Guest Post by Apprentice Frater Aren – Why the Coven of the Catta Makes our Evoking and Invoking Pentagrams Starting at the Spirit Point

Coven of the Catta

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Apprentice Acolyte Frater Aren 0* COC

I have been making my pentagrams for the four directions, evoking the Archangels therein, in a certain way for 33+ years. I know that in the G.’.D.’. and before that Freemasonry and after that Crowley they attributed certain elements to the points of the pentagram. It looked like, in their method, we in the Coven of the Catta were Evoking the element Fire, which made sense and which is appropriate for Witchcraft and working to connect with the Spirit through Fire then Air then Water then Earth energies to raise them up through the elements as a Cone of Power to Heal people (the prime working of our Coven then, now and in the future).

My friend JJ and Apprentice Aren came up with this brilliant insight based on his having read 99% of every book on Witchcraft since he was a teenager, which…

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“Living Asatru” by Greg (Dux) Shetler – Book Review

Well written review for a book which as you say is short but concise. Can you tell me if the print is large or small as i have a problem with small print? I have that deck of runs cards that you posted under yr pic and love it, though my hand made runes of 100% copper from “wheat pennies”, beaten into disks by a friend, then i engraved them, are my favourite as i like the feel of the metal over the feel of the cards, though like i said their imagery is awesome and powerful. Reblogging so TY.

Metal Gaia

9 out of 10 Vikings Approve This Book


(I couldn’t find a good picture of the book on the internet, so I just used my webcam)

Get “Living Asatru” on Amazon

I don’t have enough book reviews on this blog. Let me correct that statement, I don’t have ANY book reviews on this blog. This is a dire situation that needs to be hastily corrected. So here I go!

This is a great short, simple and affordable book on the religion of Asatru. It is a total of only 88 pages, but covers a lot of territory. It gives a basic overview of the Norse Gods, The Lore, The Runes, Customs, The Nine Noble Virtues, Holidays and pretty much anything that you should know if you want to call yourself a follower of Asatru. This is a great little handbook to have at your side if you…

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Underground Waters Run Deep

Yes nothing sadder than to see the old stone fountains with no water coming out of them, the water having been diverted for the “good of man”. This afternoon i was up at the original mountain spring that was the clean water supply for the black cabin a hundred years ago. I have collected the fallen down locust wood, still good, to make a new gateway. I have honoured this spring with blood sweat and tears, literally. I have collected the old iron nails to rebuild the gateway. Someday i will take a metal detector up there to see what dropped from the ancestor’s pockets as they dipped for fresh water to take to the cabin. But when it rains this spring at least still trickles forth filling a swampland along the southside of the mountain. The Naginis are happy i remember them and i am sure the Native Americans drank from this clean clear water also….

Going Spare with John Constable

This is an older post by Sarah-Jayne at her blog In The Chimehours which i commented on but never reblogged, so here goes. AOSpare’s works are quite unique and he formulated a system of magick based partly on Crowley but quite unique in its own right. As i commented the only other occult artists who come near him are Steffi Grant (wife of the late Kenneth Grant) and Linda Falorio of the Shadow Tarot illustrating the Qliphoth of the back side of the QBL Tree. Enjoy!

Whispers of the Autumn Court

Beautiful yet powerful poem on the Wild Hunt. I remember CG Jung saying that in dreams if something is chasing you to stop, turn around and embrace it and the “demon” will turn into a benign benevolent form. I have read this in Tibetan Buddhism too in regard to the wrathful deities. I have practiced both and found them to be true. I am going to reblog this so thank you. Blessings.

Sea Witchery & Sirens

A beautiful piece, and yes one does not really need tools as in nature and yr body are all the energies tools just make manifest anyway. I feel in nature it is not good to work with iron like athames and only use them indoors. Out in nature if doing a formal ritual i use wood, water, incense of fresh herbs and crystals. I live in mountains of the northern Appalachians in the US so i am fairly far from the ocean and have not been able to go there for years. But i have a stream behind the house and work withe Nagas and Naginis (Hindu / Buddhist / native SE Asian shamanic version of mermaids and sirens) and i can hear their beckoning voices in the bubbling waterfalls. Somehow i stumbled upon this blog in my Reader and will now follow it as i love following MM at Love by the Moon. And i am reblogging this post so TY. Blessings. Lee / Shawnus

Book of Eucalypt

Sea Witchcraft, Ocean Witchcraft and Beach Magick is the most beautiful, at times simplistic, but ultimately the most powerful magick and ritual I have ever practiced. And I miss it!

Let me get this out of the way: if you are lucky enough to live by the sea/ocean/beach, I envy you. I miss it. It’s too expensive to live near water in Sydney (but this is where my work is so here I stay). I don’t like the beaches around here because there’s too too too many people, too much energy flying about, and it’s harder to feel the energy of the land.

Without trying to insult people, sea witchcraft is not for the feint hearted, or for the fluffy. It is a completely different experience to stand at the water’s edge, or knee-deep (or further if you wish) than standing or sitting behind an altar in your room or…

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A Visit to Dr Santee’s Grave

I filmed this a couple months ago on my cell phone, and recently upgraded the BSSS blog to Prime so i can upload videos, soooo, we shall see if it works on this blog or not. If not I will just delete it…. OK it does not load on the COC blog so i will try to load it here then reblog it there but doubt that will work…. Well, it worked, so paying for the ability to upload 3gp cell videos on BSSS does go over on reblog to COC. Sorry for the short, shaky video which ended abruptly because it seems my cell only records so long. Enjoy and Blessed Be.

At the Old Burg Cemetery where My Ghede Dwells

OK let’s see if with this upgrade i can upload videos taken on my cell phone like i used to be able to do on FB when i had a page here but have not so far been able to do at WP…..

Video Copyright GLHoke 2014

Yea, i can upload 3gp LG camera videos to this blog now!

This is a video of my entering a particular burial plot in the old burg cemetery where i contact Ghede and make offerings. Since then, having moved north, i have another graveyard up here where i do the same. The technique is to find the oldest male grave and that is the Petit Ghede of the cemetery and the oldest female grave is the Petit Maman Bridgette. .