A Few Days in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 11-13 March 2015 – NSFW

Happy Friday the 13th ! 13 was considered unlucky by the Xians because there was JHShVH and the 12 Disciples so the that made 13 and the unlucky one was Judas Iscariot who betrayed him though St Peter denied him too, so does that make the Rock upon which the Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church founded by an unlucky man ????

Anyway here is a photo dump from the last few days with explanations below. One picture is R rated so if you are not 18-21+ then bug out of this post now please. All photographs Copyright the listed photographers except the Tumblr images from multiple sources. Enjoy !

The snow is finally melting and the stream all muddy but not too high

11 March (21)

11 March (22)

 11 March (12)

11 March (19)

11 March (23)

Owl pic my sister sent source unknown

11 March (14)

Wood ducks in the frozen stream Copyright 2015 my sister LMKelsey

11 March (1)

Fox in the field Copyright 2015 my sister LMKelsey

11 March (13)  11 March (15) 11 March (16) 11 March (17)

Spider cat batting pool balls into the pockets. Photos below Copyright 2015 GLHoke

11 March (10)

Afternoon sun shining into der Hexen Haus.

11 March (25)

The sun was perfect shining into this stained glass window at an old church downtown in the Burg.

11 March (26)

The sun was perfect shining onto the preaching podium.

11 March (27)

Gypsy Ouiji Board with lots of Rings – Tumblr Source

Gypsy Ouiji Ringed Hand

Green Black haired Lady with Satanic Tattoo – Tumblr Image G-R rated

Green Brunette Chaos Taty

Angels and Werewolves – Tumblr Image NSFW

11 March (28)Enjoy and Blessed Be !

Unhappy? Try… Civilization Today! — *Some Restrictions Apply

Metal Gaia

Tired of providing your own food, shelter and security for yourself? Try civilization today! Instead of doing a variety of tasks, you will now be streamlined into doing one task. You will get bank notes for labor, so you can purchase the goods and services you used to provide for yourself – well some of them at least. Restrictions apply.

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The Grabbing Hand

OMG that is funny as sh_t Lauren. Laughing and Reblogging so TY for the morning giggle. BB

Blue Star Owl

Someday…when life has sorted itself out again and I’m not working on my thesis or trying to study for my comp exams I promise to actually blog again.

But until then, for those of you who need a laugh and because I own a few of these belts…

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The Hogfather – a Story of the Real Pagan Santa

i am reblogging my own blog post linking the videos of the Hogfather series which is a dark yet funny whimsical yet serious portrayal of the roots of Santa Claus in the pagan world, newly told in these videos. I am re-watching them now so watch them with me and enjoy!

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

I first found out about The Hogfather series of four videos based on the books by Terry Pratchett on the Experimental Pagan blog and finally got to watch all of them (total 4 part running time around 4+ hours) and I Loved them!

These are of British production with Brit actors and are pre-HarryPotter so they are a little darker but are still for children and adults. People are killed in these movies, but not in a gory way. I personally never clicked with the Harry Potter movies thinking them a little too politically correct and for an American audience where “our children must be protected” from realism within magical stories, even though it is OK for American kids to watch live CNN broadcasts of mass shootings at schools. Go figure.

Not to give away too much but the bad guy(s) are trying to rid humans of their higher beliefs…

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Anyone who wishes to be entertained – check out my latest “fans” comments at the Coven of the Catta link below

22 April 2014 (21)

Well at least it is not the typical comment saying “i like cats too” or “there is a demonic cat spirit in my computer can you help me”….. I allow such comments below through because it is a free country of free speech, but the cyber threat to take down my blog may have stepped a little over the line here, so i will leave them up a few days to share and then perhaps report to WP. I am not sure what his issue is with our Coven or with me but he/she is definitely foaming at the mouth upon his/her keyboard these last two day. As my tattoo says – Honi Soit Qui May y Pense. Enjoy!


Addendum 28 August 2014 – a guy or gal named Heretic piped in basically saying to the original commenter what i constrained myself to not say, so TY to them, and i have a comment on their comment too.

I’m Not Laughing, But I Will Smile for Robin

Thanks for coming back and writing this Valentina. I was going thru my long list of bookmarked posts and noticed you had gone underground for awhile. I too find writing therapeutic and regarding yr not writing because of negative feedback all i and you can say is “Honi soit qui mal y pense” or Evil to him who evil thinks more easily translated as turning yr back to someone and giving them the finger over your shoulder. Its your life, your thoughts, your emotions, and your blog so just do it. I write long posts sometimes with what i think are great photographs i took and some deep thoughts, or not so deep, and get zero response. you know what? I could care less. I write because i write and it keeps me from being depressed with this dis-ease. I too was greatly saddened by Robbin’s death, and later facts show he was sober, going thru his third divorce, and recently diagnosed with Parkinsons, similar to what i have. I can’t judge him or ask why but i wish he could have lived longer to keep us all smiling and laughing as his twisted brilliant wit, but “it is what it is….”. I would like to reblog this but will ask yr permission first since it is so personal. Blessings, and like you Nature and the critters keep me going day after day, just out of curiosity…. Today i received permission from Valentina to reblog this since it is so personal, and you can read all our comments back and forth below on a subject that is often taboo even on the blogasphere.

Valentina the Witch

When I heard about his death, I knew it wasn’t a joke. Yet, like the song, it seemed like he “started a joke that sent the whole world crying…” Oh, Robin, sweet Mr. Williams, I wish that one smile of my own could have kept you alive. But no matter now that I’m not laughing, I will smile for you.

There is always hope. Eighty percent of us who seek treatment for our depression don’t kill ourselves, yet the strongest risk factor of depression is suicide. Yet we can’t ignore that fifteen percent of the clinically depressed end their lives. Many of those also suffer from substance abuse problems. I’m not writing this as if this were some book report. Feel I need to provide some bright facts. *grumbles*

I know too many people who have died at their own hands. The first death I ever witnessed was a suicide…

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