6 Weeks in the Life of an Appalachian Witch – Part 3

Here are some more pics from the month of May 2015. Enjoy !

Honouring the bones of a Huron AmerIndian burial dug up legally in the 1930s and to be returned to them if they would just answer my emails or if i could find a Native American who would re-bury them for me, but i can’t. So, I will do it myself somewhere with the corn meal offering and for now the yellow candle. In that cache is a couple human teeth and the rest is animal bones, shells, burnt corn, a dried mushroom, and a copper with bone handled fleshing knife.

Copyright2015GLHoke (17)

A chalk cross full of symbols in front of the Gnostic Christian altar at the Hex Haus.

Copyright2015GLHoke (18)

A couple weeks ago i found this baby mouse belly up and near death at the Red Lodge. It was so young its eyes were not open. I put it in a box with some tissues and kept trying to at least give it some water and milk with a dropper. I carried it around for a day and a half, even in the car on a trip up to Wapwallpen. It stayed alive and i petted it and carried it around in my shirt pocket. Finally when i was visiting Dr Santee’s grave it died. I cried and cried because i tried and tried to keep it alive, but it was just too long. This picture is the dead little baby mousie cradled in the arms of a Buddha statue, and then i put tobacco all over it and laid it before the Goddess in Snakehenge, and then i buried it facing east under the hemlock where other critters are buried. RIP and be reborn in the womb of a mother mouse in a safe place and live a long life little mousie…

Copyright2015GLHoke (19)

As i said i took another trip up to Wapwallopen to visit TIK and his wife where i was graciously fed and bedded over night. Now this is the guy with the house FULL of AmerIndian artifacts i would guess at $3 million in value. The next day he gave me a tour of the various AmerIndian burial grounds in the area and to Fredna falls which Janee aka Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue aka Fredna and Fred aka Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Lord Merlin named after themselves together thus Fredna Falls. I will post pics of both events in the next post or so. TIK also took me on the way back to Santee’s grave where his parents are buried also and i had him snap this picture of my by Dr Santee’s grave. Thanks TIK and Shirley.

Copyright2015GLHoke (20)

On the way home i finally stopped at what i thought was a cemetery which i have driven by for decades and yes there are two nun cemeteries but there is also a huge cathedral dedicated to St Cyril and a nunnery and a school for girls.

Copyright2015GLHoke (21) Copyright2015GLHoke (22)

An angel guarding the two nun cemeteries on each side.

Copyright2015GLHoke (23) Copyright2015GLHoke (24)

The Goddess Mary well adorned with flowers above and below. Hail Mary, Mother of God, and yes i mean the Goddess who gave birth to what everyone calls GOD aka YHVH aka the Star Sun God above and the Horned God on Earth.

Copyright2015GLHoke (25)

I like how i caught the sun ray shining down from this 8 story tower in the cathedral.

Copyright2015GLHoke (26)

In the foyer going into the main cathedral is this statue of Mikael Archangeles.

Copyright2015GLHoke (27)

Looking from the altar back through this Huge cathedral. This blurry picture does not capture the beauty of the sun coming in the huge stained glass windows.

Copyright2015GLHoke (28)

The High Altar.

Copyright2015GLHoke (29)

Happy All Snakes Day!

Metal Gaia


(Image Source)

St.Patrick’s Day has become one of those holidays that no one understands, but everyone likes to celebrate (just like Cinco De Mayo and Mardi Gras). After all, it’s a great excuse to get wasted, kiss Irish people, wear your best green shirt and pinch people. However, for those in the Pagan community – especially for those who are Celtic Pagans – the holiday has less lighthearted undertones.

St. Patrick’s claim to fame is that he “drove the snakes from Ireland.” Now of course, there were no snakes in Ireland. So this phrase is a euphemism. What it really means is that he is the person who drove the druids from Ireland, since snakes were a sacred symbol that many druids had tattooed to their arms.

Ironically, this patron saint of Ireland isn’t even Irish. Patrick was a 5th century Romano-British missionary and bishop who came to Ireland…

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A Few Days in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 11-13 March 2015 – NSFW

Happy Friday the 13th ! 13 was considered unlucky by the Xians because there was JHShVH and the 12 Disciples so the that made 13 and the unlucky one was Judas Iscariot who betrayed him though St Peter denied him too, so does that make the Rock upon which the Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church founded by an unlucky man ????

