Capitalism, Neurotypicality, and the War on Consciousness

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I am Finally getting around to the hundreds of posts from various blogs i have yet to read, and find your posts fascinating, so i am going to reblog this one to introduce others to your work. Blessing

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“Within myself I know I am Different” — Cora Anderson

My magic, my poetry, my politics, and my medicine all arise from my experience of the world as alive — and that experience is a product of my divergent neurobiology. 

My senses take in torrents of information that sometimes overwhelm my capacity to process them, making me miss things that would seem obvious to most, but at other times (and sometimes simultaneously) make me aware of subtle presences in the world that elude others’ attention.  My brain process processes information in non-linear ways that make it easy for me to perceive patterns and connections in the world but difficult to complete a step-by-step process like paying the electrical bill.  I have a complex relationship with language — sometimes loquacious and poetic, other times completely non-verbal.   When I speak in metaphor, people tend to take me literally, and when I speak…

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five ways to journey with plants

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Wonderful, and a wonderful blog of the other Michelle which i will follow. Reblogging. BTW if there are any herbs you need i have them growing wild and planted, mostly herbs i use for making incenses, let me know and i will mail them to you. Blessings.

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**this is a guest post from the lovely Michelle from Greenwoman Studio , for whom I am also submitting a guest post.. I want to thank her again for all her work on this, her blog presence that I enjoy reading all the time, and for this great idea to exchange these posts.Show her some love..

Journeying with plant spirits is a central part of magical herbalism. Plants are eager to share their wisdom with us, and to inspire us in working with them; but it takes practice and attention to become skilled at traveling with them. Today I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite techniques for connecting with the green ones.

1. The most basic method of journeying with a plant is to visit it where it grows. Take a jar of clear water–or some form of moon blessed water, so long as it…

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After the dark nights

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I am a spiritual whore also and whomever takes offense Honi Soil q Mal y Pense.

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So following on from Sophie’s last post…

I will keep this as short as possible. It is true that the first half of this year has been a bit of a struggle for me generally and in terms of my spiritual path. My mother died and as anyone who has dealt with grief will know, that is a difficult emotional thing to go through and it throws all sorts of questions, doubts and confusion into the mix. In addition to that our own little group/coven was at a crossroads and looking to me to some degree for leadership.

To summarise the main questions and confusions that were playing on my mind they were as follows. 1) Could/would my mother accept my Satanic beliefs and lifestyle? 2) Is Satanism a really complete and accurate description of my spiritual path anyway? 3) am I knowledgeable or experienced enough to have a leadership…

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Fever Ray ‘Keep The Streets Empty For Me’ Fever Ray Fever Ray 57,447 5,414,174 Start at: Uploaded on Nov 26, 2009 The official video for ‘Keep The Streets Empty For Me’, taken from Fever Ray’s debut album ‘Fever Ray’ directed by Jens Klevje and Fabian Svensson. For more info about Fever Ray go to: More videos from Fever Ray here: If I Had A Heart:… When I Grow Up:… Triangle Walks:… Seven:… Stranger Than Kindness:… “Fever Ray and the song Keep the Streets Empty struck us immediately with its fateful sound and images of abandoned suburbia begun to grow in front of our eyes. We wanted to continue the journey that started in the former videos and our ambition was to catch the feeling in a very direct and true way and create a video where dream and reality intertwine.” – Fabian and Jens Music “Keep The Streets Empty For Me” by Fever Ray (Google Play • iTunes • eMusic • AmazonMP3)