The Art of Tree Gazing

I like doing this summer and winter, as long as i don’t get frozen to the ground this time of year, lol. I also like skrying the passing clouds and birds and especially taking numbers from the number of caws of the crows. I am going to reblog this so TY. Blessings.

Rik Silfies-Potter

One of my favorite things to do in the Winter is Tree Gazing. This is the art of divining messages from the trees as their branches sway in the wind, and relies heavily on your intuitive abilities. I do believe that each tree possesses a spirit, and that the spirit of the tree will communicate with anyone who sincerely desires to interact with it. In Winter, this is best done on a cold, windy day, so dress warmly. Take a notebook and pen along if you want to write down your impressions. (Tree Gazing in the Summer is a bit different as the focus is on the leaves. In Winter, the focus is on the branches).

To begin Tree Gazing during the Winter, find a tree that has lost all of it’s leaves. It should be a tree that you feel a strong connection to. Let it call to…

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One thought on “The Art of Tree Gazing

  1. As you know I have a bit of a thing for trees – but I find myself always staring at them through a lense. I think I may have to engage in a little tree gazing minus the camera.

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