We are family

Well spoken ladies. People want to put everything into a box, and like everything else there are “50 Shades of Satanism” and yours is the one i identify with most because i can still be a Witch, Pagan, Tibetan Buddhist, Thelemic Magickian, etc etc. I don’t feel like i have to give up anything or compromise or follow some rules and proudly say i am a CassianSophianTinean Satanist….

Devil's Advocates


We recently came into some criticism from a fellow Satanist. Well that’s fine so long as it isn’t stupid or misplaced, which in our opinion some of it was. But even then it was sort of good because it made us think about a few things.

Firstly, in case it wasn’t clear to some people (although it is clearly stated in our “about” page) this is a blog about us, our family, our views and our beliefs. We are Satanists but we don’t and never have claimed to speak for, or on behalf of, ALL Satanists.

I think I can say that pretty much all Satanists are very individualistic and that one of the few things that most Satanists could agree on is that we all follow our own personal Satanic path. Therefore this blog isn’t trying to define how any other Satanist IS. However, we do of course have…

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