Anyway here is a photo dump from the last few days with explanations below. One picture is R rated so if you are not 18-21+ then bug out of this post now please. All photographs Copyright the listed photographers except the Tumblr images from multiple sources. Enjoy !

The snow is finally melting and the stream all muddy but not too high

11 March (21)

11 March (22)

 11 March (12)

11 March (19)

11 March (23)

Owl pic my sister sent source unknown

11 March (14)

Wood ducks in the frozen stream Copyright 2015 my sister LMKelsey

11 March (1)

Fox in the field Copyright 2015 my sister LMKelsey

11 March (13)  11 March (15) 11 March (16) 11 March (17)

Spider cat batting pool balls into the pockets. Photos below Copyright 2015 GLHoke

11 March (10)

Afternoon sun shining into der Hexen Haus.

11 March (25)

The sun was perfect shining into this stained glass window at an old church downtown in the Burg.

11 March (26)

The sun was perfect shining onto the preaching podium.

11 March (27)

Gypsy Ouiji Board with lots of Rings – Tumblr Source

Gypsy Ouiji Ringed Hand

Green Black haired Lady with Satanic Tattoo – Tumblr Image G-R rated

Green Brunette Chaos Taty

Angels and Werewolves – Tumblr Image NSFW

11 March (28)Enjoy and Blessed Be !

The Brightness beyond Endurance: Gwyn ap Nudd and the Battle of Arfderydd

Well researched, well analyzed from both your right and left brain, and well written and documented Lorna. Fascinating….. Blessings.

Fruits of Annwn

In my waking dream spears pierce the night sky opening onto another night filled with rainbows and blinding stars. Battle cries ascend from black fog. In a stained glass window I glimpse a man with a hunched back in a green and mossy gown departing from a picture into darkness. From these images I derive my research on Gwyn ap Nudd and the Old North should begin with the Battle of Arfderydd. This is an account of my initial findings and thoughts to date.

The Battle of Arfderydd haunts Britain’s consciousness as one of three of the most futile Dark Age battles. It took place in 573 and was fought between Brythonic rulers of the Old North; Gwenddolau ap Ceidio and his cousins Gwrgi and Peredur ap Eliffer. All were descendants of Coel Hen. Thus it epitomises the internecine strife that prevented northern rulers from putting up a successful resistance…

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December Photo Highlights from an Appalachian Witch

Here are some pictures i took the last few weeks of December 2014. All are Copyright 2014 GLHoke. Enjoy and Happy New Year 2015 !

Christmas Eve Candlelight service decorations with nice Moravian Star.

Xmas Eve 24 Dec (2)

The prettiest decorated tree with waxing moon overhead, taken at a house near me.

28 Dec (1)

My Powwow friend’s old family Bible.

Dutch Jeffs Bible and Coat of Arms (1)

Jesus at the Hex Haus, taken with sepia filtering.

20 Dec (1)

Fan from my Dad’s burial, with rainbow from hanging Austrian crystal.

26 Dec (2)

Afternoon sunlight streaming through a window full of amber glass, a translucent goddess statue, ceramic spiral goddess and wood statue of St Francis patron saint of animals.

29 Dec

7 Dec (1)

7 Dec (2)

A cold cloudy winter sky looking up through the bare trees.

26 Dec (1)

Sunset light shining through a “sky burial” of goat bones gifted from DJ.

26 Dec (3)

Pan Faunus in old concrete sitting in the center of Snakehenge.

28 Dec (3)

The Goddess on the Snakehenge tree stump altar surrounded by an-iconic stones and wood.

28 Dec (4)

Fun with guns. Bang bang with a friend.

22 out of 30 rounds in a paper plate target at 25 yards, not bad, LOL.

29 Dec (2)

Me at sunset under a large old white pine on the back property.

26 Dec (4)

Blessed Be to All as we enter another turning of the year.

“Mystics of Southern France – Music of the Cathars” – from the Karmapolice Blog

I found this lovely yet sad video on the Karmapolice blog the other day and wanted to share it.

The YT write up on it says –

“The Cathars were a dramatically different expression of Christian spirituality in southern France, influenced in part by Mary Magdalene’s presence in that region. Their gentle mysticism was savagely destroyed by the Roman Church in the first crusade.”


