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  1. Thelema is the entire saying from “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will” That’s the ENTIRETY of Thelema Law – People misquote or only quote part of it all the time. As far as anyone “hating” Crowley it makes as much sense as hating Bob Dylan – I do not LIKE Bob Dylan but he has my utmost respect for the mark he made in the history of music. If it werem’t for Aleister Crowley – WHERE would magick be today? He left a legacy – like him or not, Gardner wouldn’t have started “wicca” had it not been for Crowley. If it weren’t for his as well as a couple more peoplle but MAINLY Crowley – there would be NO Wicca, just sayin.

    • Oh i quite agree Lady Katina. In fact as you know AC helped Gardner write parts of his BOS. As a third degree elder high priest of 33 years, and a Thelemite for almost as long i work both systems side by side. I’m a card carrying Caliphate OTO 2nd* but prefer Grants system. There are parts of AC’s life to be disgusted about, and the modern OTO is to me too male oriented and Crowlianity, but we definitely have him and Blavatsky to be indebted to from that time period for sling slotting Magicke into the 20th and 21st center. BB/93.

  2. Well, I look past the obvious insanity to the “material” for us – I even find his writing dry. But I mean he freakin completed abramelin the mage, left a HUGE legacy almost down to a science on many things, the others you mentioned are quite awesome but dry too Lol, they all are. OO I have a question for u if u dont mind mailing me..I lost your email..

    • I am more impressed w his Vision and the Voice working in the Sahara w Victor Newberg invoking Choronzon. That takes kahunas. And yes the 9 month Abrmelin working. I did the same two summers ago doing Crowley’s poems/rituals for 9 months until it got too cold in the 1936 no electricy no heat in the Hex Haus next door. leeshawnus@gmail.com

  3. but its the message not the messenger that’s most, I am not saying he wasn’t a pig Lol but like the guys u mentioned O and we cant forget dion fortune haha they are ALL dry haha – but without them we wouldnt have anything. Look how bad it is with people now swearing by scott cunningham etc – its like really? Have u not had ANY training? The answer is usually NO – but they’re reading garbage which is why I always refer back to the old guys – very few present day authors have true (imho) “meat” in their books, they’re cashing in on the people I am speaking of, the band wagoners or O im wiccan so im cool etc..SO tg for these people!! We wouldn’t have had much of a legacy..Manly P Hall etc..you can’t beat these guys’ info with a stick..

      • Ahh you didn’t tell me she was your gramma when u spoke of her how cool =) Yes, you are and maybe one day I will be too haha ;p Thanks for leaving your email, I am going to mail you now!

        • Sybil was not my gramma in the genetic sense, but in the initiatory line as she initiated the late Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Merlin who initiated his soulmate the late Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue who then initiated me. If you go to the Coven of the Catta blog and scroll down to the bottom of the “About” page you can find a small booklet i wrote on the history of our coven as a free PDF download from Lulu. BB / 93

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