five ways to journey with plants

Wonderful, and a wonderful blog of the other Michelle which i will follow. Reblogging. BTW if there are any herbs you need i have them growing wild and planted, mostly herbs i use for making incenses, let me know and i will mail them to you. Blessings.

love by the moon

**this is a guest post from the lovely Michelle from Greenwoman Studio , for whom I am also submitting a guest post.. I want to thank her again for all her work on this, her blog presence that I enjoy reading all the time, and for this great idea to exchange these posts.Show her some love..

Journeying with plant spirits is a central part of magical herbalism. Plants are eager to share their wisdom with us, and to inspire us in working with them; but it takes practice and attention to become skilled at traveling with them. Today I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite techniques for connecting with the green ones.

1. The most basic method of journeying with a plant is to visit it where it grows. Take a jar of clear water–or some form of moon blessed water, so long as it…

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