3 thoughts on “When I’m Gone, Just Carry On…….

  1. …and, with this pressent post, He spins off of this mortal coil, taken by the whirlwind to spin as stardust. Fare thee well, my friend.

  2. “When I am gone, just carry on”. If that is your wish, then we shall respect it. But not before we pay tribute to the wisdom, insight and friendship you have shared with us. From the beginning we have found this blog truly enchanting. Your knowledge of magic and the occult, your descriptions and photos of the the place you live, the tastes and beliefs you have shared with us have left a great impression and made us richer and better people. We are sure your work here has also cast a beautiful spell on the many other readers who frequent this blog. Thank you for your friendship. We will miss our chats and the other things we exchanged over the net. It has been a privilege to know you. Rest in peace friend, or just have fun in the dimensions you inhabit now. Xx Cassie & Sophie

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