Flying Mystics – Cloud Surfing

I have been trying to go through the hundreds of blog posts from those i follow but just gave up and deleted them all. I am sure i have missed a lot of great writings etc. But i did find this one which i think i found on the Karmapolice blog so TY TG. I have also stopped “following” everyone and instead of having hundreds of bookmarks just go through maybe one blog a day to see what is new. I think i can handle that. It has been a busy spring with lots of projects both inside and outside piled up everywhere so i have been concentrating on that instead of this blog or the computer world in general. You will still see some occasional posts like of my photography and in the next few days i will publish one of those with some catch up of what i have been up to. Blessings.

Regarding the video below I am sure the paintings accompanying this music video are the works of Li Gotami the consort of Anagarika Govinda, both of whose books and artwork i highly recommend.