December Photo Highlights from an Appalachian Witch

Here are some pictures i took the last few weeks of December 2014. All are Copyright 2014 GLHoke. Enjoy and Happy New Year 2015 !

Christmas Eve Candlelight service decorations with nice Moravian Star.

Xmas Eve 24 Dec (2)

The prettiest decorated tree with waxing moon overhead, taken at a house near me.

28 Dec (1)

My Powwow friend’s old family Bible.

Dutch Jeffs Bible and Coat of Arms (1)

Jesus at the Hex Haus, taken with sepia filtering.

20 Dec (1)

Fan from my Dad’s burial, with rainbow from hanging Austrian crystal.

26 Dec (2)

Afternoon sunlight streaming through a window full of amber glass, a translucent goddess statue, ceramic spiral goddess and wood statue of St Francis patron saint of animals.

29 Dec

7 Dec (1)

7 Dec (2)

A cold cloudy winter sky looking up through the bare trees.

26 Dec (1)

Sunset light shining through a “sky burial” of goat bones gifted from DJ.

26 Dec (3)

Pan Faunus in old concrete sitting in the center of Snakehenge.

28 Dec (3)

The Goddess on the Snakehenge tree stump altar surrounded by an-iconic stones and wood.

28 Dec (4)

Fun with guns. Bang bang with a friend.

22 out of 30 rounds in a paper plate target at 25 yards, not bad, LOL.

29 Dec (2)

Me at sunset under a large old white pine on the back property.

26 Dec (4)

Blessed Be to All as we enter another turning of the year.