “Price of freedom being eternal vigilance” still holds true. Having said that I want to applaud the efforts of so many who have come forward both individuals and organizations , like the excellent coverage done on the Patheos blog article linked below, to address this issue and correct the misinformation that clouded the early news report. As I said at the beginning of this I rarely remark much on what’s in the news but if Lord Shawnus were still with us he would have posted on this the moment it reached his attention and so wanted to do the same. Yes , we have come a long way and made tremendous strides in public awareness but there is clearly still much farther to go. BB, Aren

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  1. Yes, yes he would! It truly makes me miss him right now. He and I would be up late into the night writing. I have not blogged much this year and this is enough to send me writing tonight. I will post something VERY soon. Thank you for drawing attention to this on his blog. I have to admit, tho, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a post from his blog in my news feed today!

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    Another reason to be cautious. Another reason to keep my kids safe.

    I must say, I love the comment from the neighbor in the linked article about fearing for her young children given occult blah blah blah. My child is a Pagan child and couldn’t be happier!

  3. It looks like a typical piece of sensationalist tabloid journalism that gives no thought to the impact on either the grieving family or the Wiccan and Pagan community. I mean even the statement ‘The religion does not encourage the practice of ritual killings.’ seems to contain deliberate ambiguity. It just goes to show that, even in this day and age, old prejudices die hard.

    • Very well said Lenora ! Though we have come far in many ways there are still old , deep seated prejudices that are still lingering to be dealt with and overcome. BB , Aren

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