Dancing with Destiny – a conversation with Maxine Sanders – a Karagan Griffith Witchtalk radio interview


I will post more about how I found this by following link after link from a fellow blogger’s post today, which I will reblog tomorrow. But it seems there is this radio interviewer Karagan Griffith who has a TV show called Witchtalk and one of the interviews was from 2012 with Maxine Sanders and it is an AMAZING interview which is about an hour long, and Maxine rarely gives interviews of any kind nowadays. What I got the most from this interview was her list of what witch’s need to have within them, and these are Compassion, Humor, Ruthlessness and Honour. His full list of witches and occultists interviewed has much to be explored yet by me. Enjoy and Blessed Be.

I do not know what the problem is lately with YT or WP or my new pc but I cannot embed videos like I used to, so here is the link: http://youtu.be/cojKdLOrZgo or you can link through the picture above.

Reblog : The Cauldron and the Hearth

Cauldrons Altar (2)

Some of my cauldrons in the morning light

I was going down through the WordPress Reader list doing a search for blogs on Witchcraft and ran into this fairly new blog called Toad, Black Cat & Pointy Hat (read her About page as she has a German blog also) which has a post called The Cauldron and the Hearth that brought out some good ideas of how she uses her cauldrons. I like how she (I really do not know the gender of the blogger so am just using “she”) equates it to the Hearth in an older time, and how she uses one to hold magickal objects as a house protector also. It looks like she is just starting out this blog with some into writings, but I think we can expect more good to come.

I love old cauldrons and have some brass and iron ones. I have found so many cauldrons at flea markets and thrift stores I have probably given away half of them to witches as their “starter cauldrons” lol, and some to an herbalist friend. I have also been blessing finding a very old iron mortar and pestle that you can grind up anything in. When my father passed I inherited some iron cauldrons with a pouring lip that probably were my grandfather’s and I value those. My dad melted his own lead to make sinkers for fishing and even anchors for his duck hunting boat and decoys.

When working rituals inside the cauldron is the hearth fire with a candle instead of burning wood of course, otherwise all the smoke detectors in the house would go off. I also burn the ancestor candles in it during All Hallows Eve ritual. And I like to move the cauldron around the circle to the four directions for the seasons to show where the Sun is. It can also represent the cave out of which Persephone starts her journey from the underworld back up to the Earth at Candlemass. It is both a cup and a pentacle for magickal workings and I am not even going to list its obvious uses with various elements and functions. Ultimately the cauldron is the womb of Mother Earth Goddess and of course all the elements can be worked within it and either burned away or brought forth to birth.


Picture from her blog

Two Magickal blogs from D G Mattichak Jr.


Cover of book by D G Mattichak

I found these two blogs from D G Mattichak Jr the other day and have been reading through them. He practices Solomonic magickes, Goetia, Thelema and some other paths. The posts are long and well written, though I do have some points to be made on some of them on witchcraft and hexen magick which I shall address in later posts. I think those of you who practice these systems will find something of interest for sure as he is a good and knowledgeable writer.

The first blog is Dgmattichakjr’s Blog and the second one is Ankhafnakhonsu.

To quote from his About page:

D G Mattichak jr is a freelance writer, author and blogger who lives in Melbourne Australia. He immigrated to Australia in the 1970s from Syracuse New York where he was born and lives with his artist wife Michelle and their two cats.

D G was educated at one of Melbourne’s oldest private schools and went on to study art before trying his hand at a variety of interesting occupations before settling on a career as an ala carte chef working in Melbourne’s vibrant and often exotic restaurant scene for over twenty-five years.

D G has been a student of the occult for over thirty years and has published many works on a variety of topics from Hermetic Magick to Witchcraft over the past ten years. He is well known in magickal circles in Australia and has been involved with one of the longest running Neo-Pagan gatherings at Victoria’s scenic Mt Franklin since the early 1980s. Due to the prolific amount of material that he has published in recent years D G has developed a strong and loyal following of readers of both his blogs and his published works.

David has always been a big reader and has had the ambition of writing for a living since his childhood and in 2010 this ambition became a reality with the publication of his first novel Loot. He followed this with an esoteric work on Thelema called A Comment on the Verses of the Book of the Law in 2011 and then with a second novel called Master of the Crossroads at the beginning of 2012. D G has been an obsessive blogger for a couple of years with this blog and its companion blog specifically devoted to D G’s magickal writings at http://www.ankhafnakhonsu.net . He was accepted as a freelance staff writer on Moot Magazine in 2011 and is presently working on several more publishing projects for the near future.

Currently D G spends his days writing internet copy, magazine articles, blog posts and anything else that someone wants to pay him to write. He is also an avid networker and enjoys the contact that this blog often allows him to have with his readers around the world- so leave a comment and start the conversation.”

Enjoy and Blessed Be!


Image originally from AC’s Book of Thoth

The Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach – Old Craft Witchcraft


Image from the Picture files of their blog

Yesterday I found a truly amazing blog called The Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach which is one of the most amazing Witchcraft website I have been though in quite awhile. They just call what they do the Old Craft. And they are heavily into the environmental and animal protection movements in England. There are a lot of writings, pictures (some with nudity during ritual), and some Amazing Craft Training Videos. I watched all of them last night and they are on everything from Initiation to herb work and the making of poppets. I have Never seen such excellent videos, which were originally pod casts, on the latter subject. I like the Priest who is just sitting in normal clothes in his kitchen or living room teaching the most skillful practices. I learned a lot from them for sure.

