Photographs and a Video from the Life of an Appalachian Witch early January 2015

Here are some photographs and a video i took in the last few days around the property. All are Copyright GLHoke 2015. Enjoy !

Some pics of the stream in this cold snap with ice forming.

2 Jan (1)

2 Jan (2)

The Green Fairy in a Crystal Skull decanter in the freezer. Decadence….

2 Jan (4)

I think the owner of the mountain property behind me will get the message LOL. Orange blaze paint on an old RR tie covered with steer bones recovered when i picked the goat bones at my Powwow friends. No subtlety here, just some good ole Vodoun.

2 Jan (3)

And a short video of a fire as the almost Full Moon rises through the trees over the mountain to the southeast. I decreased the resolution on these videos to make them easier to send from my phone to the pc to the blog.

A final word –  Lately some friends, witches, magickians, powwows, and even mundane friends and relatives, have expressed concern over my physical, mental and spiritual health. There are many problems i am dealing with right now, some rationally, some in the mind set of my OCD and ADD. This Meige’s syndrome is difficult to deal with at times, but my mantra for the last year is “NIKE – Just Do It”. But i try to do too much since i can’t seem to get people to help me, even if i pay them. Two people now owe me work for money already paid them. My finances are a mess, and that stresses me. I have made some good long term decisions on spending money, like getting a new vehicle when the other was failing me, and paying to have the cellar waterproofed which increases the value of the house and adds another 1000 square feet of liveable space, buying the cabin/lodge and property behind me, another good long term decision as land is wealth and as a witch caretaker i am doing my best to take care of it in an environmentally healthy way, so the spirits of the Natives Americans and spirits and bodies of the animals are very happy. Like i said i have deer, birds of many species, frogs and toads, bear occasionally and even mountain lions of tan and black colour. This is my job now in this world, to take care of all this, and to serve my witches, and i have to remember to take care of myself. That is what everyone is telling me, slow down and take care of yourself. I have rushed or tried to carry too many things in the dark and fallen several times, luckily not drowning in the stream and not breaking anything so that i would have died of exposure outside overnight. I also have at times problems with alcohol, especially the Green Fey who is quite the shape shifting trickster who whispers shit into my ears that i foolishly do at time. She is the most addictive succubus for sure. So, my other mantra now, when i take many breaks, carry less at a time, and slow down is – “Take it easy on yourself Lee”. Sit down and enjoy the beauty of nature, and everything will get done in its own good time, and i will be safer and better and less stressed with myself and thus less stressful to others. Please pray to our God/esses for me my friends. Thank You. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Photographs and a Video from the Life of an Appalachian Witch early January 2015

  1. My thoughts are with you, hard times bring strength of spirit and I will light a few (hundred ;) ) candles for you my wise one.

    • Thank you my friend, and don’t burn the house down with all those candles! I know you mean it allegorically and spiritually, so thank you again for yr prayers and energies helping me. Blessed Be sister ocean witch Yemaya Oshun.

  2. I know that you have faced a lot of ordeals and challenges this last year and am glad that in this New year you will be as gentle with yourself as you are with others. I hope , and believe , that this will be a much brighter year for you and you are as always in my thoughts and prayers.

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