Aries New Moon Magick

When i first saw your blog i though it a little too white light new agey, but now i am seeing the depth of your writings, and you like me rely on many gods to get us through our day. Reblogging this one too with blessings sent.

Ostara, The Good


Good Morning Lovlies!

Are you preparing for the New Moon this Saturday, April 18,2015?

Now is the perfect time to de-clutter and purify anything in your life that is dragging you down or holding you back. Let go and let Goddess! On the New Moon we need to be ready with a clean home, clean car, and clean life.

As we burn our Sage or Magickal Herbs to welcome new beginnings and new abundance as well as new and better choices in our life. It is time to cut our cords with the past. And this is true for Witches and CHRISTIANS alike!

In the Bible the Hebrews based all of their rituals, holy days and such on the moon cycle. In fact, Christians, Jesus crucifixion was set on the Sabbath New Moon, because God designed this time as a symbol of new life and new birth which is…

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