Deity & the Divine: Herne the Hunter- The Pagan Experience

Herne the Hunter seems to me a more localized form of the God Kernunnus, which to me is the same as Pashupati Shiva, the Lord of the Animals in India. Here in the Appalachians he seems to appear to me more as a spirit of the AmerIndian hunter gods or spirits of Native Americans from the other side. He is hard to see as he is a good stalker, but I can feel him/them hiding behind rock and tree armed with spear and bow. Good article and pictures so i am reblogging this one and the post linked here on the Hunter God as Vampire, so TY Brenna and Blessings.

3 thoughts on “Deity & the Divine: Herne the Hunter- The Pagan Experience

  1. I’ve often debated with myself about that very issue: Herne being, technically, a more local spirit in Britain in what little lore we have of him. For a good chunk of my practice, I didn’t even call him Herne; he was simply “The Horned God” or “Green Man”.

    Something about Britain has always spoken to me though. It’s been an obsession since childhood. I suspect being taken to renaissance faires, and a number of other films, stories, and the like that take place there as a young kid may have something to do with it. Discovering Paganism- especially Druidry and the number of OBOD members and other British Druids I befriended through the internet- made it grow. Visiting the area was almost the nail in the coffin, so to speak. I constantly find myself missing my time spent there.

    And so, I like to think that my connection with Herne as “Herne the Hunter” and Cernunnos, who, to my understanding is more typically associated with the mainland of Europe, is due to that strong emotional and spiritual connection I have with Britain. Perhaps a time will come when a more Midwestern guise of him will be how I see him, but for now, he is still Herne.

    Thank you for reblogging and for your comments!


    • Yes i think there are local forms for the gods and goddesses that seem to grow from the land and from history regarding which ones have been killed off by the big religions as opposed to those who have remained alive underground. I too feel drawn to the English and European gods even though i have never been there but it is in my German/Scots/Irish/English blood. Most of the followers who comment on my posts are from England like Lorna the Druidess Bard poet and Lenora the historical horror blogger. Very few Americans pay attention to my posts, though the COC blog is really BTW. Maybe a midwestern form of Cernunnos would be John Wayne with steer horns, LOL.

  2. I also enjoy reading Brenna’s posts because her UPG is always very interesting, here particularly the different guises by which Herne catches her attention.

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