6 Weeks in the Life of an Appalachian Witch – Part 2

Part 2 of 6 weeks in the life of an Appalachian Witch

I brought some stuff back from Lady EWH’s yard and this toad was with the stones and statues.

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Some of Lady EWH’s yard ornaments i am guarding temporarily. TY honey.

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A local graveyard with some abandoned stones up against a tree.

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I found this at the Goodwill and gifted it to Pastor Larry Hawkins of  St Michael’s German Lutheran church in Harrisburg. For us witches, just substitute Goddess for God or God/ess.

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I think this is one of the best photographs i have ever taken, an indigo butterfly sitting off the edge of my glass of burgundy wine.

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Over across the stream at the Red Lodge i have a field i cleared of head high white pines and Dutch Jeff came over and rototilled it and gave me some red potatoes starting to sprout and i planted them and some garlic and onions. This is an old pic as the potatoes are about 2 feet high now.

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My outside Buddhist altar courtesy of statues on loan from Lady EWH and the pieces of wood my brother gave me after he built his cabin up on these kind of pylons.

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Enjoy and Blessed Be and Part 3 to follow in the next couple days….

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