Zorita – the Classic Burlesque Snake Dancer – (blog post NSWF and 18+ only)

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This blog post is about the late classic burlesque dancer Zorita, who danced with snakes. Out of an abundance of caution i have labeled it NSFW and 18+ Only but it is pretty tame stuff. But first, some personal stories, and No, not of my burlesque days (i have never even been to one)…..

First I posted it and then had second thoughts and wrote – I removed this post because it might be too racy and i don’t want to offend anyone and want to keep my site clean, and on the advice of my oldest blogger friend who got me into blogging and who thought it may be inappropriate. I just thought it was a fun post but changed my mind. If any of my friends want to see it just email me as i have saved the whole post as a Word or PDF doc.

Now i am having third thoughts and gd it i am posting it again. So if any of you made comments on the second mini post they are gone so put them in again. My blogger friends who follow me the most, Please give me your Honest assessment of this post. And if any of the xians who Love to “Like” my posts want to do so all i can say is “Hey, its Sunday morning, so why are you looking at burlesque when you should be in church?” This is Not porn and there are plenty  of fair warnings in it that it is mostly about the history of burlesque, which is all about what you Don’t show, not like nowadays where in a strip club nothing is left to one’s imagination. And this cannot be against WP standards as there are WP blogs out there that are nothing but hard core porn, so there. I have been to a handful of strip clubs in my life and to be honest yea the girls were pretty but i felt cheeped out more by the guys there, lol. An ex took me to a high class club in Washington DC where you could literally see the capital and the clientele were rich well dressed men And women. But here’s my funniest story. A co-worker and her husband took me after evening shift so around midnight to a little dive bar one north of here on the edge of Amish country, what the Amish call “girlie clubs”. The dancers were what one could call the “local talent”. Well the one time i was there one of the dancers was black, which is rare enough in my all too lily white county. Then in came an older Amish or Mennonite man with straw hat and long beard and suspenders. The bartender said “yea he comes in maybe once a week”. The black girl did a lap dance for him!!! It was the culturally strangest thing i have ever seen! I wish i could have taken a picture to make a postcard like they have up here with the barns and buggies on them saying “Come Enjoy Amish Country” vonce now. LOL

OK now after my rant, on to my original original post –

I have always had a fascination, maybe even a fetish, for women and snakes. Of course i do worship Naginis. And in my distant past i had a girlfriend who was a belly dancer who could spin with a sword balanced on her head and danced with a snake, further details to be held at probably TMI. Funny story one time she got loose in her trailer and we never found her for a month. Finally one day we found her over the warm top of the fridge underneath the cabinet. We tried to pull her out but she would just expand her muscles, and snake are muscles head to toe, but we finally got her out as she was hungry. Actually I took care of her lovely 6 foot boa constrictor for almost a year and she was so gentle and had beautiful pink cheeks below her eyes. I used to occasionally turn her loose outside in the grass and she never tried to escape, though one has to watch they don’t get ticks under their scales. A snake this size only needs fed once a month, usually a rat you buy at the pet store. As a vegetarian I did not like sacrificing an animal that way, though the strike was so lightening fast and the death so quick by suffocation. I kept her in a huge glass aquarium my Dad’s brother made for him in high school shop which he used for river fish and such. I had an electric blanket and light to keep her warm. Now snakes sense by smell and vibration, not so much by sight. And you can’t feed them then handle them right away as the food’s ribs could puncture their lungs. So i was having a Halloween party and had bought a rat and had it in a box under the cage to feed her after the party. Well we all got drunk and stoned and i decided to bring her out and when i opened the case she smelled the rat on my hands and in a lightening strike grabbed onto my hand at the base of my thumb. Jesus X did that Frigging Hurt!. They don’t have fangs but a row of sharp cartilage teeth and had totally disarticulated her jaw to swallow me, then disengaged knowing it was a human. Live and learn. Don’t handle hungry snakes when you are impaired, lol.  Sheesha finally was donated to the state museum section of small animals kids could handle where she lived out her days with much care and attention. I had smaller snakes and they just ate crickets out of a special cage they could rarely crawl out of but the snake could climb in through the hole. So even in winter one could hear their death dirge chirps in the night.

Finally back to Zorita (1915-2001) – I emailed some of these sites asking to use their pictures and quotes but got no response. The pics are widely available on the www at various websites, blogs and Tumblr blogs. So if these are Your copyrights please let me know and i will either credit them or delete them.

Warning – these links (and two pics below) lead to erotic images of burlesques dancers (they are Not pornographic but do show women scantily dressed in pasties and not much else and dancing suggestively) and are NSFW and to be viewed by those over 18 or 21 depending on the laws of your country!

Zorita (11

The best bio on Zorita aka Kathryn Boyd (No Brits, not That Kathryn Boyd) is at the Playful Promises website. Interestingly she was a lesbian but used men as men love to be used. I love her various stage routines she came up with and was infamous for.

Another good link is on the Sideshow World website and their Homepage has tons of pics and stories of carnies and strip clubs and circuses and every other almost forgotten forms of entertainment back in the early part of the 20th century.

Here’s another good link at the Silent Siren Burlesque Tumblr blog.

And another called Burlesk: As You Like It Tumblr blog.

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Finally embedded below is a YT video called Something Weird I Married a Savage where she does her Secret Sacred Snake Dance which is a little more tame than the websites above but with a twisted sick ending.

I almost forgot – here’s my own little burlesque witch:

Flying witch model


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