day of the dandelions

Nice recipe i just sent to two herbalist friends. And i am snapping pics all the time too, just have not got round to publishing them as they are too big 15mpx which crashes wordpress lol. blessings dear.

love by the moon


“Are you in love with someone else?”, he asked me once just recently.. um, it’s been over 18 years, I think you’re stuck with me. “I miss when it was just you and me”.. it hadn’t been just us in quite some time. Such are the conversations of a long term relationship. I find that I get irrationally irritated sometimes.. I am not the best wife.

The day of the dandelions was one of those times. I had this big romantic notion in my head (you know how you get those), something about bonding and what’s more romantic than picking flowers, right? Silly girlie notions, thought logical Morgan. . but I was determined I was going to make us some sweet bread anyhow. It was a hard sell but he was a trooper.. even with the concerns over citified dandelions.

“We should find a meadow somewhere”.. um, a meadow of…

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