Mikaelmas or the Feast Day of St. Michael Archangelos and all the Archangels

29 September (4)

Thank you Acolyte Angela for taking these pics of me with the Michael banner. All photos Copyright 2014 GLHoke

Well i am Way behind on posting this, but last Monday 29 September was Michaelmas or as it is known in the Lutheran faith the day of St Michael and all the Archangels. So Monday eve i went down to the church of St Michael and arrived in the middle of a question and answer session with the Bishop of south central PA, who was talking about the future of the church and how the Lutherans have reached an agreement with the Anglicans to share ritual space and the same negotiations are going on with the Catholics but that will take longer but is progressing. It was not mentioned that i heard but i assume the issue is Transubstantiation. Also coming up i think next year is the 500th anniversary (my doth time fly) of Luther hammering his points of disagreement upon the church door. So maybe, I thought in my mind but did not verbalize, the symbol of this “coming together” should be a claw hammer LOL.

29 September (5)

I had in my pocket two old WWI brass military metals with rainbow ribbons and pin at the top commemorating the end of the Great War for the purpose of magickally charging them up with with commemoration. After the Bishop was done with his talk and before the service i approached in and, after asking Pastor Larry whether it be appropriate, asked for them to be blessed and he reached out his amethyst ringed right hand and laid it upon the metals in my palm and said a prayer over them. I then pocketed on and later gave the other to Pastor Larry who seemed pleased, and i asked he always remember me on this date as Mikael (i use the Eastern Orthodox Russian pronunciation).

I know it seems strange that a Witch Priest like myself would be participating in such an event or ritual, and that i have become good friends with a very open minded Lutheran Pastor, but just as the Catholic church took their rituals from the Pagan Romans and Greeks so i think that our Coven of the Catta in its original Coven de la Dragon Rouge in SE France fashioned our rituals from the Catholic Mass. There are just Too Many similarities and someday i promise a missal on that subject and theory of mine.

29 September (2)

Whilst sitting in the second pew, the first being occupied by the Acolytes who lit a series of candles attached to the sides of the pews, i peeked over and noticed symbols in the tiles i had not noticed before, like this one of the Maltese or Templar cross, like the ones on the Templar cross with Amethyst center i was wearing around my neck, and the Templar ring i was wearing on my finger. I mentioned this to Larry and later after the ritual during out wine and cheese repast he said “there are swastikas up there too” and took me up, turned on the lights, and there they were as these tiles were laid well before 1939 so the meaning is primarily Germanic Esotericism peeking though the Lutheran faith.

29 September (13)

During the service (i know, this post is rambling out of order) the singing is very beautiful with the baritones and tenors and sopranos taking their liberty. And for the first time since high school i found i could read music again and follow closely along, and found my voice slipping into a deep base almost like the deep Tibetan chanting and Mongolian double octave throat singing which derives from Shamanism in the Himalayas.

Regarding the repast – Oh My – many kinds of wine from dry to sweet reds to dry to sweet whites, and the finger foods and healthy vegies and most amazing little desserts, all hand made by various members of the congregation.And the conversation intelligent and civilized and on many subjects. I spoke in the choir loft with a cantor who is majoring in music at a local religious college, and they have the old foot pump driven organ up there which he plays and he has such a Beautiful voice as he led the singing. Larry introduced me to his son who is a diesel engine tech for the military and they all plan on coming up to this section of woods as he thinks his family would enjoy my house and land. Imagine that.

It is amazing and refreshing and renewing to me that i am able as Practioner of the Aulde Ways to mix with Lutherans and Catholics of such high tolerance and lack of prejudice here and there. I am not being a chameleon but feel that good people practicing their good religions in their own good way are, well, its All Good for All of Us. So Mote It Be.

I end with some poor pictures in poor lighting of some of the old Bibles and ritual tools of the Kraft of Christianity displayed outside the entrance of the sanctuary. Blessed Be to Yeheshua and Mariam and Mikael and their pre-Christian Pagan ancestors….

29 September (7) 29 September (8) 29 September (9) 29 September (10) 29 September (11) 29 September (12) Almost forgot this pic, but look what i found at the Good Will the next day in their Halloween costume section – a Real Methodist choir robe with the name Michael on it which fits me perfectly. Shall i be a choir boy, naked underneath, for my Halloween costume this year??? ;)

2 Oct (13)