New Moon Lunatic

Thank you for this very honest full of the F word post. I needed to read this this morning. I am not in your situation but going through similar circumstances. It is So hard to keep one’s head above the waters of despair and unpaid bills and being disabled and living on half i used to make and trying to get a part time job as a care giver in a field of medicine far below what i used to do. I have no children but my patients were my children and grandparents and i so miss helping people. I pray to the Goddess and even to Jesus and Mary and at least have beautiful nature around me to keep me relatively sane. Blessings to you, and BTW what Beautiful children you have and what a nice smile you have. Lee/Shawnus

Ostara, The Good

Looking for love and don’t know where to find it? Feeling overwhelmed as a single mom? Frustrated about not living your financial dreams? I got you!

Wow! Did I just receive a whammy of New Moon energy. Suddenly I sank into a pit of despair, wailing like a banshee, howling my pain out all over Facebook!

It sucks being a single mom. There is no way to put it nicely. There is no joy in it. Of course there is joy in loving and being loved by our children, but doing that completely alone is what I’m talking about.

So I screamed and howled. I complained and whined. It wasn’t a pretty picture. I know I really can’t blame anyone but myself. I was too naive and ignorant to realize how important being young is and what to do with it. So I squandered it.

I married men who clearly…

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