This is Not a Satanicke Altar at the Red Lodge, well maybe…….

In a previous post I have posted photographs from the Red Lodge. Here are some more. It is late at night for me so the pictures and videos will have little or no explanation. I Will say all these deities are horned animal headed, from Baphomet to Anubis to Pan in his many Goat and Ram headed forms. The videos explain it all. You fill in the blanks and comment if you have any questions or feedback. Note – one picture contains PG-13 nudity of a Mannikin. Blessed Be. M.I.B.

14 Jan (2)

14 Jan (3) - Copy

14 Jan (3)

14 Jan (4) - Copy

14 Jan (1) - Copy

14 Jan (1)

14 Jan (2) - Copy

Note the reflection of the Mannikin’s hand in the mirror in two photos above.Also a friend noted in the first picture the object laying in front of Anubis, which is a three headed iron Pan head, appears to be one of my black cats laying down with head to the left, like Bastet, who is the mate to Anubis in our Coven.

Well the videos once again, even though filmed upright and appear on  draft to be upright when published are sideways,  so i deleted them again. Arrrgghhh.

4 thoughts on “This is Not a Satanicke Altar at the Red Lodge, well maybe…….

  1. Love the mysterious mist in the first pic – was it a joss stick(!) or something more ethereal? Oh, and I love that mirror – I picked something similar(ish) up on a trip to Thailand years ago.

    • I was burning copal over charcoal in a burner at the bottom of the altar, which is iron tables btw. The sun was going down soon so a ray of it coming in a door window was reflected from another mirror which lit up the incense smoke causing that misty look and i had the camera focus on the mist so the other objects are slightly blurred, photo technique i learned myself. I have tons of mirrors everywhere, not because i am vain, but to reflect the light around the rooms in my houses, and to reflect the altars ad infinitum. If you type in Hex House or Haus into the search engine on the blog you will find lots of pics of incense wafting across that small room as i Really get a lot of sun over there in the afternoons with the leaves off the trees. Blessings Lenora Dark Writer….

  2. Interesting Lee, I particularly like the first and last pictures. Hope you are well my friend :)

    • Thank you. I almost edited the first pic so as not to offend anyone or cause controversy, but whatever, its my blog. I am doing OK this cold hard poor winter so far, making ends meet, can’t wait until Candlemass.

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