Any Old Iron

Here’s some good ole kitchen witch practical advice on preserving one cauldrons. It is similar to cleaning up and caring for cast iron skillets. I was gifted with some old skillets and a deep soup pot a couple years ago and that is basically what i do, but once they are cured you let them cool naturally, then wash in water without soap, then put on the stove top to heat and i put in some olive oil too then store them well oiled. I love old iron tools and when my dad died he and my late granpa, both of which Never threw anything away, had tons of old iron tools going back 80+ years which i wire brushed, steel whooled, then coated with motor oil to preserve them. My athame is a hand made knife found in someone’s grandpa’s tool box in a barn on Halloween decades ago. Blessed Be!

Pilgrim's Way

Read any book, Website or Blog on the topic of Traditional Witchcraft and inevitably the subject of tools and paraphernalia appears somewhere eventually. Whilst it’s true that our tools are few in number and seldom glamorous or sparkly they do stay with us for the long haul and sometimes we are even lucky enough to hand down such things to generations to follow. Indeed we are not meant to form any real attachment to these objects, recognising them strictly as ‘things’ or implements which are there merely to assist us both practically and symbolically (tools in the truest sense of the word). In truth however there are certain tools which we come to treasure and value either because they were gifted to us by mentors, cost a lot of our hard-earned cash, were uniquely made and / or simply are not that easy to just go out and replace. In addition…

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