The Path of the Awenydd by Heron

Here is Lorna’s great review of ‘The Path of the Awenydd’ blog which seems excellent, so i just started following it. And make sure you follow her blog too for excellent bardic poetry, articles and events she and her friends are involved in across the pond. Blessings.

Signposts in the Mist

I have been walking the path of the Awenydd for just over a year. In contrast to other ‘Pagan’ and Druidic paths (some Awenyddion identify as Druids as they share roots in the Awen) there is less information about it and it is less well explored. I have found much guidance and inspiration in articles and stories written by Heron on the websites ‘Gorsedd Arberth’ and ‘The Fern Law of Faery.’ Recently he has brought them together on a new site called ‘The Path of the Awenydd’. This site aims to further its exploration and continue the dissemination of Bardic, Brythonic and Faerie Lore. Heron’s working definition is below.

The Path of the Awenydd by Heron

awenThe use of the word ‘awen’ by druids is well known. While its literal meaning in Welsh is ‘inspiration’, usually indicating the gift of the muse to a poet, its related meaning of ‘divine…

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