the protected body

Dearest Morgana – Reading your blog posts is like looking into the window of your soul, so thank you for that window. Oh how i wish i could walk the ocean shore with you and your spirit and spiritual friends. Yes we are cursed with being spiritual. Oh how easy life would be to just be a muggle lol. Blessings this fine day….

love by the moon

“I leave my body, each time knowing that there is a chance I might not make it back.”

— Sarah Anne Lawless, For Fear of Flying

“How much of this was ‘real’? I had enough anglo blood in my veins to worry about this a moment on my way down the hill. But I quickly decided, what difference would it make if the vision were ‘real’? Would its power be diminished if it were not? And by what means could I quantify its reality?”

— Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Coyote Medicine

Yes, exactly (I feel like I’ve been using that phrase a lot here lately).


I have been reading a lot on journey work, the fear that holds one back, and the small death of soul flight. The choice and the being taken. Yes, those who walk this path don’t always get the choice. So, why? That is the question I…

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