Athame, Kris Knives, and the Museum of Witchcraft

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Coven of the Catta


Logo Copyright 2014 The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle Cornwall England. Used with their permission.

I was emailing a lady at The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle Cornwall England praising their website which you can link to above. She also kindly let me paste their logo above. If you go to their Searchpage you will see links to various items in their catalog and hit one of those and then you can search amongst athame, skulls, manuscripts, etc. I was searching through their pictures of old athames that had been donated, which by the way are well explained in their cataloging, and was just blown away. They are coming up on their 10th anniversary after the Big UK flood back in 2004 celebrating what they have saved and rebuilt. So i wrote her about my athame and other tools. I am posting this at our COC blog and then…

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