6 Weeks in the Life of an Appalachian Witch – Part 4

Part 4 of my photos from the last 6 weeks

Double bell tower from the old White Church in Wapwallopen

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The Red Church in Wapwallopen behind TIK across the street from Lady Persephone

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The old White Church now dilapidated behind the Red Church.

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The corn field TIK took me to where there are lots of AmerIndian burials. He said in this field they found graves that are paleolithic and the bodies were encased in clay sarcophagi which is unheard of in this part of the country but they did it to preserve them from floods in this alluvial field by the Susquehanna river.

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TIK walking towards the Knouse burial site where when PPL was putting in the concrete bases for the huge power lines from the nuclear power plan they found burials and they wanted to hide them but He stopped them for two years whilst JC as an archeology student helped dig them up. Now most of the burial remains are in the state museum in Harrisburg PA. This is also the site where Dr Santee and Lady Phoebe and the whole town watched and where she told them to dig at a certain spot and they would find a female with beads and they did and she was right on.

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The Knouse Site.

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Fredna Falls named by Fred and Fredna aka Dr Santee and Lady Phoebe. This is very hard to spot along the road near Santee’s grave.

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One of the beautiful old grave markers in the Santee graveyard.

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TIK graciously gave me a copy of Dr Santee’s book, mine having been lost when i lent it to someone who never returned and then moved to Maine. Thanks TIK as this mean a lot to me.

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I left this drawer of closes open and Shadow Cat found it. Mmmmm so comfy !

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Stained glass window of Jesus as a child teaching in the Temple, from the old German Lutheran church of St Michael in downtown Harrisburg.

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Bear claw marks in the maple behind my house where i surprised a 400+ pound bear and it fled up the tree and i walked within touching distance unaware he was up there because i was looking around with the flashlight 360 and down into the stream. After i walked maybe 10 feet away i saw him, screamed and ran to my neighbors LOL.

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Wild Foxglove from where digitalis comes.

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I want to get this Satanicke tattoo which is the alchemical symbol for sulfur but i also want to get mercury and salt too.

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After running back to my house around front i stepped out of my steal back door and snapped this poor pic of the bear who stayed in the tree for around 45 minutes.Copyright2015GLHoke (45)

A natural cave in a tall cliff just south of Northumberland PA

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A lovely old heavy concrete statue we have named Hyacinthe after the flower she is holding which is actually a fountain i have to hook up. I spotted this in front of a house in town and the lady was going to just give it to me but her i wanted to give her at lease $5 which was all i had on me but her husband wanted $10 so i took her home and told him i would bring the other $5 and sold something and gave it to him later that night, me being a man of my word, he being a greedy sob.

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This tree at the nearby cemetery looks to me like a face of some being trying to rise from the grave.

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A beautiful bench gravestone at sunset.

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My dwarf Japanese maple surrounded by Ajuga.

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Does a bear shit in the woods? Yes, and here’s proof. BTW they are constipated when they come out of hibernation and eat skunk cabbage as a laxative so the first poops are hard. I showed this to my neighbor and he said “Well if it is still warm then slowly walk away” LOL

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Well, i am Finally done posting the last 6 weeks of pictures and i hope the few people who read this blog enjoy them. Blessings.