Magic – what is it good for?

Here is a well written article on the GD and Magicke in general. Also read his links to his previous posts related to the subject. Blessed new year.

Magic of the Ordinary

NOTE:this is a gonzo post – no editing apart from the helpful red lines under my words as I type.

At present I am not formally tied to any group where I am leading or teaching folk on a regular basis. I continue to informally teach in the various fields of magic I have been blessed to myself receive tutelage. I am not finding this any sort of lack. In fact, I LIKE IT. Apart from laziness, the main reason I like it is because I DO NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE.

Especially magical folk.

You know what I mean.

There I said it.

Now, if I were ever to be a head-honcho of a magical group again, this is what I would do. Before talking about magic. Before mentioning the words ‘Golden Dawn’, before asking newcomers ANYTHING ELSE, I’d slap down a print of the following.

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