Bad Nun

I’m sorry, but there is just something so sexy about nuns, or at least a woman in a nun’s habit. Maybe it is the way everything is covered except their face.Me bad. Anyway, I found this Russian blog called Carabaas and i cannot read Russian and have no idea what it is about but i love his listings about Nuns. Click on the name for his most recent posts and on the picture for the nuns. As a footnote i first saw this picture in a magazine up at the old Santee Memorial Library.

Bald Eagle Pair Returns to Half Falls Appalachian Mountain along the Juniata River

Well like the last few years our eagle pai has returned to their high well hidden large nest on the edge of Half Falls mountain on a curve of the Juniata river where they can hunt for fish very easily. The last 5 years they have successfully raised two young to maturity each year, which is a good thing and indicates a relatively healthy environment. We saw them a few days ago and yesterday we were down at the river and could see their large nest, which will soon disappear as the leaves come out. This first picture i took last years with a long lens and is of the eagle. The second picture is beautiful, but i have to admit that one is a turkey or black vulture not an eagle.Note these pictures are copyrighted 2012 to GLHoke.

Liber XXV – Star Ruby

Back in the mid 80s this Appalachian boy went to big ole NYC to an OTO ritual of the Gnostic Mass. I remember the Priestess whose name escapes me but i Do remember she had a Star of Babalon tattooed on her breast bone. I remember a man whose name I think was the late Richard Gernon who did the Star Ruby before the GM. His rendition of the Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos was so powerful I was immediately hooked on Crowley. And I remember eating a bowl of cold cereal the next morning with HB 11* OTO, lol. Here are two fine renditions of the Star Ruby.