To quote from their About page:

“The Cauldron Allta Cailleach of the first drew breath at the foot of the Long Man of Wilmington at Imbolc 1971. It was then an Alexandrian Coven and stayed that way throughout the 70s and 80s.  In the early 90s it evolved into a Coven of the Old Craft and in 1995 it fully evolved into a Hunting Coven of the Old Craft…In 2009 the members of the Coven finally went in differant directions and in all but name the Allta Cailleach was no more.

At Yule 2011, the Allta Cailleach sprang back into life………….and with renewed vigour……..

We are an Old Craft Coven of the Hunting Path… which means we are activists in every sense….our purpose is to fight both magically and practically to protect the Land, the Animals that live on it, the Environment, all Sacred Sites and any and all pagans from attacks of any kind…………….”

I highly suggest you enjoy All the videos, which run about 15 minutes each, and am embedding one below.

This video is from a 1970s BBC radio play and is about The True Story of Yule… ‘All Was, As Always Had Been….And Then The Christ People Came….’ So for this first video just close your eyes and listen like one did to the radio years ago. You do all remember radios, right? lol.

Well I cannot seem to be able to embed this video so just hit on the title above, and I will put a picture from it up above.

Reblog = Hag Stone Lore from the Cauldron Craft Oddities blog


Photo copyright GLHoke 2013

Since I live near many small streams and one large river I am always on the lookout for odd stones. Over the decades friends and I have found some holed stones called by witches hag stones. I have a handful of really nice ones, but the most amazing one is shaped perfectly like a Yoni with the hole exactly in the center and I treasure it more above the others as a gift of the Goddess for sure, and it is pictured above. I have it hanging from a red cotton braided necklace on a snaky piece of wood with other objects in my back picture window. When looking for hag stones we always took a large needle with us to work out the sand and coal dust to see if the hole really went all the way through. I reached down and picked this one up at one particular spot in the river that seemed rich with hag stones. I put my needle through, removing the coal dust, and was amazed how perfect it is. Why is there coal dust in the river? Because coal used to be transported from north to south in this state on large barges which often spilled their loads, so much so that in later years they actually dredged the river for this lost coal.

At the Cauldron Craft Oddities blog I found this post on Hag Stone Lore which is well written and has some nice pictures of what can be done with them. I tried to leave a comment on their blog that i was going to reblog this but blogger just hates WordPress at times and I was not able to do so, so my apologies to the owner for not being able to ask permission. Enjoy and Blessed Be and may you too be blessed with finding your own Goddess stone one day.


Photo from the Cauldron Craft Oddities blog

by Grimdeva and Kassandra Moon?

New Post on the Coven of the Catta blog on old “Witch’s Kettle” newpaper columns

COC logo white moon black background

Yesterday on my other blog, the Coven of the Catta, I put up a post on The “Witch’s Kettle” Newspaper Column 1970-1972 which some of you BTW witches may find of interest.

Here is the text beginning but you will have to follow the link above to read some of the columns posted:

A local newspaper, then called the Berwick Enterprise, now the Press Enterprise, published a weekly column called The Witch’s Kettle from 1970 through 1972. These were written by the High Priestess of the Coven of the Catta, Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue, in Wapwallopen PA. She wrote this column under the pen name of “Patience”.

These newspaper clippings were saved by a “JC”. who was friends with her and Dr. Frederick LaMotte Santee during his college studies and the writing of his Master’s thesis, and who has graciously shared them with me and the Coven.

There are a total of 122 articles written and I have saved these to a PDF file which is just for coven members, but I am posting here some of the more interesting ones. The original newspaper articles were cut out, photocopied, scanned and then manipulated to look as clear as possible, so you may have to download them to view them better.

Völva – Nordic Shamaness – Some Good Links

Odin og Völven by Frølich

“Odin and the Völva” (1895) by Lorenz Frølich

I was pleased today to see a wonderful post on the Völva or Nordic Shamaness. This is a subject that I as a witch was woefully ignorant of. Ehsha Apple on her blog posted a FAQ on What is the Völva? and I learned a lot there about herself on this path and about this old Northern European female lineage. One of the links she lists goes to Samantha Catalina Sinclair’s experiences of discovery in her paper, “Traditions of the Nordic Völva.” which is also very informative. Surprisingly even the Wikipedia link to the Völva was very comprehensive. It is scary but understandable to note that men trying to practice what was considered women’s magicke were often killed.

Ehsha Apple just responded to my comments and suggested I also post another link called Seiðr Magic by Ed Richardson.

And another good general link that was just posted today (Friday) by Metal Gaia on Ancient Norse Women – Warriors, Housewives, Poets and Priestesses which has even more links.

So follow these links and educate yourself to another aspect of witchcraft that the Catholics tried to wipe out a thousand years ago, but which is also a practice which is being revived and practiced today.

Reblog = Scientology and the Paths Wicca Didn’t Take


Painting by Valerie Herron and here is her Blog

I found this interesting comparison of how a cult like Scientology is run versus non-centralized Witchcraft. It is at The Wild Hunt blog and is entitled Scientology and the Paths Wicca Didn’t Take and the comments are interesting to read also. Enjoy and Blessed Be.

Reblog = Rambling on about Tradition: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Group Affiliation


Image from the original The Wicker Man 1973

For those witches of you pondering whether to join a traditional Witchcraft lineage coven or continue as solitaries, this is a wonderfully written article by Spanish Moss at his Thicket of a Witch blog. It is entitled Rambling on about Tradition: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Group Affiliation. Enjoy, and Blessed Be!