Photos from an Appalachian Witches Winter – 9 January 2015

9 Jan (16)

The waterfall and pool almost frozen over.

You know it is cold when you have given up opening your frozen shut sliding glass door and the other metal door you have to use a crowbar to pry it open from the inside, both frozen from condensation from the propane heat.

It has been in the single digits at night and barely up in the 20s during the day time with nothing having the proper warmth or sunlight to thaw.

My run behind the house has a lot of rapids, so it rarely freezes over completely, and still some rapids are showing. I can also see the tracks of the nice large dark mink who has taken up residence in the debris from the small floods and in the many rock caves along the stream. Its fun to watch it sliding on the snowy ice, then plunge under the water and ice to emerge shaking off the water, then to do it all again as it heads upstream once it saw me. I think i know in what large pile of sticks and mud piled up behind the long toppled old bridge pier just upstream with the waterfalls above and below for good fishing and crayfish hunting.

9 Jan (1)

A winter Gnome house i never spotted before.

9 Jan (13)

A closer view – I am sure it is all snug under the moss wrapped in fur snoring loudly lol.

9 Jan (14)Mid-morning Sun peeking over the mountain reflected in a frozen swamp.

Well enjoy the pictures, and keep warm northern Witches.

Note – all photographs Copyright GLHoke 2015