The Hogfather – a Story of the Real Pagan Santa

i am reblogging my own blog post linking the videos of the Hogfather series which is a dark yet funny whimsical yet serious portrayal of the roots of Santa Claus in the pagan world, newly told in these videos. I am re-watching them now so watch them with me and enjoy!

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

I first found out about The Hogfather series of four videos based on the books by Terry Pratchett on the Experimental Pagan blog and finally got to watch all of them (total 4 part running time around 4+ hours) and I Loved them!

These are of British production with Brit actors and are pre-HarryPotter so they are a little darker but are still for children and adults. People are killed in these movies, but not in a gory way. I personally never clicked with the Harry Potter movies thinking them a little too politically correct and for an American audience where “our children must be protected” from realism within magical stories, even though it is OK for American kids to watch live CNN broadcasts of mass shootings at schools. Go figure.

Not to give away too much but the bad guy(s) are trying to rid humans of their higher beliefs…

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