Basics of The Yazidi Religion – One of The Oldest and Smallest Monotheistic Religions

Well written and beautifully illustrated, as always MG. I have been familiar with the Yezidis (various spellings) from Kenneth Grant and then to LaVey. Their other name for Melek Taus is Shaitan which is why people think they are worshipers of the western Satan. In the Middle Ages it is my theory that Gnostic Dualism crept back in so Shaitan was set up as opposed to YHVH and Allah which is why they are anathema to both faiths. Fact is the Templars took up their lineage along with other esoteric Islamic sects and thus we have Shaitan and Baphomet today in the Typhonian and to a lesser degree in the Caliphate OTO. The French esoterists, who occupied this region of norther Africa, Iran, Iraq and Kurdistan, pulled out the essence in my opinion and thus Baphometus and Shaitan still live in western Magickes. The seven “fallen” angels are a synopsis of the Nephilim. It is all So Very Old going back millennia before Aaron, Yeshua and Muhammad. Oh and of course the fire worshiping Parsi and other Hindu sects have added their flames. Forgive my analysis whether true or not. Rebloging so TY and BB and AS.

Metal Gaia

peacock Yazidis represent one of the smallest and yet oldest Monotheistic religions on the planet – their religion is believed to be around 6,000 years old in fact. Yet throughout their long history they have faced 72 genocides and soon they may unfortunately be facing genocide number 73 at the hands of the group formerly known as ISIS (Which now calls itself “The Islamic State”). Why all the hate towards this small, but ancient group of people? This is due to one major misconception about their religion – the idea that they worship Satan. Not only do the Yazidis not believe in a devil, but they don’t believe in hell either. In fact, the evil Satan is more of a reality in the Judeo-Christian religions than for the Yazidis.


The reason for this misconception is because they believe that God created the Earth and…

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